Monday, 2 January 2006

I sound like a broken record.

Well I sound like a broken record but OMG I am enjoying these bike rides.

I have been on two bike rides before 2pm today already wohooooo. I have been tracking and I have been doing the exercise and trying to keep active and if I don't lose weight I am going to wonder why next Tuesday but if I don't I know I am happy with myself and that I have been tracking but I wouldn't say I have been totally to points but 1 or 2 over but then again I have exercise points too so I haven't really counted them.

Went this morning at 10am with the boys for a bike ride and we got a little lost as we were trying to find the new walkway to a new subdivision but couldn't find our way he he he he but tomorrow we are going to go again and try and find it. Came home and put down the christmas decorations in the boys room and ours and through the house and then he he he he..........

I wanted a V but decided if I was going to indulge in a V then I had to go and get it on foot or on my bike... so got Corbin and we went for a fast ride to the shops (wind against us again GEESH he he) and the indian guy in the shop was smiling when I walked in with my helmet on and when I got the V's he said do you want a bag with that (nicely) I said I am with my son and he brought his back pack.... he said "nice day for a bike ride with the family" it felt nice as he wasn't being rude because I was a big person but sort of felt like he was encouraging me it was nice.

This afternoon we took down the tent and it left the grass all white in the patch it looks so funny and we also moved the lounge around a little so the tv and the stereo are all together and hooked up the the surround sound it feels nice and homely now.

So I am pretty much buggered.... mum came out of her room and said that we could go and have a sleep if we want but it is 3pm and if I do I want be able to sleep later on. I said tomorrow would be good for us to catch up on our sleep if she wants to look after the boys then that would be better.

I have to say Thank you to all of my wonderful friends that have posted such wonderful comments it is really really keeping me going. I have made so many friends on here I am totally in awe at how much your comments keep me going. Thank you!!! I really need them to keep me on this and motivated and I will try my hardest to motivate you and read your blogs as well.

Anyway I am going to come back on later on he he he just thought I would update while I have some time away from the kids.

Love Chubbymum


A Girl Running said...

Isn't blogging great for "meeting" people and getting support.

I wish I had a bike, sounds like you have a great time.

I wish I could say I have been as good as you. I think I am finding Nocount a wee bit harder than I expected.

By the way, I love the name Corbin, it's just gorgeous. I have never heard it before...where is it from?

Catherine said...

I am very new to the world of blogging (just started today!) but have been reading yours, among many others, for a few months. I have a new bike too but it hurts my back each time I ride into the wind!!

Kate said...

Happy new year hun!! Hope 2006 is magical for you, and I'm so glad you are enjoying your bike rides so much - it's fantastic!! Not just for you, but for your kids and family - yay!!

Ang said...

Well done with the biking! Sounds like great fun as well! :) A

Leighanne said...

You are really loving that bike!!!
I havn't put our chrissie deco's away yet - arent I

Karen said...

Yay for biking hun! Once I get the new ladies gel seat I am sure I will be off on it just like you and Helena are! I haven't been back on mine for 3 days now and my tushi is only just recovering! LMAO!!!
I love your positive posts - you are so rocking!!!
Take care xxx

Sue said...

You're the biking queen!

fattyboombastic said...

Hi CM, every time I come in here you're talking about bike riding and so I'm deciding right now if I should buy a new one or a 2nd hand one.. lol I went the other day to the red shed and saw they had some new dunlop bikes for ladies.. the prices *arghhh* $299.95.. perhaps I'll settle for a 2nd hand.. lol Good on ya for riding heaps! Sooo nice of that indian man at the shop to pass a friend comment like that, nice to know people care huh? Keep it up CM, you are doing so well!! :)