Monday, 30 January 2006

Feels like a Sunday

Today has been quite a relaxing day. We didn't do much at all except for play for eye toy and we went for a bike ride to Corbin's school as he wanted to play on the playground... but needless to say they were soooo hot that we came straight back home as the poor little buggers were sweating so much and their water was really warm that they took.

What a scorcher of a day!

I HATE SUMMER WITH A PASSION. I love Autumn and Winter and Spring. If I could I would spend Winter in New Zealand and then go on the other side of the world and have another winter. I loath Summer... being sticky and sweaty and constantly feeling grumpy.

We put up the paddling pool in the back yard and all of us went for a nice paddle in the cold water this afternoon. It was fantastic to cool down but it took some time to actually get in the pool because it was BLOODY cold he he he

We had a surpremo salad for lunch with everything you can think of in it... We also sat outside eating cold watermelon.... and the golfers going past looked jealous he he he.

The boys are playing playstation at the moment. I cannot say I like the playstation games that much but I do LOVE the eye toy games like eye toy 3 and Kinestic.... I feel when they are playing with the controls that it could be quite addictive so I am giving them a half an hour then they are going to go and play or read for a while as they are not going to get hooked. It is a good time for me to update my blog though he he.

I must admit I am missing my friend Tania since she moved to Hokitika.... I miss chatting and just being able to go over her place without phoning and spending time with her. I cannot say that we did much but just hang out but it just felt right ya know. I am spending more time with my boys since she has gone but I am feeling the strain of not having her around lately.

I might give her a phone call tonight and see how she is doing. ;-(

I had a phone call from a lady that takes her children to a creche I go to asking if I would make some thank you cards and she will pay me for them. Also she was asking if I could do her daughters birthday invitations and she would pay me for them. I was so chuffed so I am going to sit down at the table tonight and get them over and done with. I haven't been wanting to do much of my creative things lately as it has been too hot.

Tell you what there are some sick golfers out there today. Scorching weather and they are wearing the hottest clothes and drinking beer.... just doesn't seem sane to me that is for sure.

Anyway it is my weigh in tomorrow night and I am a little worried but I think I have been good. I haven't tracked this weekend but hey I have enjoyed myself. I have been off the V for 7 days now Wohoooo so that might make a little difference.

Ok have a good night

Love CM


Felicity said...

this heat is a killer and exhausting.

Karen said...

I so hear you about the heat hun! I don't mind summer in general but this heat and humidity is ridiculous!!!
I know what you are saying about friends moving... my bestest friend moved to Invercargill in 2002 and I miss her so much and I really miss seeing the boys growing up. And now she has had number 3 and I so want to go see her!!!

autumnfairy said...

I hate australian summers especially this one it has been revolting and hot. i love cooler weather and especially windy weather it makes me feel so refreshed

fattyboombastic said...

Hey CM, yup its hot here in Auckland *arghhh.. Can't wait for the cooler weather to head this way. Awwww sorry to hear about your friend moving. I hope you get to see your friend soon :)

Good luck on ya weigh in tonight, I hope everything goes well for you :) *fingers crossed*

M said...

Whilst summer is generally not my favourite I don't seem to hate it quite as much as I did last year. Just think, next year you may not hate it quite as much either.

You are so creative CM - I love making invitations and cards and stuff too. Always a good way to give the brain a workout. Oh and everytime I read about you and Kris having such a great time on the eye-toy I get a little green. It is on my list so soon, my pretty, one shall be mine LOL.

Hope you have a great day :D

fitcat said...

Oh CM, I just read your post from yesterday. That is so scary! Lots and lots of hugs and I hope you're feeling fully recovered from the event now and little Quinn too.

Well done on keeping off the V! My father has an addiction to Pepsi Max and I know how hard it is for him to try and break off that stuff, I imagine it is much the same with V.

That's hard about your missing your friend too. Ringing her sounds like a good idea.

And finally, I sometimes feel like I am the only person in blogland who genuinely adores summer!! I love the heat and I even love the humidity. *shrugs* To each their own I suppose. :)