Saturday, 6 October 2007

Weigh in - 6 October 2007

Loss: 200 grams

Current weight: 119.1 kgs (Virgin woohooo)

Total loss from WW: 35.6 kgs

Total loss from start: 40.9

I am not unhappy about this loss. I haven't been to the gym all week and been really miserable and sick and I eat more when I am sick... had too much chocolate icecream... I think it is my comfort food when I have the flu because I want it like you wouldn't believe when I have a cold or flu and I let in to my cravings instead of keeping away. I have to make sure that I think about that next time I am sick and not succumb to it.

But it was a loss!!!

A loss is better than a gain and I have to lose it all again so that is ok with me. Consistancy is what I want.

This week I want to lose my 500 grams and get back to the gym.

Sunday - Gym - Work on lower body

Monday - Gym - Running on treadmill

Tuesday - Gym - Running on treadmill and upper body

Wednesday - Gym - Kickboxing.

So that is all I am willing to commit to so far but I am back to it from tomorrow.

I have changed my weigh in days to Saturdays as weekends are terrible for me and entertaining with summer coming up so I have made it for a Saturday and be really really good for the rest of the week. I was going to change to a Saturday the week before Leenie challenge but didn't because the challenge was given to me on the Monday so I tried to stick to that and OMG did that do my head in having the whole weekend worrying whether I was going to do it or not.

This morning we have spent the morning showing the kids about compasses and how they work so we did a little course in the front yard and they had to use the compass to get there and then they designed a course for us. I took pictures so this afternoon I will upload them and show you.

I think I have worked out what I can get them for xmas now because of the bloody basketball hoop being off the christmas list he he he... but they wanted to use my SLR camera today and I was very uncomfortable about it because it costs $1800 for my camera and in kids hands ohhhh noooo... so we are going to go out today and look for some digital cameras (cheap ones) for them both to have because they love taking photos so much. It will be good because then I am not going to be worried about my camera anymore and then we can go out on a photography day out and take photos... it will be good for summer.

Woohooo I love it when a plan comes together as my kids are hard to buy for that involves them getting their backsides outside. For Xmas we always try to get outside toys and things for them to do to get them away from the tv as it isn't good for them and OMG they are not going to be big like me and not want any exercise and not want to explore things...

So if any of you know of where I can get some reasonably cheap digital cameras for the boys please don't hesitate to tell me.. THANKS.

Will check in later and tell you about my day.


just janene said...

Woohoo! an even lower virgin weight!! Nice work, even though you were sick :)

Good plan changing to Saturday weigh ins, works really well for me.

Great idea for the boys Chrissie pressies, no idea where to get cheap cameras from though sorry. Have a great weekend!

Chris H said...

*Jumping up and down* A LOSS ... A LOSS !!!! Good for you mate. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Helena said...

nice work on the loss mate! I think cameras for the boys for christmas is a bloody brilliant idea mate!

libra said...

Go you, like you I weigh in on Saturdays then have sundays as my eat what I like day (within reason) thank goodness summer is coming salads yum lets just hope all the salad veges come down in price!
Have a good weekend :)

Helena said...

mate just wanted to say ... if you want fruit from your Fejoia tree you will need two ... a male and female plant apparently. Talk to your garden centre and confirm it. Nice work on the gardening, Craig is the gardener/landscaper in this household, I hate it :(

Helena said...

see paragraph three ...


Anne said...

Your husband is right - as long as the weight loss is consistant. You are doing so well!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend:-)

Sue said...

Bloody hell, that was a long read!
Well done on the loss!