Thursday, 29 November 2007

Thought it was a non day

Didn't do much today...

It is funny... well not funny but I wasn't going to write in here today because I didn't do much for my day off.

I just wanted to eat and eat today.. not good things either. I don't think I did too bad but bread and all things carb were what I wanted... I think this happens everytime I just come off having my monthly it is the weirdest thing ever... but then I have felt soooo fullllll all day after eating it too.. really uncomfortably full where my bra felt bad.

Gotta be good tomorrow... gotta.

Took boys to school early because Quinn had to be there early as they were catching the bus to the pools for their lessons. They do it for a full week and tomorrow THANK GOODNESS is the last day. But we (mum and I) decided we would go and watch. So we took Quinn to his class and then went to Corbin's class to show the Digital Scrapbook brag book I made for my mum. Then I got roped he he he in to doing 2 scrapbook pages for the class so the teacher can give it to them all for end of year arghhhhhhh... so I have to do that next what shall I do? What shall I do?

So anyway going back to the car to go to the pools there was a mum and her little girl and the girl was sobbbbing and gasping the little girl had missed the bus... but she was in for roll call and then the bus went without her OMG I was pissed.. imagine if it was my son that happened to. So I said to the lady that I was going was it ok if I take her and she said yes (we had seen each other around the school before). I got there and said to the little girls teacher that she had left her behind... she said "she was late and is always late" I said "she was there for roll call but you didn't manage to do one on the bus" she started to argue (the old bitch) and I said well I guess you will be taking it up with the the principal. My mum looked at me and I said to her "I am sorry but I am not arguing with you about it you can sort it out when you get back" and said to mum "are you ok mum let's go in and see my son swimming".... Man that woman had my blood boiling. Whether the child is late or not they should NEVER leave a child behind and if this child is always late then maybe they should be weary of that and tell her an earlier time don't you think? Anyway

Went and watched them swimming it was great as you can see below... Quinn and Tahlia Rose couldn't be separated. They learnt about calling for help today and how to scream help and what they could use to float on.

Quinn has grommets in his ears and that explains the hat and the string coming down he he he I swear he looks like a girl with it on he he he too cute a face I reckon. He was having a ball and couldn't stop smiling the whole time.

Went to The Base afterwards to send some mail and then I had a cellphone call from the school saying that Corbin had hurt his hand at cricket and that she had put a cold press on it and sent him back to school but he came back 10 minutes later saying it was soooo sore so she called me and got an appointment to go to take him to the doctor. So I got there and he didn't seem happy but as the secretary said it hasn't come up in a bruise or swollen so she was wondering if maybe he had broken something.

Said to Corbin lets go and get your bag and when he went in to get his bag he lifted it with his hand (that was sore) hmmmm both the teacher and I looked at him. I quietly went to him and said that he picked up his bag with his sore hand and he said it was sore... so I talked to the teacher and said it is only an hour till the doctors appointment and if there is nothing wrong I will bring him home. The only reason I did that was because he has NEVER had a day off school sick and with all we have been doing in the last couple of weeks I think maybe a little time with me might be something he wanted.

We came home and I had a word with him and said that it costs to go to the doctor and that is a christmas present that I couldn't buy and that if he wasn't sore then it would be nice for him to tell me. He said it was really sore and so we had a deal that we would stay home till 12 and then if it was better he would go back to school... we had a huge talk and it was nice.

I thanked him for making me breakfast this morning... OMG I got up and there was a coffee and 2 toast with avocado sitting there waiting for me and he had made his and Quinn's lunches and was sooo proud. So while he was home I said to him that I was really proud of him for making me breakfast etc today and he said "Mum you always do so much for us and always there for me and I wanted to do something nice" I said thank you and my heart sank thinking what a wonderful boy I have.

Needless to say I took him back to school and he was fine.

Spent the afternoon at home reading some magazines... it was a non day... just felt grotty all day and wanted as I said before carbs all day... I should have not listened to that but nope nope nope I didn't... that is life aye.


Chris H said...

Aye aye aye... kids eh? sometimes so cute, sometimes so nice, sometimes ? Hope his hand was really ok. Have a fab weekend chick.

Lyn said...

Hehe funny how kids do that aye? Doesn't Quinn look cute with his girlfriend!!

There's something for ya on my blog chickey!!

Good luck for weighin tomorrow!

Helena said...

non days are frustrating, even if ya do manage to talk ya self out of them, they are still ucky! You are such a cool Mum :)