Friday, 30 November 2007



I have had just a great honour given to me from Lyn it is the following

Thank you Lyn you had me crying with your words and as I said on your comment my hubby was looking at me all concerned on why I was crying. I feel the same way and so wished you lived closer.

I'm passing this onto a couple of friends and if you have already received them well... shows ya that you are special then aye.

Lyn for the emails and for the listening when I have needed it and for the fact that when we do get together it is like we have known each other for years and we can just sit in a room and we don't have to say anything or talk but just know we are there... that is the great thing about our friendship... just being.

Janene... OMG girl you have kept me on track in the last couple of months and being my email buddy has been a life saver because without you I would have eaten us out of house and home. Our chats everyday are great and also the way that you can ALWAYS find the good in everything... You inspire me to keep going.

Leenie... Girl without reading your blog 3 years ago I wouldn't be here today... without your calm approach to life and weight loss I think I would have gone insane... you are sooo funny too and amazing.. words can't explain how you inspire me to keep going because if you can do it so can I. Your generosity is beyond what I have come across too... and we have the same taste in clothes... lucky for me but not so much for you he he he.. Thank you!!

Rachel... Feels like you have my life sometimes..... meaning I read your blog about your boys and I feel as if you know me... or you are me with our families. I enjoy reading your blog and I am really glad that I met you... but he he he still don't think I will let you drink when we go out anymore he he MWAHH girl...

Lee-Anne... You hun are amazingly caring, funny, sweet, and so so so many things I can't even start here or I will be here forever. Thank you... thank you for being there for my birthday... Thank you for being you!! Thank you for our dinners out... can't wait to see how beautiful you are at your wedding next year... you are just adorable.

There are many many many more of you who inspire me too and I am sorry if I didn't mention you but you all know that if I am reading you YOU mean the world to me.

Went to the gym this morning YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

I have been avoiding the gym... a little bored I think maybe or that I don't like going by myself on a Friday morning.... I do miss going with Kris... not that I miss her but it didn't seem like such a chore when I had someone to go with and someone that I didn't have to compete with exercise wise ya know... sigh... but I don't wanna go back there but it is a little lonely.

Was proud of myself getting back there and felt better for it that is for sure.

The rest of the morning was making some Xmas cards and then had a lovely pampering shower did the face mask etc etc and then dropped mum off in town to shop while Jero and I went to the bank... I always feel that I am some naughty school girl when we go to the bank he he he to borrow... but anyway.. it was fantastic.

Got money for the caravan and the concrete and extra to pay off the credit card and NEVER have a bigger limit again he he he..

Feeling great as it was approved on the spot he he he and then went over some insurance things because I keep telling Jero that we are paying too much for things... so we have a lot of quotes to look over tonight and I think we are going to save some money woohooooooo soooo pleased.

So went in at 12 and came out at 2.15 arghhhhh and had enough time to go to the sushi place (oops after I picked up my mum an hour later oops) and then ate my sushi in the car while waiting for school to finish...

Decided tonight we would drop off mum at bingo and do the groceries with the boys so that our whole weekend wasn't taken up by grocery shopping (as I hate it with a passion). It was great to get it finished.

Plan for this weekend is to go to the gym both Saturday and Sunday morning to get back in to the routine of exercise... I get soooo moody when I haven't had enough exercise and so I have to stop putting it off.

OMG OMG OMG I have to stop pissing around with this weight loss.... I have to get back in to the exercise as I am in the swing of tracking.... just need to get to it now...



Thursday, 29 November 2007

Thought it was a non day

Didn't do much today...

It is funny... well not funny but I wasn't going to write in here today because I didn't do much for my day off.

I just wanted to eat and eat today.. not good things either. I don't think I did too bad but bread and all things carb were what I wanted... I think this happens everytime I just come off having my monthly it is the weirdest thing ever... but then I have felt soooo fullllll all day after eating it too.. really uncomfortably full where my bra felt bad.

Gotta be good tomorrow... gotta.

Took boys to school early because Quinn had to be there early as they were catching the bus to the pools for their lessons. They do it for a full week and tomorrow THANK GOODNESS is the last day. But we (mum and I) decided we would go and watch. So we took Quinn to his class and then went to Corbin's class to show the Digital Scrapbook brag book I made for my mum. Then I got roped he he he in to doing 2 scrapbook pages for the class so the teacher can give it to them all for end of year arghhhhhhh... so I have to do that next what shall I do? What shall I do?

