Saturday, 28 January 2006


I want to learn how to tap dance... is there anyone out there in blogger land in the Waikato want to go with me. There is a night course on but I don't think I can go by myself. I know what you are all going to say... go for it go do it by yourself. I can't! The first time at doing things like that I just can't do it...

Come on!!! Someone come with me! Good exercise and we can feel silly together he he he... and meet some new friends.

My day has been a relaxing one going and doing the groceries and then just relaxing at home... OMG was it a scorcher of a day here.... This afternoon the boys had the slip'n slide up and the pool and were having fun. I sat on the swing and read my magazine and then on the banana lounger and just watched them. By 5pm though I was soooo hot that I went upstairs (while hubby looked after them) and filled up the spa bath with cold water and relaxed it was soooo nice.. BLOODY cold but really nice.

Well it has been six day's without a V and my headache has gone woohoooo. I have beaten the V habit. After 6 years of drinking V I am not suprised I had a major headache for a couple of days.

The nice thing was.... I got home on Friday after work and Crusher from the gym phoned me (trainer I have been talking with about food etc) to find out how kicking the V habit was going and I said that I hadn't had any since talking to her. She said she was proud of me! I must admit I am proud of myself too. I did feel quite lethargic and with less zoom in me when I quit but I think I feel better for it now. Someone asked me if I tried the sugarless V and yes I had but wasn't impressed with the after taste so never had one again yukkkkky.

I think I am back on track now... I don't know how the weight loss is going to go this Tuesday but I am not going to fear about it anymore as it was getting me depressed and to tell the truth I am getting a little tired of always talking about it. I am actually happier not posting exactly how much I have lost or gained and just posting that I have lost or gained on here..... it has put me into some sort of ease that I know I am doing what is right for me and it shouldn't be a competing thing... in my mind that is. The fact that I have changed my lifestyle and I am now chosing the right foods and if I don't I know I am not going to fall off the wagon. Over Xmas I was worried that I would go off the wagon and do the wrong thing. I know that I didn't lose but I know in my mind that I didn't eat badly.... I just have to change my thoughts...... The scales didn't show all the work I had done but my hubby in the Xmas break looked at me and said "I am proud of you" I broke down and cried because he is a person that keeps a lot to himself and for him to say that made me so happy. I had been waiting a long time for him to actually say it to me.

I was in the tea room at work the other day and someone was eating a Pizza Hutt pizza and they looked at me and said "sorry".... it got me thinking maybe I talk too much about weight loss and points and WW and I don't want people thinking they can't eat their lunch in front of me or for them to fear what I am thinking of them. It is just not right!!! It has to be their decision what they do and most of the girls are skinny anyway and they do a lot of exercise.

Anyway.... it is time for me to go and spend time with hubby.

Love ya all


Karen said...

OMG I want to learn tap dancing too hun!!! What a bugger we don't live in the same town!!! I learnt it for a couple of years as a kid and I would love to get back into it!
Yay for breaking the "V" habit - I used to drink a couple bottles a day about 3 years ago so I know the feeling of going "cold turkey" but am so glad you have been able to do it hun!

Hippygal said...

I know what you mean about talking about nothing but weightloss - thats is why I am trying to re focus on my life and get balance, I hated the way I was becoming obsessed with weight loss. There must be some way we can still lose weight without obsessing about it .........

Thnaks for your support CM


Janene said...

Hi CM, just popping in to catch up with you - great to hear you've kicked the "V" habit. It must have been an expensive one! You could put that money away and use it to buy some new clothes when you've dropped some more weight :)

autumnfairy said...

great to hear you have kicked your V habit. i bet tap dancing would be great exercise and good for toning legs too. i hope you find someone to go with.

Brelle said...

WOOHOO you go girl...tap dancing sounds like fun.

I have always wanted to go line dancing ;O)

If you can't find anyone to go with ...I hope you still decide to give it a try :O)

Leighanne said...

You may find some new friends tap dancing too!
Glad to hear you have kicked the V habit:)