Friday, 16 November 2007

Letting it all out in this post he he

You know I did a lot yesterday but for the life of me it is a blur he he he.

Walked the boys to school and stayed and did the spelling for Quinn's class... got it done faster this time it was much better... Can't wait till the end of the year when I don't have to do it anymore.... I know it sounds bad but I don't mind helping out now and then but not happy that I have to do it every week... especially for Quinn's teacher who I don't really like that much she has no personality at all and then when she does seem really fun and nice she seems false... it bugs me to the max and I am not the only parent that has thought this... I was talking to one of the mums who I get along with and another mum came over and said "sorry about listening in but OMG I feel the same way about the teacher and thought it was just me" so that was nice to know that I wasn't just being a snobby bitch or something like that.

Walked home and then had to take mum to go and get her haircut (all the way across town... I swear she chooses her bingo and hair and everything else all the way over there so she gets a drive he he he)... while she was in getting her hair cut I managed to read my book OMG all you parents out there know how hard it is to catch some time reading a book or doing something in peace it was bliss... had a couple of stares from people thinking you are sitting there reading a book while there are shops out here... phewwwyyy I thought to myself he he he.

We went to The Base afterwards to Briscoes as they were having a 1 day sale at 40 and 50% off things and Mum still had a couple of Xmas presents to get. I got a dressing gown for hubby nice and blue and sooooo snuggly as his has a huge split in it and he said he needs one (so I will give it to him for Xmas with the Debit card we both agreed on getting each other).

I also found a bargain with a duvet at 50% off too... it was nice and in the colours of the inside of the caravan (we needed a duvet that we could leave in the caravan so we didn't keep taking our KING size duvet for a double bed with us he he he couldnt move with it as it was too big and heavy) and then I found some cushions that had the exactly the same colours as the duvet and they had very thin stalks and leaves so it was in the brown, and green (but pale colours) I will have to take a photo of it.. I quite like it. I am not saying that if I had more money that I wouldn't have gotten something nicer but I got 4 cushions and a duvet for $60 so I was sooo happy with that especially with the fact that cushions like these usually cost about $25 each and I got them for $8 each... I was impressed with that.

I left mum there shopping while I came home and caught up on some stuff around the house and then went down to meet the boys at school.. we then picked mum up and came home.

Quinn and Corbin were soooo excited about Keas tonight as they were supposed to be getting invested so we left early so we would be there and when we got there the leader said that they couldn't get the scarfs made in time for the ceremony so it will have to be made this week and we can do it next week.... the boys were dissapointed and I was a little too as I took my camera and all to take the proud moment.

Blonde was there as her son was supposed to be getting invested too. They put up a tent in the hall last night and they had soo much fun as it was like a little camp and read stories in the tent etc... it was quite a big tent. I must say that Blonde has gained a lot... when she left my mum said that she is almost my size.. Now if you guys don't remember the start of me blogging we both went to Weight Watchers together and she was like 78 kilos wanting to get down to 65 and now I do think that she is around 100 kilos and not up to my size but getting there.. I think maybe she is happier now and contented and that is why she is gaining... she seems happier anyway... but her son is still a right pain in the arse that is for sure....

Oh that reminds me.. I saw Kris at the gym. Well she came and interrupted me while I was talking business with the gym owner about the wine bottle labels I am doing for him. She said that they are moving to Dubai in March OMG... that is a long way away... hope it makes her happy.. my oldest will be a little upset as he has a major crush on her daughter Ashley and he told me that Ashley feels the same way.. so we shall see what happens. I didn't tell him that she was moving away. I suppose I sort of think it is another whim of hers that will change as soon as she changes her undies.

So we went and got on the treadmill (I swear that the treadmill has a sign on it saying CM would like everyone to come and talk to her while she is trying to do some running GEESH) so I was doing my 1 minute on 1 minute off and in the middle of the running bit she came over so I had to stop running and start walking as I cannot talk while running... grrrr was soooo wanting to just keep going. Anyway... back to the subject... Kris said that she has gained 20 kilos and is back up to triple figures.. OMG that happened in only 6 months. I must say I don't like her at 100 kilos and I certainly thought she was too skinny at 80 kilos but the 90 kilos with how tall she is really suited her I hope she does go back to losing and doesn't gain it all back.

Jeremy seemed to think that she has gained it all back because she didn't do it slowly enough and that she didn't change the habits so that she wouldn't go back to being big. He said that he knows I am not losing as fast as I want but that he doesn't think that I will gain it all back because I am doing the leg work to change habits. I must admit that I agree... I get angry that I am not losing as fast as others but for me it wouldn't be good because I have done that before and I need to change my habits for it to stay off long term. Don't get me wrong others do it fast and keep it off just as well... but FOR ME it isn't good.... so it made me feel differently about it.

I am a little apprehensive about getting on the scales tomorrow morning. I have been good apart from a little slip up in my lunch yesterday but I think I will have a nice loss... more than my 500 grams but not a hell of a lot more.. so we shall see... I think I am back on track... and hey if in another 6 weeks I do the off the track thing... I certainly know that I will get back on track again... it is just what I seem to do.

My two email buddies... thanks for the last week you don't know how much it means to me!! MWAHHHH.

Anyway better get moving and go to watch Corbin at his swimming today...

Bloody terrible weather today.. sort of day I should be up in bed all snuggly reading my book.

So..... has anyone checked out my scrapbooking page???? I am doing a lot lately and sooo happy with them. Did another one last night.

Love ya all



Chris H said...

You RUN on the treadmill??? Oh My God now I feel dreadful... I should be running too. Might give it a go tonight... *BIG SIGH*. Hope you have a fantastic weekend chick.

Anne said...

I've seen a few people like Kris where the weight has dropped of really quickly and then they pile it back again. Unless you change the bad habits it just doesn't work. You know when you get to where you want to be you will find it easy to stay there.

Great shopping for the caravan:-)

libra said...

Great scrapbooking pages you rock..and I am impressed with your bargins, wish we had shops like that, its hard in a small town cause we don't have a lot of shops..have a good weekend and keep up the great treadmill work :)