So anyway going back to the car to go to the pools there was a mum and her little girl and the girl was sobbbbing and gasping the little girl had missed the bus... but she was in for roll call and then the bus went without her OMG I was pissed.. imagine if it was my son that happened to. So I said to the lady that I was going was it ok if I take her and she said yes (we had seen each other around the school before). I got there and said to the little girls teacher that she had left her behind... she said "she was late and is always late" I said "she was there for roll call but you didn't manage to do one on the bus" she started to argue (the old bitch) and I said well I guess you will be taking it up with the the principal. My mum looked at me and I said to her "I am sorry but I am not arguing with you about it you can sort it out when you get back" and said to mum "are you ok mum let's go in and see my son swimming".... Man that woman had my blood boiling. Whether the child is late or not they should NEVER leave a child behind and if this child is always late then maybe they should be weary of that and tell her an earlier time don't you think? Anyway

Went and watched them swimming it was great as you can see below... Quinn and Tahlia Rose couldn't be separated. They learnt about calling for help today and how to scream help and what they could use to float on.

Quinn has grommets in his ears and that explains the hat and the string coming down he he he I swear he looks like a girl with it on he he he too cute a face I reckon. He was having a ball and couldn't stop smiling the whole time.

Went to The Base afterwards to send some mail and then I had a cellphone call from the school saying that Corbin had hurt his hand at cricket and that she had put a cold press on it and sent him back to school but he came back 10 minutes later saying it was soooo sore so she called me and got an appointment to go to take him to the doctor. So I got there and he didn't seem happy but as the secretary said it hasn't come up in a bruise or swollen so she was wondering if maybe he had broken something.

Said to Corbin lets go and get your bag and when he went in to get his bag he lifted it with his hand (that was sore) hmmmm both the teacher and I looked at him. I quietly went to him and said that he picked up his bag with his sore hand and he said it was sore... so I talked to the teacher and said it is only an hour till the doctors appointment and if there is nothing wrong I will bring him home. The only reason I did that was because he has NEVER had a day off school sick and with all we have been doing in the last couple of weeks I think maybe a little time with me might be something he wanted.

We came home and I had a word with him and said that it costs to go to the doctor and that is a christmas present that I couldn't buy and that if he wasn't sore then it would be nice for him to tell me. He said it was really sore and so we had a deal that we would stay home till 12 and then if it was better he would go back to school... we had a huge talk and it was nice.

I thanked him for making me breakfast this morning... OMG I got up and there was a coffee and 2 toast with avocado sitting there waiting for me and he had made his and Quinn's lunches and was sooo proud. So while he was home I said to him that I was really proud of him for making me breakfast etc today and he said "Mum you always do so much for us and always there for me and I wanted to do something nice" I said thank you and my heart sank thinking what a wonderful boy I have.

Needless to say I took him back to school and he was fine.

Spent the afternoon at home reading some magazines... it was a non day... just felt grotty all day and wanted as I said before carbs all day... I should have not listened to that but nope nope nope I didn't... that is life aye.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

So little time....

Wearing another one of Rachels tops today he he he snigger snigger.. feeling quite sexy.

Only 4 weeks to go till Xmas.. OMG does anyone else feel that the year has gone too fast.

Work is going to be bore bore boring today.. one of the creches Directors is away and so I haven't got their work to do grrrrr so that pisses me off... so the day is going to be slow. Think I might do some digital scrapbooking from work he he he... what is a girl to do huh.

Been a bit overwelmed in the last week... there are so many creative things I want to do and when I go to think about doing it I get interrupted by kids or mum and I just wanna be left alone to do it... I suppose that is what happens when you have a family.

I have so many great ideas for Xmas cards and Scrap pages but then I go to do them and I get this... OMG they are not good enough feeling and then all my creative juices just go away... it is the weirdest thing. I suppose it is because I am a Virgo and I am very much a perfectionist... and I think that goes in to the weight loss part of me too... that if I am not perfect then I tend to go on the back burner until my mind says you are doing well... hmmmm I know it makes sense in my mind but reading it... doesn't make sense he he he sigh.

Quinn's class is doing swimming lessons all this week so I have had to leave work early in the morning to take them to school by 8.30 instead of 9am because of their bus leaving for the pools early.. and OMG on the first day he left his swimming stuff on the floor of the garage.. I could have strangled him as I had to go back for it and was a couple of minutes late... teacher was not impressed grrrrr...

On the weightloss front... last week I got my monthly grrr so had a gain last week but I think I am back on track for going down in the scales.. won't be a big loss as I only just finished my monthly yesterday but still going down. I am still tracking and not always making the best choices but I am not doing too bad with keeping within my points so I am happy with that... and the tracking is the main thing aye because it makes you aware of what is going in the mouth.

I have cut down with my V's soooo much you wouldn't believe. I was having 1 a day and now I had first week with 1 in that week and the next week with 2 in the week after... and to be honest I am not enjoying them as much as I used to... so that is a bonus change for me. Saving me a lot of money too he he he.

Water isn't a problem like it used to be... I used to hate water with a passion but haven't minded it in the last three weeks so that is good too.

Been sooo busy with the kids and mums things lately... that I am started to feel like I am just a taxi for everyone...

Milo Soccer, Roller Skating dates, Swimming, Keas (scouts), Keas sleepover, Bingo for mum three nights a week... and not much time for me to do things without having someone there... sometimes I would just like a day that I don't have hubby, kids or mum around.. but I suppose that will never happen.

