Monday, 16 January 2006

Weekend!!! Where to start

Weekend without the boys and it went so fast and I don't feel like it was long enough or that we achieved all that we wanted to.

Took the boys to their granddads place and five minutes later they were all off. So we came back home but on the way did some shopping at a couple of the country shops on the way home. It was just good to spend time with each other and not have to worry. In the afternoon we spent time over at hubby's mothers place (joy of joys) as a cousin of his was up for a couple of days. It was fun chatting and talking about things. Came home had dinner and then hubby and I went on a long bike ride 9km that evening. It was cooler and we just went around all the little tiny streets looking at the gardens and houses and seeing if there was anything out there that we could try on our garden in the back yard.

Was a little bit of a nightmare time wise and we still didn't achieve much... but we did the grocery shopping. Sold a couple of big things of the baby things of ours woohooooo money money money and got them out of the garage. After the groceries we got the dinner ready for when a friend came over. We did a big huge ham with lots of salad things and watermelon and strawberries for dessert. We had so much fun and in the end did singstar and my friends kids started at 7pm and then at 7.45 her hubby took the kids home and we got into the singstar again... it was so much fun we laughed and sang so much that both of us were losing our voices by 12pm he he he he he I can't believe she was there until then. I took her home and she started crying when I left as I won't see her for a year as she is going away with her family. I am going to miss her! I enjoy going and spending time with her and Sunday night made me realise that we do have so much fun together... I am glad I met her that is for sure, when I left she was crying and I was trying not to because I know we are going to keep in touch and see each other again but I will miss her! But she isn't going forever.

Today hmmmm. Got up this morning at 9am (it was fantastic not having to get up for kids) and then I got a shower (hmmm no kids again all relaxing) and got dressed to go into my old job and see everyone.

Well I walked in an there were gasps and they kept saying how great I was looking (I hadn't seen them since September 2005) and they were all talk talk talk about how fantastic I was looking. OMG it was a weird feeling and like it at the start but then felt weird like I was skyting or something.... weird. I was wearing my jeans and a black top and felt like a million dollars when I was going to morning tea with them. It was fantastic to hear the great compliments and it was great to catch up with everyone too but still weird.

I am going to do the kickboxing class tonight since I missed it this morning. I am not going to do this every week but it suited my schedule today. This year I am going to do my exercise but I am also going to have a life too ya know. After reading the WW books I am changing my habits... I am doing what it says and "Realise that you have needs, Learn to say No, Bin the Guilt, Consider what you want to do"... so this year I am going to do that. I am going to Learn to say No and I am going to do what I want to do and if I don't want to change my schedule then I won't but I am going to do things to benefit me and for me only.... I have to learn to be a little selfish I think he he he. It felt really good not having to rush today. I sometimes feel going to the gym in the morning that my hole day is rushed from the gym right till I go to bed and I haven't sat down and smelled the roses.

So I will update to tell ya how the class went today..... Chubbymum
Well I had all intentions to go to the gym tonight but my friend that we went over to her place on New Year's Eve came over unexpectantly and we ended up chatting and there wasn't enough time to get to my class but that is ok as soon as she left hubby and I went for a 8.7 km bike ride in 40 minutes woohoooo I felt exhilerated afterwards as there was a beautiful sunset and it is a fantastic special time with hubby. I enjoyed riding my bike with him tonight.

Anyway that is my update.


A Girl Running said...

It must be brilliant to not see people for ages and then have them gush over how gorgeous you are...I have to get me some of that....

Emily said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! And yay for compliments, makes you feel so good about all the hard work you have done.

Linda did a post the other day about saying No and putting herself first - check out her blog if you haven't already :-)

Karen said...

Yay for compliments hun! Sounds like you had a great weekend.

Tina said...

Sounds like a great weekend...YAY for the compliments!

Sue said...

It's such a treat to be kid-free for a while!

Janene said...

Heya CM, sorry for not commenting for ages, I'm just doing the rounds and catching up on everyone's journals. I'm sure someone has said this already, but it sounds like it's time to check your measurements, what with all the compliments you've been getting, and all the exercise you've been doing, the cm's must have been shrinking - even if the scales are moving slowly. You are going great guns, and even if you're not that happy with your progress, at least you are out there enjoying your life and doing things that you wouldn't have done a year ago. Go you!!!

Jodie said...

Hi there CM, Have you don't something to your blog. All the writing is difficult to see at the moment. Anyway, I just hi-lighted all the text and I could read it! Well done on getting the bike ride in when the gym visit fell through. It shows a real change in your attitude towards this entire experience! XX