Monday, 15 October 2007


Why do weekends go so fast...? Maybe it is because we are actually doing things that we want and not doing things that we get paid for hmmm.

I did so much in the weekend and finding it hard to get started in to writing what I did and all the emotions that went with them... So this maybe a long post.

As you all know I was sick from Wednesday till Friday and it was the worst tummy bug I have ever encounted and it drained me a hell of a lot.

So Saturday morning consisted of going out and getting sand so we can finish the side of the house (but never got it down because it rained). We went shopping for a wedding present and a birthday present (for a 6 year old girl that Quinn calls his girlfriend) and OMG don't get me started on the 2 weeks of hearing when is the party when is the party and how many sleeps till her birthday OMG he is infatuated by the girl.

Then we had to wrap them and I made a card and Quinn had to make a card for his girlfriend as well and we had to get ourselves all dressed and ready for the Wedding.

It was a very low key wedding apart from them getting dressed up in a Wedding dress and him in a tux. They had a beautiful 1920's car (looked like one of those ganster cars) and Jeremy and I didn't know anyone there expect for the brides mum, brother and a friend of the family. So it was a little nerve wracking walking in to the glass house at the Gardens and seeing all these people looking back at you and we didn't know if we were in the right wedding or not until we saw the Mother of the bride which was a huge relief.

Karina's brother walked her down the eisle and I had tears coming down my face as it was lovely to see and she looked lovely... I was taking photos (as they didn't have a photographer hired as the grooms aunty was supposed to be taking the photos as she did photography) so I took the photos I wanted for me and then after the ceremony.

We were walking out to go for a walk around the gardens while we waited for the reception and the Groom came up to me and asked me to take their wedding photos for them as the aunt had run out of battery (OMG you would think that since she was doing the photos and she had plenty of warning that she would have had batteries wouldn't ya..) so I said yes and took some nice ones (350 to be exact) and about 45 minutes in to taking the photos the aunty came back with a fully charged camera and I was going to bow out... and the groom said he would like us to keep taking them if that was ok. But this aunt made it so difficult for me like I was not wanted and everytime I had a shot set up she would walk in front of me OMG I wanted to slap her how could she do such a thing.. the snooty bitch...

So I backed off and the groom said is everything ok... I said I don't want to tread on any toes and will let her take the photos (I find out during it that she has a film camera so couldn't take that many anyway so I started snapping after that he he he).

Got to the reception (which was a pot luck and we didn't know and didn't bring any food and I felt bad about that) and sat down and the friend of the family came over and said that I was looking fabulous and that I had lost a huge amount of weight and well done and through the night she kept telling me this. It was quite weird he he he.

So glad that is over and done with.

Quinn apparently had a great time at the party and Mum and Corbin had KFC for dinner as my mother in law took them down to get it which was really lovely.

Mum said on Saturday night that if we wanted to sleep in then that was fine and she would make breakfast for the boys.

Quinn came up at 8.30 and said Nana wants you downstairs... so I thought Quinn was being his cheeky self and said "did Nana say it or are you being naughty" and then Corbin came up stairs and said "Nana said get here now" SHIT that scared the living daylights out of me.. so went down and she was hunched over the kitchen bench saying "get me to the toilet I feel really bad" and she was as pale as anything. She must have caught the bug I had caught off her but worse this time so the whole day I was checking on her because she didn't look good at all and it scared me a bit.

We went upstairs for most of the day to spring clean my wardrobe and drawers and got rid of so much stuff and organised the clothes in a better way and put up shelving etc and the boys vaccuumed and dusted and OMG it was such a relief to get things down up there as everything else in the house usually gets done first and our room is the last he he he.

We put on a roast lamb and then headed over to my friend Pams place (the one where her ex partner left her and the kids etc) and spend a couple of hours over there and Corbin managed to fall somehow and get his knee in to his lip and his teeth went in to his lip and blood was pouring everywhere OMG it was a little scary to have so much blood coming from my boy.

We showed Pam how to use Trademe to sell things and upload photos etc... and then came home and had dinner...