Corbin was given a form last week as he has had a music aptitude (spelling?) test done and that they want him to learn an instrument. Apparently only a couple of kids a year out of the school have the chance and they get tutors in (it costs the parents of course) $12.50 a half an hour OMG I know it doesn't sound like much but that adds up if they do it every week... but anyway he is allowed to either learn, drums, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, or flute.. now he said he wanted to learn the saxophone and if he can't then the flute... wellllll I put my foot down on the flute.

If you all don't know already I used to teach the flute and have played at the Tokyo Expo with my flute and travelled playing around NZ and Australia..... and one thing I know is that boys playing the flute get teased as if they were gay... yes I know there is nothing wrong with being gay but with red hair, glasses I am not going to add anything else that can make his life a living hell in intermediate or high school.... I said to him in a nice way that I would prefer if he went for the saxophone or clarinet or drums and that way we can play in a duet together as two flutes aren't as nice... so that has satisfied him at the moment...

So how cool that my son is following in my footsteps with music... it is such a treasure I just can't explain. Mind you his singing is fabulous too... so we might have a fight on our hands together trying to beat each other later on he he he he (we both love sing star).

Anyway I have rambled on enough today... feeling quite glad that I have weeded out my list now to people I know and trust... thank you.


I have been re-reading through my blog to get some inspiration because I don't want to fall in to not getting this weight off and I found the following link OMG it has made me really take a look at things aye.. I don't wanna go back to this. It just isn't something I want to let happen again.



Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Feeling great today


So I wore one of the beautiful tops that Rachel gave me today....

Here it is

I felt really dressed up for work today he he he.. I mean I usually wear my three quarter jeans and a nice shirt as we just don't get dressed up for work. I didn't go for my morning walk either because it would have been too hot he he he... but that is ok I felt like a lady for the day.

Went to take the boys to school and there is an autistic boy (the couple that got married on radio son's Max) and he looked at me and said WOW very pretty... I was taken aback. His mum said when he likes something someone is wearing he will not hesitate to tell them... it was the best compliment coming from Max because he doesn't say much usually... so I was walking with my head high today.

I have weeded out a lot of my permissions yesterday on this blog.... for some reason it has been bugging me that a lot of people were reading but not commenting and it was mainly people that I haven't had a comment from yet or only once and I was getting like 100 hits a day but no comments and it made me weary that maybe it could be someone reading I don't want to read.

I am paranoid after what Kris did to me last year and I don't write what I want to anymore like I used to because I don't know the people... but now I have people that I know or have met or I am reading their blogs now and it makes me feel comfortable again.

Talking about Kris... did I tell you that she is back at the gym again... she came up to me (in the middle of me running on the treadmill... what is up with people.... when I am running I CANNOT talk at the same time leave me alone until I am on weights GEESH) anyway apparently she has gained 20 kilos since the start of the year and also that they are thinking about moving to Dubai in March 2008 OMG... but that will be good.. I will be glad that she will be somewhere else. Not sure how long it will last but I don't feel comfortable around her anymore and the further away the better.

My oldest Corbin won't be happy when he hears though because Ashley (Kris Daughter) is in his class and they sort of like each other and he said that they told each other that they had a crush on each other the other week OMG..... I won't be telling him just yet that they MIGHT be moving as I will believe it when I see it because she says so many things that never come true.

Apparently there is more money to be made over there and there well may be more money to be made but how much money can ya spend before you are in debt again and have nothing to show for it.. not even a house huh... makes ya wonder.. well it certainly makes me wonder how her husband makes WAY more than mine and hubby's put together and they never have any money (they don't have a mortgage and their rent is less than our mortgage)... but anyway..... not saying that you should have a house or anything but there is no stablity... they have so many credit cards and he works like a dog and nothing to show for all the hard work... seems a waste... but I suppose each to its own aye.

Went to The Warehouse last week quickly to get some stuff for a present I am making my mother in law and I saw Kris (but pretended not to) only because I needed to get the stuff and back out as fast as I could as I had to go and do some stuff with mum...

But anyway I walked a really long way around and in and out of eisles so that I would get away from her and she managed to find me OMG... and made it out that she was looking at the same eisle... now unless you were following me you couldn't have gotten to the same place as me at the same time... so I just kept looking at the shelves and could see her in my side vision and turned and walked to another part of The Warehouse and in 10 seconds (I SWEAR) she was right there... bloody hell..... I didn't wanna get into one of her talks about Daniel... so went to the checkout and still pretended not to see her.. it was quite funny but spooky at the same time....

Normally I would have just said Hi but was feeling like I was being stalked and it didn't feel good at all so I wasn't going to accept that at all.

Anyway that was off my chest... been wanting to tell it in my blog but.... felt like it was being a bitch but ya know what... it is my blog he he he and I have to start getting things off my chest and so that is that.

Weight loss last week sucked even though I was good.. got the dreaded TOM grrrrrr but hopefully this week will be good. If not hey that is life...

