Friday, 20 January 2006

Not giving up!

I am not giving up but you knew that didn't ya.

I know that when you read that I have gained weight you start thinking... was she really tracking and exercising... I DID track and I DID do the exercise... and I think that is what is making me so mad at myself because I don't know why I wouldn't lose.

I do think maybe with this new points system it made me go up to 26 points and not 25 anymore so I am doing a little experiment this week and I am going to only go to 24 points and shock my system!

I had a really busy day today at work it was so busy! Boss was away today and it was a little less stressful but I did miss her too.

After work I picked up Kris and we went to the gym for a spa as we both needed to relax.

I had a phone call from my friend that moved to Hokitika tonight and we were on the phone for like an hour! It was a really funny conversation and I enjoyed chatting to her and OMG my life looks like a million dollars at the moment after talking to her and her BAD BAD week he he he. I wish I was closer to go over and give her a hug and we both laugh together but it is a long long drive he he.

I am so looking forward to my weekend with my family this weekend. We are going to do some bike riding and just enjoy time with each other. I am appreciating them more and more now that we are biking together. I am not too sure where we are going to bike tomorrow but as long as we have fun then that is the main thing. I was thinking that I might see how I can take my camera on the bike so that I can get some pictures. The camera is a little too big etc to take on a back back hmmmmm we shall see what I can do he he he.

I am going to finish reading the CSIRO Wellbeing book this weekend (I think that is what it is called but it is upstairs at the moment he he) and work out all about low GI and see whether that will help my slump.

Keeping my options open I think. Feeling a little more optimistic but still seething about the gain when I dont think I deserved it ho hum.

Anyway I am going now as it is after 10pm and I am really tired!

Love ya


Me said...

Well done on looking for other options for continuing this journey. Hang in there - we are all here to support you. Have a great weekend with your family and take care !
Lotsa hugs

Karen said...

Of course we knew you that you had exercised and had counted as you are so determined! Hang in there hun - we are all here for you 110%!!!
Enjoy the weekend and I hope you manage to get lots of biking in.


fattyboombastic said...

Hey girl, yup I knew you were going to continue what you are doing good at. I know you've been tracking and also exercising. Yes give ya body a shock and see what happens next week. Good on ya girl, keep it up with that kind of attitude :)

Tina said...

Good on you for looking at other options...maybe that's what you need to kick start your body again. You're doing so well CM...have a wonderful weekend!

fitcat said...

That's the spirit! It sounds like a good weekend planned. :)

Karen said...

Hope you had a good weekend hun with lots of bike rides etc...
Look forward to reading an update soon.

CaramelKitKat said...

I NEVER thought ill of you - I absolutely know you will do what it takes to ensure you get to goal. All you rbike riding is fantastic, even better is that it has become a family affair. Can't help but think you would look like a family of ducks, riding in size order!

Good on you for looking for options that suit you. From what I can gather, there are foods in no count that previously had points attached(?), so it makes sense that you could be eating more points. Do what makes you feel good.