Monday, 23 January 2006

Not feeling well

I am feeling like really bad at the moment.

I am not too sure if I am coming down with the flu or something else.

But felt really bad all day and really down in the dumps.

This morning went to the gym and did 20 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes on the treadmill then I had to come home because I was not right... just didn't feel right.

Had a long chat to Crusher(trainer) about my food (as I had to bring in my tracking for the last 4 days) and have a couple of goals to achieve and my first is no more V's (which I have tried before but not really succeeded with it maybe cause I didn't want to) but I have not had one today!!! and that isn't why I am feeling bad either.

My youngest son has been looking after me today as he can tell I am not feeling to good. Took the boys out to see their dad today too for lunch. It was nice sitting in the park having lunch and the boys playing.

Cheer me up someone!!!!

I have started a new part of my blog.... check it out here!

I have been doing my computer scrapbook pages lately and it has made me feel like I am on top of the world again. I am going to research digital photography classes here and go to some. I was thinking maybe I might go to the photo society and join that too. I really want to do meet some more people and to try something different than the same old same of exercise, food and family. I will still do that but there is more to life and I am concentrating so much on the exercise and food (and it is not working for me at the moment) that I have to get out of this rut and try something different for a while.

Anyway going now. Might go to bed.

Love Chubbymum


Sue said...

Look after yourself, dear. Pity you're not a Wellingtonian - we got the day off today!

Karen said...

Hope you are feeling better real soon hun! Take care and look after yourself!
Love the scrap booking page too - you are so so clever!

autumnfairy said...

hey we are all entitled to some "off" time. just remember where you used to be, weight and fitness ways and where you are now. have a think and choose where you would prefer to be. bet the decision wasn't hard and didn't take too long, have a good day :)

weightylady said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Sorry you have to give up V. I love that stuff. We don't have it here, but I know I would drink it all the time.

I love your scrapbooking page. You did a lovely job.

Take care.

fattyboombastic said...

Hey CM! *hugs* Sorry to hear that you are not feeling too well, perhaps you need to give yourself some time off. I hope you get well sis and don't go too hard on yourself :)

M said...

The scrapbooking pages are AMAZING. You are very clever. But that is why you have your own wedding invite business now isn't it. How is that going?

And you can't give up on ww, weight loss, or exercise. That is just crazy talk. Now if you can just work out how you can scrapbook and exercise at the same time - you will make millions LOL.

Have a great day CM :D

Jodie said...

I'm so glad that your trainer is able to find some things in your tracker which may not be totally ideal for weight loss. Amazing how a new set of eyes can really see things differently! XX

Tina said...

Hi CM, sorry to hear you're not feeling the best,...hope you fell better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey hi,

been re reading your journal again in the last 7 weeks, and with all your ups and downs you still manage to never quit, I am proup of what you have achieved and the effort you are putting in, keep it up