Been sooo busy with the boys and Scouts (Keas), Milo cricket, sleepovers in the last couple of weeks and with Christmas and also it was my mums birthday yesterday and I have been doing a brag book for her... so as usual my life was full on.

Thanks for the text yesterday ChrisH....(mwah)

Might update later... going to the gym after work today.. not sure if I am in the mood for it as it is hot but hey gotta do what I gotta do he he

Love Chubbymum

Monday, 26 November 2007


Rachel Thank You!!! Thank You!!!!

The clothes arrived today yayyyyy and OMG they are beautiful.

The only ones that didn't fit were the pants but they will.... they will...

Gonna wear one tomorrow... thinking the brown one he he..

My mum wanted to take the blue one with the beautiful stitching.. OMG how beautiful was that one too... he he he

Rachel Thank you Thank you a Million times..

Love Chubbymum

Keas Sleepover (Scouts)

Well this weekend was the Keas sleepover in the scout hall. OMG I am buggered...

Will post some photos later of what the weekend was like. It went fast but the sleeping was good. The kids all went to sleep really well in the tents (made up inside the hall he he) but our airbed went down as soon as we got in it grrrr so I slept on a hard wooden COLD floor all night.. so needless to say was quite grouchy in the morning when I woke up and today feeling really tired.

Got my monthly on Thursday so needless to say I gained 400 grams this week but hey that is life....

Tired and at work at present... grumpy too he he he but I went out for my 20 minute walk at morning tea so feeling great that I did that. I am trying to get my step average up... I had been averaging about 6,000 in September and last weeks average steps were 8,889 so I am sooo happy with that and I will be trying to increase them.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Roller Skating

Just came back from my 15 minute walk in my morning tea break and I have sweat on my chest OMG OMG... as you guys know I don't sweat much and if I do woohooooo means I worked really really hard.

What beautiful weather it is out there.. ho hum to be stuck in this office apart from breaks though aye.

I did another page of scrapbooking yesterday to show you what we did Sunday morning.

See Helena... I know it has taken me a while to go again but I told ya I would he he he.

Tahlia Rose's (Quinn's girlfriend) mother Tracey Lark asked me if Quinn and also the rest of us would like to go Roller Skating so we did. Corbin didn't go as he was at Lachlan's and went to the park etc with him (boy from down the road that visits his Grandparents).We had a lot of fun. It was fantastic!!! Sweated so much. Quinn was soo wiggly and was having fun and said he wants to come back again and again. I think we will go back again he he.

I am sooo happy with my loss this week.. going to try and do the same thing this week and keep to it and track and drink that bloody water that I hate so much.

I know I lost 1.2 but as I have always said it isn't realistic for me to expect that every week so I am aiming for 500grams this week and if I lose more woohooo and if I don't loose enough woohoo as well because I am not going to gain all my weight back and it will take me time.

So this week.... gonna lose some more he he.

Only 5 weeks till XMAS OMG... roll on I say. Only 1 present to get for J's Dad and Step mum and that will be it.


Saturday, 17 November 2007

Weigh In results


Weigh in at Home Loss: 1.2 Kilos

Current weight: 119.5 kgs

Total loss from WW: 35.2 kgs

Total loss from start: 40.5 kgs



I lost 1.2 this week.

I have been in such a funk for the last couple of weeks and I am still not down to my lowest ever but that is ok because I am back on track.... Feel great about the loss this week it is fantastic.



Friday, 16 November 2007

Letting it all out in this post he he

You know I did a lot yesterday but for the life of me it is a blur he he he.

Walked the boys to school and stayed and did the spelling for Quinn's class... got it done faster this time it was much better... Can't wait till the end of the year when I don't have to do it anymore.... I know it sounds bad but I don't mind helping out now and then but not happy that I have to do it every week... especially for Quinn's teacher who I don't really like that much she has no personality at all and then when she does seem really fun and nice she seems false... it bugs me to the max and I am not the only parent that has thought this... I was talking to one of the mums who I get along with and another mum came over and said "sorry about listening in but OMG I feel the same way about the teacher and thought it was just me" so that was nice to know that I wasn't just being a snobby bitch or something like that.

Walked home and then had to take mum to go and get her haircut (all the way across town... I swear she chooses her bingo and hair and everything else all the way over there so she gets a drive he he he)... while she was in getting her hair cut I managed to read my book OMG all you parents out there know how hard it is to catch some time reading a book or doing something in peace it was bliss... had a couple of stares from people thinking you are sitting there reading a book while there are shops out here... phewwwyyy I thought to myself he he he.

We went to The Base afterwards to Briscoes as they were having a 1 day sale at 40 and 50% off things and Mum still had a couple of Xmas presents to get. I got a dressing gown for hubby nice and blue and sooooo snuggly as his has a huge split in it and he said he needs one (so I will give it to him for Xmas with the Debit card we both agreed on getting each other).

