Friday, 6 January 2006

Parents day out

I must be in heaven these holidays....

I have gotten closer and closer to my husband over the last couple of weeks it has been fantastic. Hubby had the day off today and the boys were in the creche so we came home after dropping them off at the creche and had breakfast to wait for the weather to stop raining he he he and we sang singstar (what my friend Leanne loaned us for 2 weeks) it was so much fun that my mum was having a go too and we were up dancing around to the music... talk about sweating it out he he he.

At 11am the rain finally stopped and we went out for a bike ride. We went up our hill over to the flagstaff (where our gym is) and then up flagstaff to the walk bridge over to Pukete and then up the Pukete hill and then back down the main road down the river and up to the Pukete bridge and over to Chartwell from there. It took us 2 hours with 10 minutes on that for a drink at Chartwell... and then back home again OMG it was like being teenagers again we were chatting and laughing and OMG my legs are soooooo sore today. But not as sore as when I started off. We are going to be doing this more often together (without the kids and with).

Then guess what we did when we got back YES YOU GUESSED IT we sang singstar again he he he he and boogied on down he he he.

Then hubby went for a sleep and I went to my friends place to help her with making a birthday cake. It was fun to spend time there and we laughed so much I had a great afternoon with her.

Karen!!! Thanks for listening to me yesterday I needed a friend who would listen to my rambling. I appreciated your ears! You are a true friend.

I am laughing my head off at the moment Corbin is singing sing star and loving it. It is amazing how only being at school for a year and he is reading the words to sing the song's. My mum is singing with him. If I had a video camera now it would be fantastic.

Where has today gone!!!
Thought I would leave you with a photo of me and my family on bikes he he he he!!! My mother in law took the photo and I wish that she would have taken the whole bike instead of the handle bars up GEEESHH ;-)

One day I am going to be smaller than hubby... only 20 kilos to go he he he!!! It will happen.

Love ya all



a mummy losing it said...

You sounds so happy in this post, it's fabulous. The ride sounds excellent and check out your ticker - it's almost up to a year. Excellent work.

And thanks so much for you lovely comment on my blog

fitcat said...

Thtat is such a great photo of you and your three boys! And the one in the previous post of you at Christmas 05, you look AMAZING!

Wow, you have inspired me with all your exercise and stuff. :D

Karen said...

Love the pic hun... you all look so damn happy which is awesome to see!
And no thanks required as I am here for ya anytime at all... but I should thank you as well for listening to me! Will drop you an email later or over the weekend.
Take care

Tina said...

Congratulations on your weightloss so far...what an awesome effort! The difference between the 2 christmas' is unreal! I've put a link to your blog on mine - hope you don't mind! I'm looking forward to coming back and reading your updates! Have a fabulous weekend!

Catherine said...

What a great family photo on the bikes and what a fantastic job you've done in a year!

Slim Suzy said...

What a lovely family photo!

Sandra said...

Love the photo. With you all being by your bikes, you look like a fun, fit family. Coz that's what you are.

Good luck for the next 20kgs.

Helena said...

Wow you guys look so cool! It's my dream too to be lighter than hubby, only 10kgs away! WOOHOO

fattyboombastic said...

You guys look awesome standing there with your bikes.. *whispers to CM:I want one* :p You are sounding so positive about everything and its great that you and your husband are becoming a lot closer, it really helps when our men are there for us huh? Keep it up girl, you'll get there! Love FBB

autumnfairy said...

great to see a pic of you with your family on a bike ride. 20kgs to go, that day is not far away

Hippygal said...

Love the photo..... would love to get lower to than my man, but seeing as I don't have one at the moment,could be a bit hard LOL.

Have a great weekend


Brelle said...

Love the photo, what a great looking family :O) and the thing that really stands out is that you all look so very happy :O)

and you are teaching your children and healthy way of life :O)

Kate said...

Lovely family photo!

fattyboombastic said...

Thanks for the comment CM on my blog, still trying to get there lol.. I hope you and your family have an awesome wkend :) *hugs*