Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Weigh in tonight

I will get it over and done with: Weigh in tonight I lost Wohooooo and a bloody good loss too. I am chuffed! To bits. I have been working hard this week and I think I am back to the flow of things.

Today was a good one. I went to my kickboxing class and it didn't feel as hard as it has in the past. Yes it was hot but I so enjoyed it today. I think I am getting used to it now and my body isn't feeling like it is heavy anymore. Also the time went really fast. Kris wasn't feeling too well today. I don't know if she thinks this but I think she is overdoing the exercise maybe. She was feeling a little dizzy in class but she rode her bike to the class as well. Maybe it was her body saying she was doing too much??? I hope she is feeling better now. The heat wouldn't be helping things that is for sure.

Came home and played some eye toy with my eldest son and some playstation as it was just too hot to be outside in the heat. It was an enjoyable morning and then my best friend from Wellington came over for a visit with her kids and other half. It was great to see them. I opened the door and she screamed at me OMG OMG my friend you look fantastic! She squeezed me around my waist twice and her other half (who doesn't say much usually) said "you are looking good girl" so that was a huge compliment. It was great seeing them again. I showed them our new eye toy and they got hooked and my friends partner is trying to convince her to get one woohooo that would be nice for them that is for sure.

I am so happy with my loss this week. I am hoping that I can do that next week as well but I am going to try but not push myself. I am on my way to losing this year and I am in a good mode and I have been happy about the fact that I am not saying what I am losing or how much I have lost. I am going to do this for about 6 months and then I will go back to posting. I just feel that I compete when I do it.. for my mind it has been working well for the past couple of weeks and might try it out for a while. I find that when I am competing (I AM) I do the opposite and start to gain and I don't want that. I want to change my mindset!!

I am feeling in a positive mode and I really enjoyed my meeting tonight. Our leaders were back from holiday and the last month hasn't been the same without them. The whole meeting was different and they are the type of ladies that care and really try and help. OMG there was soooo many people starting WW tonight. The group lost 36 kilos! and there were a lot of men. I know that it is going to be only for a month or two and then it will dwindle again as it did last year but it was good to see some males there tonight as well.

Anyway I am babbling now.

Have a good night
Love CM


Anne said...

Good one on the loss - you sound on top of the world at the mo:) Keep up the fantastic work!!! Also isn't great when you get comments/compliments from friends!

Brelle said...

Hey CM

Well Done...any loss is good but a large loss is even better :O)

Janene said...

Well done on your great loss - you've worked hard for it, and deserved it!

Karen said...

Awesome work hun! You so deserved this loss... and if you find this method working then by all means stick to it!!
Yay for compliements too!!!

Hippygal said...

Congrats on a great loss :):)

Cheers Jaxx

Jodie said...

Congrats on a fantastic loss! What you are doing is worthwhile and maybe those v's really were what was holding up the process! Well done! XX

fattyboombastic said...

Thats awesome stuff CM that you had a loss this week.. WOO HOO! Keep it up girl, you are doing great. You sound all bubbly about it! Wooo hoooo.. YOU GO GIRL!!

CaramelKitKat said...

Don't you just love being a loser??! Nice work!

Isn't it funny how much comments from guys mean? Not that we're trying to look good for them, but it's hardly something they are going to say for the hell of it.

Kate said...

Yay for being so positive and having such a great loss!! Well done!!