I also found a bargain with a duvet at 50% off too... it was nice and in the colours of the inside of the caravan (we needed a duvet that we could leave in the caravan so we didn't keep taking our KING size duvet for a double bed with us he he he couldnt move with it as it was too big and heavy) and then I found some cushions that had the exactly the same colours as the duvet and they had very thin stalks and leaves so it was in the brown, and green (but pale colours) I will have to take a photo of it.. I quite like it. I am not saying that if I had more money that I wouldn't have gotten something nicer but I got 4 cushions and a duvet for $60 so I was sooo happy with that especially with the fact that cushions like these usually cost about $25 each and I got them for $8 each... I was impressed with that.

I left mum there shopping while I came home and caught up on some stuff around the house and then went down to meet the boys at school.. we then picked mum up and came home.

Quinn and Corbin were soooo excited about Keas tonight as they were supposed to be getting invested so we left early so we would be there and when we got there the leader said that they couldn't get the scarfs made in time for the ceremony so it will have to be made this week and we can do it next week.... the boys were dissapointed and I was a little too as I took my camera and all to take the proud moment.

Blonde was there as her son was supposed to be getting invested too. They put up a tent in the hall last night and they had soo much fun as it was like a little camp and read stories in the tent etc... it was quite a big tent. I must say that Blonde has gained a lot... when she left my mum said that she is almost my size.. Now if you guys don't remember the start of me blogging we both went to Weight Watchers together and she was like 78 kilos wanting to get down to 65 and now I do think that she is around 100 kilos and not up to my size but getting there.. I think maybe she is happier now and contented and that is why she is gaining... she seems happier anyway... but her son is still a right pain in the arse that is for sure....

Oh that reminds me.. I saw Kris at the gym. Well she came and interrupted me while I was talking business with the gym owner about the wine bottle labels I am doing for him. She said that they are moving to Dubai in March OMG... that is a long way away... hope it makes her happy.. my oldest will be a little upset as he has a major crush on her daughter Ashley and he told me that Ashley feels the same way.. so we shall see what happens. I didn't tell him that she was moving away. I suppose I sort of think it is another whim of hers that will change as soon as she changes her undies.

So we went and got on the treadmill (I swear that the treadmill has a sign on it saying CM would like everyone to come and talk to her while she is trying to do some running GEESH) so I was doing my 1 minute on 1 minute off and in the middle of the running bit she came over so I had to stop running and start walking as I cannot talk while running... grrrr was soooo wanting to just keep going. Anyway... back to the subject... Kris said that she has gained 20 kilos and is back up to triple figures.. OMG that happened in only 6 months. I must say I don't like her at 100 kilos and I certainly thought she was too skinny at 80 kilos but the 90 kilos with how tall she is really suited her I hope she does go back to losing and doesn't gain it all back.

Jeremy seemed to think that she has gained it all back because she didn't do it slowly enough and that she didn't change the habits so that she wouldn't go back to being big. He said that he knows I am not losing as fast as I want but that he doesn't think that I will gain it all back because I am doing the leg work to change habits. I must admit that I agree... I get angry that I am not losing as fast as others but for me it wouldn't be good because I have done that before and I need to change my habits for it to stay off long term. Don't get me wrong others do it fast and keep it off just as well... but FOR ME it isn't good.... so it made me feel differently about it.

I am a little apprehensive about getting on the scales tomorrow morning. I have been good apart from a little slip up in my lunch yesterday but I think I will have a nice loss... more than my 500 grams but not a hell of a lot more.. so we shall see... I think I am back on track... and hey if in another 6 weeks I do the off the track thing... I certainly know that I will get back on track again... it is just what I seem to do.

My two email buddies... thanks for the last week you don't know how much it means to me!! MWAHHHH.

Anyway better get moving and go to watch Corbin at his swimming today...

Bloody terrible weather today.. sort of day I should be up in bed all snuggly reading my book.

So..... has anyone checked out my scrapbooking page???? I am doing a lot lately and sooo happy with them. Did another one last night.

Love ya all


Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Great loss this week

I have been feeling soooo much better since going away this weekend.

Weighed in on Saturday and was 120.7 (ouch) because in the last couple of weeks I have been in a funk... as you all know because I stopped blogging once again...

So I have been tracking properly since Monday and I think by Saturday I will have a good loss woohooo.

Back on track. I think after a couple of months of tracking I just tend to go in to this funk and as long as I get back on the horse as they say then that is fine with me... afterall it isn't a race.

I want to fit in to a nice outfit for Lee-Anne's wedding and I refuse to look like a frump.... so that is my goal for now. Not sure of a size just that I will be smaller than 120.7... so there you have it.

Bloody raining here today so didn't go for my walk at morning tea... can't sit at desk being wet today... will try and go to the gym tonight.

The boys have milo cricket today after school... I am going for the first 10 minutes then I am going to leave and have a coffee at the coffee shop to have some time for me I think... and then go and pick them up. A lot of the parents seem to just leave them and come back... but will see how I feel at the time.