About 9pm the phone rang and I thought WHO THE HELL is ringing on a Sunday night at this time and it was George (Pam's ex and Jeremy's friend)... Jeremy got the phone and said "George" and as soon as that was said I turned the tv off to listen... Jeremy went in to the kitchen so I could watch my show but I couldn't concentrate as George has only phoned once and Jeremy didn't know what to say to him and just said "we are going out can we talk another time" which was at least 8 weeks ago.

I was sooo proud of my husband tonight he is the best husband anyone could have.. any of you that have met him is is a little bit of an introvert but a kind loving guy and doesn't like conflict of any sort and keeps out of things but tonight he didn't and listening to him I think he has been thinking a while about what he would say to George about the situation and basically he said

"George we have been friends for a long time and I don't really want that to stop, but I have to say that I am not happy about how the kids are getting affected in this situation. I don't want to get in to the stuff between you and Pam because frankly it isn't my business but when your daughter is talking to our kids and in return talking to us I need to say something."

George apparently said that he thinks Pam is manipulating his daughter to not come and stay the night and Jeremy said that he didn't think that was the case. He said that she is only 9 and she thinks that her Dad hates her and that her Dad doesn't want to spend time with her and that it was a huge change for her.. she has had her Dad living there for most of her life and now he isn't and he is living with another family it is a lot for a child to take in. He said that telling his daughter that.... if she doesn't stay the night then she cant come over at all is not good and it is hurting his relationship with the kid.

It isn't her fault that all this has happened and maybe if he had her for the days for a while then she might get to like it and then stay and the way he was doing it was not helping her at all. She is a very sad little girl and he wishes that George will sort it out... maybe ring her now and then and just talk to her and let her know that he still cares. (I had tears down my face as my husband was talking)

I think George listened and Jeremy was saying that George wasn't trying to hurt her just that he thought that his daughter wasn't doing this voluntearingly and that Pam was telling her what to do... (but if she was doing that dont' you think she wouldn't let the son go to his place which makes me think he isn't thinking properly).

George said he hasn't been happy for a long time with Pam and stayed because of the kids and that he is really really happy first the first time with this new woman (still think of her as slut sorry everyone) and that DRUM ROLL PLEASE they are engaged OMG after 4 months they are engaged can you believe it!!!!

George said that he felt it was awkquard at the soccer graduation and that Jeremy didn't want anything to do with him. Jeremy said that he had been taken unawares as George had come up from behind and that it was a little awkward but wasn't intentional.

I hope George does the right thing because I have never found (before all this happened) that he was a nasty person he has always been a person that I would count on.

We are not stopping talking to Pam and the kids and he told him that and he also didn't want to finish the relationship with him.

I hope George takes all this the right way and there was more that Jeremy wanted to say but thought that a little at a time would be best or it could turn to custard. He told George we weren't taking sides and that he shouldn't expect us to.

Jeremy said that he thinks George listened and that it might get better.. I do hope so as this little girl is now self hurting herself and telling me and others that her Dad hates her and her mother keeps saying that her Dad doesn't hate her he loves her but he sees things a little differently from her.... She is seeing a counseller on Thursday and I am picking her up from Dancing tonight and they are coming for dinner so hopefully tonight will be a good one.

We did phone Pam to warn her that Jeremy was talking to him and that he might try and phone Brianna (he hasn't seen or talked to his daughter in 5 weeks but has had his son quite a bit).

Pam didn't take it that well.. she knew about the engagement as the son had told her that afternoon after coming from Georges place and the daughter didn't take it well at all. Pam said to me "I will back off now" OMG I let her have it... I said we aren't at school where you are only allowed one friend and that I want to still be friends with her and maybe with George (I am still not sure) and she said that she didn't want to make it difficult for me and Jeremy because we were Georges friend first and this way it will give us an out (Well if any of you really know me I didn't let that settle) I said to her that I want to be friends with both and I wasn't going to go through this again with her thinking that she will back out... I have been friends with her for 11 years not like it has been only 3 months or something and I enjoy her company (so hopefully that is all sorted geesh).

I just want these kids to be happy... I can totally understand that George doesn't love Pam anymore and really there is nothing that can be done about that (and I have told Pam this many of times) but I don't like seeing the kids suffering because two bloody adults can't talk (and really it is George that won't communicate as Pam has tried)...but it isn't fair on the kids.

