Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Second post tonight Thanks Brelle

I was reading Brelle's post and thought OMG I must have a photo out there that I used to hate that I can keep to keep me going and I have found it! I look at this and think OMG I am not going back there I was SOOO Big and now I am not as big! Still have a long way to go but not that Big anymroe.

Thank's Brelle your post has made me think! You are an amazing person and I am going to be you one day! Be proud girl!

The picture above was taken Christmas 2004

The above picture was taken Christmas 2005

I am proud of myself looking at these!!! It has finally dawned on me that I succeeded this past year! Without me doing this for myself I wouldn't have done this.

It is not saying that all my cyber friends and gym friends and family haven't helped (because you all have) but without me perservering I wouldn't have come this far WOHOOOO. So once again thanks Brelle for making me go through my pictures.
Love CM


Kate said...

SHRINKING GIRL!!! Look at you!! Be proud!!

Paulene's Journal Journey said...

You should feel proud.
There's nothing like photo's to tell us what our inner critic doesn't want us to know ... we are suceeding at this battle!!!
Happy New Year

Cheers P

Karen said...

Wow - its the incredible shrinking CM!!! You have done so well hun and yes you should feel very proud indeed!
I am thinking that I might do just the same as you and Brelle - was thinking about it last night but ran out of time/energy.

Sue said...

What a fantastic difference! And it's not just the sexy hat...

Helena said...

You look 15 years younger mate. You already look like a fit healthy mum with a young family who thinks she is the coolest puttering around on their scooters! Good on ya, hold your head high! :)

Jodie said...

What an amazing difference. Photo's definately tell the truth and provide amazing motivation and support of their own. Well done - keep it up!! XX

fattyboombastic said...

The pictures tells it all! You look amazing CM! You look slimmer, trimmer and healthier! You go girl, keep it up!! :)

Madamx81 said...

WOW! Those photos are fantastic, you should be so proud - and you obviously you are. Congrats on all your efforts so far...keep it up!

CaramelKitKat said...

You bet you have succeeded!

Aren't you glad (now) that the first one was taken?? And it may just be that you were caught at a different time, but would the 2004 Chubby Mum have shown the amatures how scooting is done? Who really cares how long it takes to get to goal - it's just another number - as long as you're losing you're gaining. Look forward to 2006's xmas pic!

M said...

What a fantastic post. What great pictures. Not only does it show how much you have changed physically (and you have changed a LOT) but also in spirit. Would the girl last year got on a scooter and gone crazily down the road - NO. Would the girl last year have put on a crazy hat and had a fantastic time doing it - NO.

You should be so proud of yourself. Can't wait to have the Christmas 2006 photo to put alongside these.

Going to finish catching up with the rest of your posts now. But had to comment on this one on the way :D