I am really getting in to my digital scrapbooking at the moment and Kate and I have got a website that we are doing quickpages and other things that we design put on the site so others can download and have a go... so if you wanna try go to and see what we have done so far... I am enjoying it. Also I have done a couple more pages on my own digital scrapbook site too if ya wanna have a look.

My mums birthday is on the 26th November so I am also in the process of doing a little digital scrapbook for her to carry around to show people too... it is going to be about the family and I am going to print them and put them in this lovely little album I brought a couple of years ago but haven't used it as it is soooo pretty I just have it on show he he he silly aye.

The boys are getting invested tomorrow night at keas (scouts) and so I have to go and get their shirts for the night... OMG it costs $90 (EACH) a year for scouts that is $180 a year for me and then on top of that the shirts and then the outings bloody hell..... expensive or what. I am excited for them to be doing it but bloody hell that is a lot of money.

Anyway better get some work done.


If it doesn't rain it pours

OMG got an email from my friend Pam to say that her child support went down by $200 a month OMG how does he think she will survive. She had a total of $20 a week left to buy food for the 3 of them and now she doesn't know what to do..

I couldn't take it anymore so I got involved (maybe I shouldn't have) but I texted him:

Neither J or Pam know I am texting u. But I had to say I used 2 think u were a great guy and admired u but after today I didn't think u would stoop so low as 2 hurt your children like u r because of money. I hope u don't live 2 regret it...

and I was shaking..... someone said to me today that since I have lost my weight I have gotten stronger and say what I feel and not such a push over..

Well an hour and a half later I go this:

If you had bothered to hear my side of the story you would understand. I didn't know bri was self hurting until J told me. She only tells what she wants to and changes it to make me sound bad. You two have made a choice of Pam. Bye.

So I replied:

No I did not make a choice of pam, and I did know u did not know about bri, what you may not know is that she is finding it hard 2 feed them on what she gets and now that the child support is less how is she 2 feed them now? They r also your responsiblity and ur r punishing the kids as well as pam and that is what I cannot understand. I don't want the friendship 2 end but one call in 6 months has not helped either. U give friendships up to easily. And.. this is not J's opinion and does not know I am writing 2 u.

My God what is wrong with the guy...
  • Leaves his family
  • Within six months is engaged and getting married in January 2008
  • Refuses to pay mortgage on house and holiday property
  • Was not paying child support for the first 3 months and now after been backed paid to them he has claimed for the sluts family and she gets $200 less a month
  • Not wanting to see his daughter and now she is in counselling and self hurting herself
  • His friendships have been put on the wayside
  • He treating his ex like crap when he is the one that cheated.

How can this keep going? Is he wanting her to go bankrupt? If he does why would he do such a thing to his kids? Why do people do this? I can't understand the nastiness? can someone help me with this? I don't understand how anyone could change like that and I never thought I would be thinking bad thoughts about George EVER as I would have said I would have trusted him with my life and my family's life that is how much I thought about the guy.

I am distraught about it all.. I can just imagine what Pam is going through... it is not fair.


Please help me to help her... what am I to do? She has no one.. .no famly it is hard.


Monday, 12 November 2007

12th year Anniversary Rotorua - Blue Lake Top 10 Holiday Park

and the prize goes to..... Helena.....

Well hubby organised for our 12 year wedding anniversary to be at the Blue Lake Top 10 Holiday park in Rotorua... OMG it is the most beautiful place and I had the bet time... didn't wanna come home. There was no cellphones there as it was out of range.. it was pure relaxation and spending time with each other. The photos below don't even do them justice.

Left on Friday at about 10am and stopped at Tirau on the way there and did some shopping and just basically crusing around Tirau looking at things. We brought some books at the second hand book shop. I got a credit card holder with a Pukeko on it for my mother in law for her birthday to go with some other things. I brought mum a lovely silver ring with a stone in it to go with her Xmas present.

We had lunch at one of the cafes and OMG it was devine. We had a roast beef sandwich and side salad and thought that it would be just a small sandwich with meat and a little salad.. it was like a 4 course meal OMG there was enough beef in it to feed an army and the salad was devine and the best of all it didn't have cucumber in it... woohooooooooo.

Coming down the hill to see the Blue Lake was soooo beautiful it took your breath away.. The weather was fantastic the whole weekend and couldn't fault it. I got nice and brown arms with all the time spent outside and a little bit of a colour on my legs hmmmm they haven't seen the light of day in years he he he.

Look at this picture below.. isn't it the most amazing scenery?

The water below is sooo clear you can see the bottom and Jeremy said it was bloody cold... and there were people swimming in it... but couldn't bring myself to put me tootsies in it he he he.

We saw the duck go out (below) amphibious boat thingy he he he and then the next picture of it coming out.. OMG if the boys had watched this they would have been ooing and ahhhing..

This little bird was only a foot away from me and everytime I took a picture it heard the click click of the next photo and was looking at me to see what the hell the noise was it was sooo cute.

