Monday, 9 January 2006

Upset and Angry

Upset today because we went to take my bike in to get the tire looked at as they are leaking from the valve and have to pump it up every night.

We were sent here from the place we brought our bikes from and the young guy fixed it really quickly but when I walked in there was a guy there (probably in his late 30's) and he looked at me when I walked in as if to say "what the hell are you doing here with raised eyebrows etc" I gave him the worst look and pursed my lips and put my eyebrows up because he made me feel soooo small you wouldn't believe. I really hated that and was soooo angry inside my tummy.

I know I am a big person but it does not mean that I cannot get out there and get some exercise to get the weight off. I wanted to do a voodoo ritual on the guy that is for sure. Then we went to buy something else for the bike and my husband was standing at the counter and the guy ignored us.... I looked at him and said "do you mind" he said "oh sorry" GRRRRR arsehole. It was the worst customer service I have had in my whole entire life. What a rude ARSEHOLE. I know it doesn't sound like much but the look was what got me and my hubby.

It is people like that that make me wonder if there are other people out there disgusted with the way I look. My husband as we were walking out the door said in a loud voice "it is the last time we will come here the guy behind the counter was rude and the customer service sucked" but he added that the young guy was nice. I am sure they heard that is for sure.

So CYCLE TIME SUCKS big time with customer service... I am one of those people that believes in customer service and if it sucks then I will tell 10 people and they will tell 10 people and so they get a bad reputation. So I will not buy anything from them and I will tell everyone I know not to as well.... woohooo for the internet.

Other than that I am feeling quite positive. I didn't go to the gym today but Tania phoned about 10 minutes ago and we are going to bike over there to visit her. I am going to miss her when she goes to Hokitika for a year. I spend afternoons there chatting and it is great. Hopefully this year with Corbin's class I can meet someone and do some things as I am getting a little bored and wanting to get out and about. I miss my friend from Wellington and wished that she was up here..... it is really hard to find someone that you like spending time with and I get so bored!!!

So hopefully this afternoon doesn't rain...

Will update later as it is only 1.20pm..

Love CM


I have been thinking this afternoon and maybe I was a little bit oversensitive when I went in to the bike shop. Hubby doesn't seem to think so as was there too and I cannot really blame cycletime for one guy and maybe he was having a bad day. BUT I did feel really uncomfortable that is for sure.

Anyway Tina has made me realise today how much I have been missing doing my digital scrapbooking so here is a page I did today. Just a quickie but I am going through my photos month by month and doing some pages wohoooooo. ..... had a bit of trouble uploading but it is now below this post woohoo.


M said...

Hey there CM. Happy New Year to you and all your cycle mad, sporty, fantastic family. LOL.

It sure does sound like you are becoming addicted. And that is fantastic. I would not be worried about your weigh in. With the rate you are going you will probably have lost an entire spare tire. And not a bike one either ;D

Hope you have a fantastic day

Hippygal said...

Don't worry about the negative looks, for every negative arsehole out there, there is 1000 positive people.

Focus on them Jaxx

Anonymous said...

that's unusual for Cycle Time. They usually have great service and encourage people about their cycling no matter what size they are. I would have a talk to Dave Spring the manager and tell him what happened he would appreciate your comments. Also you should come along to "cyclegirls" we meet every saturday at 2pm at Cycletime check out the website All women, all shapes and sizes are welcome

fattyboombastic said...

Hi there CM, sorry to hear about your mishap at Cycle Time. I know exactly what you mean about that sort of customer service, this is why I hide a lot behind hubby when things happen like this because big people are some times made to feel small. Good on ya for sticking up for yourself, I would have done the same. I hope you enjoy the rest of today. Look forward to hearing how you are going to do with your weigh in tomorrow. *hugs* Sorry to hear about your friends being so far.. at least you have your blog mates here :)

Tina said...

Hey CM, I don't think you over reacted...I would have done the same. I get annoyed with people thinking they can comment and look at you with no regard. Gosh, I can't think how many times I've wanted to say, "hey at least I can lose weight, but you'll still be an asshole"...LOL
Chin up darl, don't let it get you down.

Great scrapbook page! Love how you've blended the photos in.

Helena said...

Awwwwwww how disappointing for you :( ... DONT LET IT PUT YOU OFF - you are doing absolutely fantastically and you know it and you love it - so just keep focussing on you and dont let one small minded person put you off *hugs* :)

Karen said...

You are doing fantastic hun! Don't let one persons comments put you off! You love it so just keep on cycling hun!

Felicity said...

Hi CM sorry u had to experience this lack of service at cylce shop it leaves asick feeling in the pit of stomach doesn't it. I have it happen to me a lot, I say I have my invisable clothes on so they can't see me...serve people all around me but ignore me totally in bars at shop counters in alsorts of places u wait till the day i blow the one who gets it won't know what hit him hehehehhe and hey if anything comes of comment 3 maybe be it will turn into be a positive thing after all, but still think the chap that 'served' u should be spoken to

Sue said...

I love it when I see big people exercising - because at least they're doing something!

Anne said...

What lousy service! I don't think that you are being over sensitive - people like that make me so mad!! Just caught up on your blog after bring away - great stuff with the bike, you sound as if you relly love it - that's great! Also love the scrap book page - you are so talented!

Jodie said...

There is definately nothing worse than bad customer service and for me first impressions last! I would definately be trying to find an alternative to buy any future equipment. Take care and keep on happy cycling!! XX