Sometimes I think George is doing all the money hungry things with the divorce to hurt Pam but doesn't think that he is hurting the kids and maybe he has to stop the hurting before he can see it ya know.

So that was my weekend... GEESH!!!!!
What an emotional one it was.

BUT>>>>>>> I have 2 more days after today and then I am only holiday until the 29th October woohooooooooooo I cannot wait..

Oh oh oh
The Camping saga... geesh I knew it was too good to be true that I had finished this update he he he.

Tania phoned yesterday to see how I was and to say that she phoned Athenree camping ground again to book (which was only 24 hours after she had phoned them) and they said sorry the campsite had been booked now wohoooooo but she managed to book in for Bowentown (which is still at Waihi) and that if she gets in trouble with the tent then can she call on us OMG as her hubby won't be there till the Saturday and she has the 3 kids... I said to her if we aren't in the middle of putting up our awning etc then we could do it. I am not telling her what we are doing again because this is ridiculous.

I said to her "I didn't think that you had a tent" she said no we brought it 2 days ago (the day after I had told her we were going away to Athenree) OMG.... I dread to think how she is going to put the tent up if it is raining with 3 kids.

What a relief that she isn't going to be at the same camping ground it will be great because then I am not going to have to have dinner because they are there and what she wants to have to eat and my kids can relax too... but now can visit her etc because we want to if it works in with us ya know... Plus it is back to just us as a family and that is soooo cool.... I might get some reading in too woohooo.

OK... had enough typing now he he he PHEW.




Abba said...

Sounds like you had one fun, busy weekend. Glad you got through the tummy bug okay.

Jules said...

Oh my bloody god, had three breaks reading this entry!!

Hope you are going to enjoy the camping, we LOVE camping as a family, nothing like being back to basics.

Jeremy said...

yup, its back to basics for us - caravan with comfy double bed & gas cooker. CM with her laptop, I'm pretty sure the campground has a wireless hotspot.
We gonna be roughing it :-)

The hubby.

Lee-Anne said...

Boy you've had a busy time. Firstly, hope you're over your bugs and I hope your mums okay.

It seems to me everytime I want to do something at the weekend - it's raining. So can understand that.

George, hopefully will take on board what Jeremy said and will act like the grown up he should be and not the spoilt brat he is. Well done on Jeremy for telling him like it is.

Camping I love it. I'm glad that you'll be able to enjoy it as a family. I'm like Jules and I love it. We do take a few comforts like the fridge and barbie etc but its the just whole camping feeling is awesome. We're camping from the 22nd Dec to 3rd Jan this year.

Lol at Jeremy's comment.

Helena said...

wow, you'll be wanting to head back to work for an emotional break! glad the camping stuff has sorted out now.

Um ... wheres the pics?

tracy said...

Wow, what a weekend!!! Hopefullu Jeremys chat to George managed to remove Georges head from his arse & he can maybe see what a tosser he has been!!

I think Tania has a real cheek to announce that they are going camping with you!! Make sure you do not get sucked into the negativity this time, just carry on with your plans for your family & they can do thier own thing. You guys are doing quite a bit of moving & exercise which does not really seem to fit into her lifestyle so take the kids for lots of walks etc.

celtic_girl said...

Phew, what a weekend. Glad the camping drama has sorted itself out somewhat.

Anne said...

Phew!! That took a bit of reading! Love Jeremy's comment - LOL!!

Jeremy handled the phone call really well. Hard at times like this!

My sister and family go to Bowentown every year, One of the lanes in the camping ground is in honour of her husband who passed at qutie a young age away a few years ago.

Yep - where are the photos!!

just janene said...

Goodness me, where to start!

Good on Jeremy for actually saying what he wanted to to George, hopefully it will do some good.

Yay for the camping ground being fully booked!!

Chat to ya tomorrow :)

Wanna_B_slim said...

Wow... Lots happening out your way hey!!!
I have learnt to enjoy camping since I met Mark... I hated it with a passion before.. my ex hubby's idea of camping is living on baked beans and sweet bisc...
I like to be organised.. we only have a tent not a caravan.. but we are getting all the cool camping gear together... got the flash 5 to 16 day eskies etc... and even got one big enough to hold my cans of scotch... woooohooooo