Friday, 13 January 2006

Thank you

Really busy day today at work!! Woohooo for me.

My Manager (who used to own the business but is now Managing it and the other owner isn't there anymore) and I got on really well today.

I was thinking about it tonight and it is fantastic that she is now talking to me more. Before it was like Directors and me the financial administrator and now it is like we are a team. I have been given so much more responsibility today at work it is amazing and she has confided in me more... it feels more relaxed for some reason. They were great people before but felt like it was them and me in a strange way. I have been given the budgets for our new centre and I am going to be looking after them (which is what I thought I was hired for but things were hard for them to delegate before I came to the conclusion).

I lost half of my job as it all goes up to the main centre in Auckland now and so I was so afraid that I was not going to have anything Financial left in my job description (which meant I would be looking for another job or I would get bored) So getting the buget stuff was fantastic today... but I must admit she is not a financial person she is totally inspirational in the Early Childhood teaching part but financial hmmmmm NOT he he he.

Anyway what I am trying to get to is that she left early today and phoned about 15 minutes before I was leaving and I picked up the phone....

and she said "Grumpy person here"
I said "Sorry?"
she said "I just thought I would phone and say sorry for being so Grumpy today and thanks for listening"
I said "If that was Grumpy then I can handle that wohoo"
she said "just thought I was a bit snappy today"
I said "no it was really good that we could chat and I really enjoyed today".

Isn't it funny how we perceive things sometimes that isn't there. It was nice to know that she could confide in me and she knew it goes no further.

The work she gave me today put me on such a high as I DO NOT like being bored not under ANY circumstances, it just makes my day sooooo slow.

I got another compliment today at work OMG OMG maybe I am wearing just the right clothes or something but I haven't lost it on the scales and it isn't like my clothes are falling off but the more compliments the more it encourages me and I miss that. I seem to be always bringing other people's spirits up in my life but nothing in return.

Thank you all for you comments in the last couple of days I appreciate it. It makes me keep going to know that you posted because you cared!! When I stop posting and I stop getting comments that is the time I feel like I am slumping and I don't lose.... isn't it funny how that works. I think that is why I am reading so many weight loss magazines and books that I can get my hand on at the moment.

I feel like I have been good with my eating today but I am still sore from the Kickboxing on Wednesday night... I really really really tried hard and I think maybe I overdid it he he he.

Good nightttttt
Love Chubbymum


fitcat said...

That sounds great about the job and the compliments too! I bet all that bikeriding has toned you up more than before which always makes a big difference in appearance. :D

Kate said...

Yep it looks like all your exercise is toning you up even if it hasn't shown up on the scales yet! Even though, it's not the main way we validate our efforts - it still is a fantastic thing and shows your progress. Be very proud of that!

autumnfairy said...

you're right, possessions do not matter but family and love and a sense of belonging do.

Felicity said...

hi there girl I know we live in differnet islands but this morning when i was biking I thought of u and it was liek u was there and we was chatting as we were riding oh wouldnt it be great.

M said...

Alrighty then CM. Next time you get bored at work I want you to start doing butt crunches. Yes I mean YOU. Squeeze tightly each side for 10 - then swap sides. Then do them one side at a time until you feel like your butt is going to fall off. Believe me you will find something else to do so you won't be bored LOL.

I have done this for a few days and other than actually enjoying it I am finding it is firming up my tail.. Whooo Hoooo. Gotta love that.

Hope you have a great weekend :D

Me said...

YAY for compliments - they definitely do help to keep you motivated !!!! Am so glad to hear that you are getting something challenging at work - there is NOTHING worse than being bored all day !
Have a great Sunday and keep up the great job that you are doing - you rock !!!

CaramelKitKat said...

It's nice when people surprise you, particularly given that alternative could have been very different. Your working environment is sooo important to overall happiness, so it's great that you're enjoying it.

Keep up the good work CM, it's clearly working!

Emily said...

Hi CM! It's great that you're getting on so well with your boss, and that you've been given some interesting, challenging work to do - its sooo important to your overall well-being to really enjoy what you do all day long!

Great to read too that you've been having so much great family time lately, and that you're getting enjoyment from the little pleasures in life.

Just one quick suggestion weight-wise, and I see that Jodie mentioned it the other day too, but I really encourage you to take your measurements and measure your progress that way, as it often tells a very different story to the Scales.

Sorry for the long comment, I hope you're having a nice weekend!

Anne said...

Great about the compliments. Doesn't it make you feel great!

Pleased to hear your job sounds like it will be more challenging.

fattyboombastic said...

Hey there CM.. How you doing sis? Just manage to get on the blogging system and check out everyone elses blog.

Good on ya that you have an awesome relationship with your co-workers. What a nice feeling being able to go to work and see people you enjoy talking too.. Thats awesome!

Enjoy the compliments, peopl are noticing it and it won't stop. It will help keep you on track, same thing has happened with me. Silly thing with me, I still get all shy about it.. lol

Keep it up girl, you are doing well.. You go girl!!