Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Exercise Machine am I

Hey everyone.

What a full on day it has been today.

Phoned Kris at 8.30 this morning and she picked up the phone (she has caller ID) and said "and what the bloody time do you call this?" he he he I said "you have bloody kids I know you wouldn't be asleep" he he we laughed. After a long chat we decided that we would bike ride to the gym. I rode 2km to get her from her place and we went to the gym and did an hour of Total Tone (which was harder than the kickboxing class the other week) We had our trainer do it with us today as we were supposed to have a one on one but thought it would be better to do the cardio class so we could get the benefit of her today.... and I found we worked harder today and sweated more and laughed so much. The music was fantastic I was singing so loud with all the songs he he he he. I do enjoy the Tuesday morning classes.

After the Total Tone class we rode our bikes home he he he.... so my total kilometres were 7.4 woohoooo for this exercise machine.

We had a chat on the way back and decided to take the kids to the lake park and have a picnic. It was a load of fun because all our kids seem to get on really well and they enjoyed it for a while but started to get bored. I will attach some photos at the end here. He he Kris and I decided to get on the swings and have my son take some photos. Now I know I have lost weight this year but I felt like a big whale sitting on the swing and I cannot CANNOT believe that I am putting this photo up here he he he he.

We went to go and get some iceblocks at the Lake shop and then while we were waiting the girl said "I am having my Tea break" and just took off. I was disgusted as she left about 10 of us standing there. So I said to Kris I am not staying and waiting and so we went to a dairy and got some iceblocks from there instead. What a nerve that woman had!!!

As you can see Quinn was laughing a lot while we were at the park he he he

Corbin and Kris's daughter were playing with the frisbee

Yep here we are Kris and I.... both of us thinking TAKE THE DAMN PHOTO he he he he



fattyboombastic said...

Hey there CM, looks like you all had a great day out with the kids. I love the pics, you look happy and the kids look happy - thats the way to go!! Good on ya with the exercise, you definitely rock!! Keep it up sis, you're doing fantabulous :) *hugs*

M said...

That is such a nice photo of you and Kris. One for the record books I think.

And Corbin is so cute!

What a great way to spend a day :D Hope you have another great one tomorrow

Sue said...

I love all these photos - what a happy bunch you are!