This is where we parked our caravan at the park and it was sooo peaceful with the bush behind it and the shade in the afternoon was great too. This place is just amazing.
We had an Australian come up to our door and ask us about our caravan because apparently in Australia they don't have big windows in theirs and he was fascinated by it... and was there talking for quite some time he he he.
Hubby cooking me dinner on the Saturday night isn't he just wonderful. I just love caravaning... Love it love it love it and can't wait to do some more.

Relaxing reading his book while I read my magazines it was peacefull.. and if any of you are parents we hardly get time to read books with kids so this was bliss to us.

On Saturday I said to Jeremy that I wanted to walk around the lake.. and if you look at the picture above of the lake... we walked around the whole lake... and got right up to the top of the mountain (or hill)... They said it takes 1 hour 30 minutes and we did in 1 hour 40 minutes with stops taking pictures etc.

This picture below was sooooo pretty with the koru at the end of them... I had to take a picture of it.

The beautiful walkways are just never ending with lovely native trees and birds singing singing singing...

Jeremy was enjoying taking photos of me... we swapped the camera over every 5 minutes... OMG no makeup and my hair is a mess he he he

I took this photo below... can you imagine it.. I just loved the mystic feel of this part of the bush that I had to take a photo of it.. it could be a postcard don't ya think he he he.

The photo below was us almost 1/4 of the way through and the next bit was the climbing bit to get on top of the mountain and the last photo until we got to the top as we went inland a bit.

This photo was taken like 4 times as we were holding the camera in front of us he he he and Jeremy kept cutting his head off and then when we got a good one he didn't smile... so this is a nice one of us tired up the top he he he

We went to the government gardens and walked around for a while and Jeremy took this photo of me and not trying to sound like I am bragging but OMG this is the first photo that I don't feel like a blob in it.... It doesn't show my tummy and my legs don't feel so big he he he and you might think differently but I feel quite sexy in it he he he.

I clocked up 12,455 steps on the saturday... soooo proud.

I love taking photos of insects etc he he he so I saw this big huge bumblebee and I had to HAD to take a photo... didn't I do well... and look at the pollen on its bum he he he

My weekend was fabulous.. I had a great time with hubby and our 12 year anniversary was spent just how we like it. I did my back in before we went on the Friday but was determined not to let it ruin the weekend... the sleeping was a nightmare because of it but hey... sleep smeep...

Anyway might think of other things later... but tired and thinking about going to bed.

Where do you think we went?

So... tell me where do you think in New Zealand we went for our anniversary weekend?


Wednesday, 7 November 2007

<<< Big BANG >>>

Work was a bore!!!

Wednesday's is my slow day so I was all geared up to get all the little niggly things done with work in the morning and then he he he do some digital scrapbooking in my lunch break... NOPE NOPE NOPE...

It was my lunch break and then I heard BANGGGGGGGGGG and the lights and the computer went out!!! OMG I jumped from my seat to the door as I thought that a car had smashed into the wall by my office. Then thought well we must have blown a fuse.

The girls at the other end of the building said they saw lightening outside and the power lines had broke and that was what the bang was.. OMG OMG OMG it was scary. So from 12.30 to 2.30 we had no computer, lights, anything and I was bored out of my tree... most of the girls were busy because they had the kids (work in a creche) but I didn't and the cook couldn't and neither could another lady so we were in the staff room reading and chatting for all that time... GUTTED so I didn't get my work finished or manage to do my digital scrapbooking at lunch GEESH.

Then went to pick up the boys from school and realised they had Milo Cricket on today so I stayed for that and got roped in to being a parent helper... in my work outfit OMG I was hot.

Hubby is fixing something on the caravan ready for our weekend and I am just chilling out and then we are going for a walk after dinner....

All in all an ok day... feeling drained though... I think I have a bug that just won't go away because I just feel heavy

Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Got off my lazy backside and went for a walk in my morning tea this morning.

I did the block in 20 minutes last week and this morning I did it in 15 minutes woohoooooo. Got my mp3 player on and I pounded the pavement... I swear people thought I was nuts as I started singing too.. he he he

Gotta get back on track or this depression of mine is going to go further and further under.

Back as work as you can tell and only 1 person (out of 38) asked where I was yesterday... I know I don't really work for the one creche that I am in and that I belong to Auckland but GEESH you would think they would notice when I am not here... I always ask people how they are or why were they away... ok... stop thinking like that CM but GEESH!!!!!

Anyway... also planned for to go to the gym tonight with hubby too....

Just got back from the gym... feeling great but OMG OMG OMG Buggered!!!!

15 minutes on the treadmill and I did (in the middle of it) 1 minute run 1 minute walk OMG I felt great... usually I find the at the 45 second mark I get soooo tired and gritt my teeth and want it to hurry up he he he but today I didn't feel like that at the minute mark... so next time I am going to try and do 1 minute and 30 seconds running and a 1 minute walk.. we shall see how it goes.

