Thursday, 12 January 2006

Second day of work for me and I am bored!!! OMG Bored! Because we have changed hands with owners there are new software and new computers and they are not up and running for 2 more weeks and no eftpos either and it is driving me insane. I was forever trying to find something to do...

I went to my kickboxing class last night and thoroughly enjoyed it!!! I met some new people there and they asked what the class was like at the start of the class and I said it was fun and not as hard as you might think but OMG it was so HARD she was out for us tonight he he he and I worked so damn hard and sweated so much that my whole head of hair was wet and my back too OMG my back was sweating he he he. I am wearing the same T-Shirt that I wore last year while doing the kickboxing and I looked in the mirror and felt frumpy in it last night... it was too big woohoooooo it was great!

I was so sore this morning with my arms and legs and a little stiff in my neck as well but it was worth all the exercise that is for sure.

I am been thinking tonight about possesions and how sometimes we strive to get all the things in life and toys but after the time I spent with my family in the last couple of weeks the things didn't make a difference.

Camping in the back yard with them and roasting marshmellows on the fire and riding bikes with them... having all the toys in the world means nothing!! It is only money isn't it! Corbin and I have been spending more time with each other like biking up to the Library and reading and just having fun. And Quinn and I biking and roasting the marshmellows... it has been great. I have enjoyed these holidays with them.

I got a compliment today at work from a younger girl (little bit big too) she said "OMG you have had a great holiday haven't you!!" I looked at her and said "why? I haven't told you what I have done" she said "you have lost weight and you are looking so happy" OMG it blew me away. I haven't lost that much over the holidays (I thought) that anyone would notice but she is the sort of person that doesn't give a compliment often THAT IS FOR SURE and for her to say that put me on a high for the rest of the day.... I was walking taller he he he

I have no kids this weekend Wohooo they are going with their granddad camping (I will miss them terribly) but hubby and I are going to do some things together and bike riding is one of them..... A marathon ride is in the plan and I will calculate the km's and when finished will tell you how much. We are going to spend the time together and do things that we can't or can't manage to do when we have the kids.... like sleep in and read books hmmmmm read booookkkkks.

Anyway it is getting late and I am off to bed.

Love Chubbymum


a mummy losing it said...

So nice that you enjoyd your time off so much - that others can see it in your face, wow - but also nice to have a weekend with just you and dh. We're planning a weekend get away in a few months. Hard with kids, but so important to have time alone, together.

Hope work picks up soon being bored makes the clock go so slow...

Sue said...

It warms my heart to hear how much you enjoy your time with your family. It is the time and the interaction that's important, not how much money we spend on them.
Great compliment at work!

Jodie said...

Compliments are always welcome! They keep you so motivated! Well done and also great workout! Your entire attitude is amazing. XX

CaramelKitKat said...

What a lovely complement and justified I am sure. File it away so you can trot it out when it all gets a bit hard.

Hope you make the most of your weekend, enjoy!

Tina said...

Read booookkkkkks! Is that what IT is called now...LOL Or is that just me with my mind in the gutter...LOL
It's wonderful to receive compliments...especially from the people you'd think would be the last ones to do it! Have a great weekend CM!