Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Small post tonight

I was going to give up on posting and ww and the gym today!

Yes you guessed it I gained!! OMG what on earth am I doing wrong. I am doing the exercise! I am tracking yet I gained hmmmmmm depressed is what I am feeling.

I biked to Kris's place today because she was having a bad day too and played Kinetics (what a fantastic game) and biked home and got dressed for the gym and then biked with Kris to the gym and back and did a Kick boxing class at the gym (8.3 kilometres I have biked today).

I talked to my gym trainer and she is going to look at my food intake and times of the day I am eating it and going to suggest some things for me. I have also decided to stop the Personal training for 6 weeks. I asked about their L.E.A.N course at the gym. For $89 you go through this course for 6 weeks to learn about Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrician and it was really good to talk to the trainer about the things they do on the course and it sounds really good. You actually do exercise and sort out what is best for your individual lifestyle etc. I am going to try it. Talked to hubby and he agrees he doesn't understand what I am doing wrong and maybe this will be the kick start for this year that I need and some more support re my food as my family sees what I am doing and needed someone to talk to about it that would listen and help.

Anyway little bit sore from the exercise and angry still about the weight gain.... so I am going to bed.

Chubbymum :-(


fitcat said...

Those park photos were great - you look so happy! That really sucks about the weigh in and the anger, yeah I'd be angry too with the amount of exercise you have been doing. The LEAN course sounds good though, as does having the PT having a look at what you're eating. Maybe there's something going with food that you aren't even noticing..

Hope you have a great rest of the week. :)

CaramelKitKat said...

The program sounds great - and even if you only learn a few things, it will be a great refresher, maybe just what you need?

There's always the old "muscle weighs more than fat" chestnut, and while it might be true, no one wants to hear it. Again.

Fingies crossed for a good loss next week.

Karen said...

Bugger about the gain hun... but always remember how far you have come so far! You can do this! Yes the LEAN programme sounds like a brilliant idea :)
Take care and stay strong

Sue said...

What a bugger about the gain - but please, please keep at it. I know with all your hard work you'll see the results soon. You asked about my tracker in a comment on my blog. I haven't got a recent one, but here's the link to a post I did in the middle of last year about what I eat. Hope it helps!

Suze said...

Gains do suck don't they especially when you have put in the effort. Stick with it because you will see rewards - your body will catch up with you. For the last 3 weeks I have been exercising more and different types and tracking well - week one I stayed the same, week 2 I gained 900gms but this week I lost 2.4 kg. Sometimes our body is slow on the uptake. Stick with it - you will soon reap the benefits.

Brelle said...

Hey CM

Keep your chin up.....the weight has to come off with all the exercise your doing.

Just think how good your feeling because of all the exercise. Keep a close eye on your food intake and I am sure the numbers will start coming down again :O)

A Girl Running said...

I am sorry about the weight gain, could it be the exercise though. My husband started running a few weeks ago and he has gained weight since then???

I love the butt shot from the park - very funny!

Hope the PT has some good advice

weightylady said...

I;ve been lurking for a few weeks. You have been inspiring to me. Given me motivation! You have been working out so hard, don't give up! I love the pics with you on the scooter and having fun at the park! The LEAN course sounds good. I hope you have a great day!!

Tina said...

The course sounds interesting.,..may be just what you need! Bummer about the gain...but it's just a small bump in the road CM....and I can understand the anger especially if you've been doing everything right! Hope there's a big loss for you next week hun!

fattyboombastic said...

Hi there CM, sorry to hear about your gain this wk. Yes I had the same as you, a little gain but I'm done with beating myself up lol.. Done that too many times last year lol.. Girl its ok, we can start again this wk and monitor what is making us gain. Keep at it. Yes my personal trainer told me today about the L E A N programme and asked if I wanted to put PT on hold while I do the LEAN programme but I'll think about it first. Its ok sis, you'll get there, just don't give up *hugs*