Friday, 2 November 2007

As usual busy busy day.

Got up this morning to get the boys all ready for their cultural day.

They had to go in their cultural outfits and Corbin talked to my mum to find out about our culture and I always thought that they would be Kiwi on Jeremy's side and Bermudian on my side but apparently my mum's dad was portugese so Corbin researched Portugal and got a picture for us to do the costumes (as per below).

How proud were they when they got to school

We took photos outside (as per above) and then got inside and we had like a photo session.... the boys were wanting to play around and take photos... it was great.

(Below) We got to school and Corbin's teacher was dressed as a Canadian with the ski goggles etc... she is such a great teacher her name is Lauren Murphy and how great is she with Corbin and I am so happy that he has had her as a teacher this year.

Got in to Quinn's class and Charlotte was dressed as a spanish girl and I couldn't resist the photo below because they suited each other in the colours he he he...

At the end of the day Charlotte said to her Dad that she asked Quinn to be her dance date tonight at the disco and he said yes... and she was sooo happy. OMG he is only 6 and this is the 3rd girl this year. Got home from school and Quinn refused to get changed for the disco as Charlotte had said that they should wear the same outfits OMG how cute was that... He wouldn't dance with anyone until she got there and they danced the whole time together... other parents were even mentioning it.

They had to get the parents up for the last dance so Quinn and Charlotte got my mum up and Corbin got me up and we were doing rock and roll... it was cool.

Towards the end of the night Quinn had 3 girls fighting to dance with him. Charlotte on the right, Tahlia-Rose on the left and Audrey in the front of him.. (in the blue top). I am sooooo worried about what will happen with this boy.... has lots of girlfriends and he is only 6 years old... But he treats them sooo nice it is lovely to see how caring he is.

I didn't get many photos of the dance with Corbin dancing because Jeremy had to go home and get the camera as we forgot it arghhhhh and by the time he came back Corbin was buggered and didn't want to dance anymore until the one where they asked the parents etc.

While the boys were in school... I managed to get some cards done because I needed to be away from everyone and everything so that I can just chill for me... it was great I made about 6 cards and it was peaceful and my mum was in the lounge so I didn't constantly hear the negative remarks about everyone and everything...

Sherryl turned up for the 2 bottle labels she asked me to do for 2 birthdays she has to go to this weekend and she has ordered a Christmas one and also a wedding one for next year.. OMG I am getting some great business from her he he he.

Then Jeremy's step mother turned up to give us the springs for the caravan to replace... and she said that she we don't have to pay for the caravan quick and that she knows the caravan is in good hands.. so we are thinking about not going for the loan until after Xmas so we don't have to start paying now and so that we don't have to pay for the insurance either (since they are paying for it anyway he he)..

I was supposed to get back in to be good with my diet this week as it has been almost 3 weeks but I didn't... I don't know what is wrong with me? I don't know why I can't keep to it when I know I have to... I have gone off the tracking... gone off the exercise... gone off everything but will start fresh tomorrow... I am going to do this!!! I am going to start tracking and doing exercise... just feeling quite overwelmed.

Love ya all




Chris H said...

The boys look adorable... making this quick cos I am busting!!!! Havn't been able to visit your blog in days cos it says "permission denied"..... ???

celtic_girl said...

Your boys look great in their costumes. And just how cute is Quinn and Charlotte together, Thanks for sharing it made me smile everytime I thought of them.

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Awwww, what lovely photos. All the children look so cute and adorable!


Kate said...

Aww what gorgeous photos! So lovely, and lovely photo of you as well :-)

Helena said...

did you make the costumes? Everyone looked like they had such a good time - how cool! :)