Did my triceps, biceps, pecs, quads and butt soooo feeling bugggerrrrreeedddd



Monday, 5 November 2007


I think the last couple of weeks have caught up on me. I have tonsilitis today. I am back tracking as from yesterday.

So I am at home sick today. Took the boys to school at 8.30 went to bed when I got home and only just got out of bed at 2.30 in time to pick up the boys... sore throat and sinuses feel like crap.

But apart from that I am feeling like I am back.

Sorry I have been out of action for the last couple of weeks I think things have just caught up on me.

In the weekend I decided to open up my Digital Scrapbook blog and not password it anymore and see how it goes because I am doing more and more. I have a deal with myself to at least do 4 pages a week... so we shall see how it goes.

I have had a couple of challenges with katiepie with them too so we are expanding our skills.. it has been great doing them.

Saturday was such a busy day for us.... we managed to do the shopping, clean the caravan, mow the lawn (I did the front lawn), wash the car, go for a 8km bike ride, paint the fence.... OMG so by the end of Saturday I was buggered and Sunday was a relax day and did cards and watched DVD's so that was good especially since I wasn't feeling that wonderful.

Hubby and I go away this weekend wooohoooooooooo.


Friday, 2 November 2007

As usual busy busy day.

Got up this morning to get the boys all ready for their cultural day.

They had to go in their cultural outfits and Corbin talked to my mum to find out about our culture and I always thought that they would be Kiwi on Jeremy's side and Bermudian on my side but apparently my mum's dad was portugese so Corbin researched Portugal and got a picture for us to do the costumes (as per below).

How proud were they when they got to school

We took photos outside (as per above) and then got inside and we had like a photo session.... the boys were wanting to play around and take photos... it was great.

(Below) We got to school and Corbin's teacher was dressed as a Canadian with the ski goggles etc... she is such a great teacher her name is Lauren Murphy and how great is she with Corbin and I am so happy that he has had her as a teacher this year.

Got in to Quinn's class and Charlotte was dressed as a spanish girl and I couldn't resist the photo below because they suited each other in the colours he he he...

At the end of the day Charlotte said to her Dad that she asked Quinn to be her dance date tonight at the disco and he said yes... and she was sooo happy. OMG he is only 6 and this is the 3rd girl this year. Got home from school and Quinn refused to get changed for the disco as Charlotte had said that they should wear the same outfits OMG how cute was that... He wouldn't dance with anyone until she got there and they danced the whole time together... other parents were even mentioning it.

They had to get the parents up for the last dance so Quinn and Charlotte got my mum up and Corbin got me up and we were doing rock and roll... it was cool.

Towards the end of the night Quinn had 3 girls fighting to dance with him. Charlotte on the right, Tahlia-Rose on the left and Audrey in the front of him.. (in the blue top). I am sooooo worried about what will happen with this boy.... has lots of girlfriends and he is only 6 years old... But he treats them sooo nice it is lovely to see how caring he is.

I didn't get many photos of the dance with Corbin dancing because Jeremy had to go home and get the camera as we forgot it arghhhhh and by the time he came back Corbin was buggered and didn't want to dance anymore until the one where they asked the parents etc.

While the boys were in school... I managed to get some cards done because I needed to be away from everyone and everything so that I can just chill for me... it was great I made about 6 cards and it was peaceful and my mum was in the lounge so I didn't constantly hear the negative remarks about everyone and everything...

Sherryl turned up for the 2 bottle labels she asked me to do for 2 birthdays she has to go to this weekend and she has ordered a Christmas one and also a wedding one for next year.. OMG I am getting some great business from her he he he.

Then Jeremy's step mother turned up to give us the springs for the caravan to replace... and she said that she we don't have to pay for the caravan quick and that she knows the caravan is in good hands.. so we are thinking about not going for the loan until after Xmas so we don't have to start paying now and so that we don't have to pay for the insurance either (since they are paying for it anyway he he)..

I was supposed to get back in to be good with my diet this week as it has been almost 3 weeks but I didn't... I don't know what is wrong with me? I don't know why I can't keep to it when I know I have to... I have gone off the tracking... gone off the exercise... gone off everything but will start fresh tomorrow... I am going to do this!!! I am going to start tracking and doing exercise... just feeling quite overwelmed.

Love ya all



Thursday, 1 November 2007


I have been in a funk....

I have been feeling lethargic....

I am still being sort of good but not (if that all makes sense)...

So many things happening in my life with the kids and feeling like I have no time for myself.

The thing that has kept me going in the last week or so is that hubby is taking me away next weekend in the caravan and I don't know where.

I have been digital scrapbooking a lot lately and I have been doing wine bottle labels for an ex workmate (this is her third bottle she has ordered woohoo).... I am enjoying the creativity and have gone off thinking about weight loss and blogs for a while.

I know I have to get back in to it and I know I have to start blogging but doing the usual shut down when things get too difficult.

I just don't know!!!