Monday, 19 November 2007

Roller Skating

Just came back from my 15 minute walk in my morning tea break and I have sweat on my chest OMG OMG... as you guys know I don't sweat much and if I do woohooooo means I worked really really hard.

What beautiful weather it is out there.. ho hum to be stuck in this office apart from breaks though aye.

I did another page of scrapbooking yesterday to show you what we did Sunday morning.

See Helena... I know it has taken me a while to go again but I told ya I would he he he.

Tahlia Rose's (Quinn's girlfriend) mother Tracey Lark asked me if Quinn and also the rest of us would like to go Roller Skating so we did. Corbin didn't go as he was at Lachlan's and went to the park etc with him (boy from down the road that visits his Grandparents).We had a lot of fun. It was fantastic!!! Sweated so much. Quinn was soo wiggly and was having fun and said he wants to come back again and again. I think we will go back again he he.

I am sooo happy with my loss this week.. going to try and do the same thing this week and keep to it and track and drink that bloody water that I hate so much.

I know I lost 1.2 but as I have always said it isn't realistic for me to expect that every week so I am aiming for 500grams this week and if I lose more woohooo and if I don't loose enough woohoo as well because I am not going to gain all my weight back and it will take me time.

So this week.... gonna lose some more he he.

Only 5 weeks till XMAS OMG... roll on I say. Only 1 present to get for J's Dad and Step mum and that will be it.



Helena said...

yippeeeeeeeeee I havent been skating in about a year! :o was too scared to go before the op incase I fell over and broke something LOL Too scared to go now, cos I wouldnt be able to get up if I fell over! LMAO - Bet you guys had a blast! man you are looking trim mate!

Lee-Anne said...

OMG what a fantastic loss darlin. You're looking mighty fine from behind young lady.

Hope those black clouds have disappeared and you're back to your normal bubbly self.

If not, go have a couple of gins. lol.

Chris H said...

I would LOVE to go rollerskating, I have tried for ages to buy some of the 'old fashioned' skate, but no bugger has them in this country! So frustrating.

Rachel said...

Love love love roller skating, haven't been since I went with Jo and Leenie.

Please send me your address details, I have so stuff to send you *mwah*

Lyn said...

hope ya weekend away was fun and that you've caught up on some sleep