Sunday, 7 October 2007


Why does the weekend go sooo fast.

My mother in law FOR THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW OMG OMG Shock took the boys from 11am to 1pm so we got out groceries done then. We also took advantage of not having them and went shopping for cheap digital cameras and OMG there are NO cheap digital cameras and the cheapest we could find was $165.... I know that is cheap for a camera but was hoping there was one for about $80 because we have to buy 2 and the boys are too young to have a expensive camera but I do know they love taking photos and it would be a great family thing to do as I always take my camera but my camera is too expensive.

So back to the drawing board until I can work out what I want to do.

OMG I am seeing the bloody WW advertisements everytime I turn on the bloody tv lately and it is driving me insane. I know I am still doing well with not going but I do miss the friendships that I had there...sigh but I am not willing to pay all that money anymore and I have a great email buddy that sorts me out he he he.

Got back from the groceries and then biked to my friends place but the wind was terrible on the way home. I felt good today because my friend Tanya when I first started was the one that said I couldn't lose 20 kilos in a year and not to overdo it so I proved her wrong and I did it... but I was watching her today and wanted to ask her why she has gained all her weight back. When I first met her she had lost 30 kilos and then another 10 and when she went down to Hokitika she had managed to gain it all back with more and she just looks so sad and the weight is scaring me... I want to be a friend and see if there is a way that I can help but I don't want to upset her either because as I know you can only lose if you want to and no one (even a well deserving friend) can help. But with her owning her own business and working 6 out of 7 days a week I am worried she is going to have a heart attack or something.

Anyway I will get off that now but it does worry me..

Did some more cards today and quite proud of it... it relaxes me.

I am also doing more and more digital scrapbooking pages and that has made me feel so creative and enjoying it totally.




Chris H said...

Shame about the cost of the camera's, perhaps you just have to bite the bullet and buy two of them at that price! And it is sad about your friend gainging back the weight, but wise of you not to say anything cos I am sure that she would get defensive, and she knows what she has done and doesn't need anyone to point it out to her.... her own mirror will do that. When she is ready she will do the work to lose it again.... when she is ready and not one moment before.

just janene said...

Buggar about the camera's being so expensive. Have you looked on e-bay or trademe? You might be able to pick up a couple of cheap 2nd hand ones...

celtic_girl said...

Well done on your loss on Saturday, your right consistancy is the key.Can;t offer any suggestiolns on the camera's other than buying some 2nd hand.