Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Felt quite depressed all day

I felt quite depressed today.

Didn't get out of bed till midday.... all my friends were away on holiday and wanted to be there with them that is for sure.

Read my book and played on my laptop in bed this morning. Hubby looked after the boys as he is going back to work tomorrow and knew I probably needed the break he he he.

Went for a bike ride this afternoon for and hour and a half with the boys and thoroughly enjoyed it apart from the wind he he he.... what strange weather it is this holidays with the wind.

Getting a little anxious about weigh in next Tuesday and was having a big talk with hubby about it. I have been tracking for the last 10 days and keeping within my points and not using exercise points so really that isn't too bad but hmmmm ya just never know with my body aye. So it is 1 week today and I will find out how Xmas went. I had two blow out days (Xmas and boxing day) and decided that I wasn't going to worry about pointing on those days but got straight back into it after those 2 days.

Hubby is out mowing the lawns and the boys are out with their indian friend up the end of the street. It is quite nice that they have a little play mate to play with.

I think I might go over to Leanne's tomorrow as she said that we should pop around as they are always home. I miss doing that with my friends that moved to Wellington and Auckland and I need the company and it was nice being asked so I think I will take her up on it more often.

We get on really well and it is relaxing over there and she makes me feel so comfortable or like we have known each other for years anyway. Felt a bit lost over the holidays. It was really great to spend time with the family as I really enjoyed it but sometimes adult company is in order. One of my resolutions is to make more friends and spend time out doing things I wouldn't normally do so it will start with Leanne. She also said she was starting the gym at the end of January and we are both going to train this year for the Special K Triathalon in 2007 so that would be good. Her sister in law is one of my kickboxing teachers so she is being hounded to get back to the gym as well.

I have also started a little online support group with a couple of my old support group ladies that I was in at the start of 2005 but things happened and the others dwindled but we still kept going so we thought we would start fresh with a new name and try to post once a day. It is good as I really need the ongoing support and they have been there for me this year.

I will post again later on. ;-)

Love Chubbymum

How weird is that.... I got off from posting about Leanne here and she phoned to see how I was and if I had enjoyed the New Year's eve party. She also said that we could borrow their Playstation sing star while they were on holiday and was going to come around for a coffee tomorrow.... woohoo that sounds fantastic... need some adult company (other than hubby and my mother) so I am looking forward to that.. It was really nice that she thought to phone and see if we wanted the playstation.



Karen said...

Must be something in the air today hun as I am feeling a bit low too but will post more when I do my update a bit later on.
Your support group sounds interesting - would like to know more about that if poss...
Take care and will talk soon

Catherine said...

I'm also in an online support group which is fantastic. It's also how I learnt about blogging. Hope you're feeling better about life tomorrow.

Wenchy said...

Hi - I was just jumping around blog world and happened upon your blog.

I love Sing Star btw. :)

Sue said...

Try not to fret too much about your weigh-in. Sounds to me like you've been more disciplined than most of us for the last couple of weeks! If you have had a bit of a festive gain, you know that you can get it off again - you've done so well already.

Leighanne said...

Only two blowouts is good for this time of year, you have been doing heaps of bike riding so things should be fine:)
It sounds like you have made a nice new friend! I miss having close friends!