Wednesday, 28 November 2007

So little time....

Wearing another one of Rachels tops today he he he snigger snigger.. feeling quite sexy.

Only 4 weeks to go till Xmas.. OMG does anyone else feel that the year has gone too fast.

Work is going to be bore bore boring today.. one of the creches Directors is away and so I haven't got their work to do grrrrr so that pisses me off... so the day is going to be slow. Think I might do some digital scrapbooking from work he he he... what is a girl to do huh.

Been a bit overwelmed in the last week... there are so many creative things I want to do and when I go to think about doing it I get interrupted by kids or mum and I just wanna be left alone to do it... I suppose that is what happens when you have a family.

I have so many great ideas for Xmas cards and Scrap pages but then I go to do them and I get this... OMG they are not good enough feeling and then all my creative juices just go away... it is the weirdest thing. I suppose it is because I am a Virgo and I am very much a perfectionist... and I think that goes in to the weight loss part of me too... that if I am not perfect then I tend to go on the back burner until my mind says you are doing well... hmmmm I know it makes sense in my mind but reading it... doesn't make sense he he he sigh.

Quinn's class is doing swimming lessons all this week so I have had to leave work early in the morning to take them to school by 8.30 instead of 9am because of their bus leaving for the pools early.. and OMG on the first day he left his swimming stuff on the floor of the garage.. I could have strangled him as I had to go back for it and was a couple of minutes late... teacher was not impressed grrrrr...

On the weightloss front... last week I got my monthly grrr so had a gain last week but I think I am back on track for going down in the scales.. won't be a big loss as I only just finished my monthly yesterday but still going down. I am still tracking and not always making the best choices but I am not doing too bad with keeping within my points so I am happy with that... and the tracking is the main thing aye because it makes you aware of what is going in the mouth.

I have cut down with my V's soooo much you wouldn't believe. I was having 1 a day and now I had first week with 1 in that week and the next week with 2 in the week after... and to be honest I am not enjoying them as much as I used to... so that is a bonus change for me. Saving me a lot of money too he he he.

Water isn't a problem like it used to be... I used to hate water with a passion but haven't minded it in the last three weeks so that is good too.

Been sooo busy with the kids and mums things lately... that I am started to feel like I am just a taxi for everyone...

Milo Soccer, Roller Skating dates, Swimming, Keas (scouts), Keas sleepover, Bingo for mum three nights a week... and not much time for me to do things without having someone there... sometimes I would just like a day that I don't have hubby, kids or mum around.. but I suppose that will never happen.

Corbin was given a form last week as he has had a music aptitude (spelling?) test done and that they want him to learn an instrument. Apparently only a couple of kids a year out of the school have the chance and they get tutors in (it costs the parents of course) $12.50 a half an hour OMG I know it doesn't sound like much but that adds up if they do it every week... but anyway he is allowed to either learn, drums, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, or flute.. now he said he wanted to learn the saxophone and if he can't then the flute... wellllll I put my foot down on the flute.

If you all don't know already I used to teach the flute and have played at the Tokyo Expo with my flute and travelled playing around NZ and Australia..... and one thing I know is that boys playing the flute get teased as if they were gay... yes I know there is nothing wrong with being gay but with red hair, glasses I am not going to add anything else that can make his life a living hell in intermediate or high school.... I said to him in a nice way that I would prefer if he went for the saxophone or clarinet or drums and that way we can play in a duet together as two flutes aren't as nice... so that has satisfied him at the moment...

So how cool that my son is following in my footsteps with music... it is such a treasure I just can't explain. Mind you his singing is fabulous too... so we might have a fight on our hands together trying to beat each other later on he he he he (we both love sing star).

Anyway I have rambled on enough today... feeling quite glad that I have weeded out my list now to people I know and trust... thank you.


I have been re-reading through my blog to get some inspiration because I don't want to fall in to not getting this weight off and I found the following link OMG it has made me really take a look at things aye.. I don't wanna go back to this. It just isn't something I want to let happen again.




Rachel said...

I want another photo of you wearing that blue top....please.

I know exactly what you mean about not getting 'quiet' time to do anything creative. I get so frustrated sometimes that I can't get a couple of hours to myself....such is life.

Hope your doing lots of digital scrapbooking at work...hehehehe

celtic_girl said...

Yep, I rememeber you posting that photo last year, by the way I used to read Brelle blog, do you know what happened to her??

Anne said...

Wghat a difference!!! When feeling like it's all a bit hard to do - I quite often take time to look back at how far I've come. Makes you realise that you are a success after all. Well done!!!!