Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Can't stop laughing my head off

Ok... I will start with I have a splitting headache (had it all day from no V ho hum he he).

But today has been the most agrevating but the most funny as well.

Went to work today and it was another boring crappy day.... boss was in a mood and took it out on one of the companies on the phone in the end she said "I don't understand your computer speak" and the lady on the other end was saying "you are making things worse than they are" but the boss was right but was sick and tired of them not listening... well they listened to me and it seems to be getting sorted now I had a calm talk to the person on the other end. Wanted to slap my boss for getting upset over something so trivial and she needs to chill out.


Got home from work and the cat was all lethargic and wanting to get on my chest to cuddle (which isn't that weird usually) but he just seemed sad. Well he had an absess on his head so I took him to the vet and $87 later OUCH... but apparently he had a fever above normal for a cat so it was good that we took him in and now he is on antibiotics too poor wee kitty....

After that hubby and I went out and brought eye toy and playstation 2 and kinetic (which I have heard Kris speak about so much he he) and Eye toy groove and eye toy play 3 and we have been laughing since 6pm for 2 hours... The boys are going to be their bed now.... such sweaty little monkeys and my mother has been laughing non stop too.

We decided not to get the singstar as these games would be better as you stand in front of the tv waving your arms around to it. The Eye Toy Groove we had the most fun with as it is a dancing one and I was shaking my little bootie. You put your weight in and it tells you at the end hour many calories you burnt and in a 2 minute dance routine I burnt 78 calories he he he soooo much fun.

There is an embarrasing little part at the end where it shows you what you were dancing like he he he and now hubby is putting the boys in bed it is repeating me dancing..... oh my god my tummy was wobbling everywhere but then again it doesn't make me look as big as I thought I looked that is for sure.

The kitty has been hiding from us ever since we got home but has just come to say hello.

Kris and I were supposed to be going to kickboxing tonight but I think I am doing enough exercise here he he he but the headache is still there. I can't wait till I have been off the V for a while so I don't get them.

Anyway I am going to go and do Kinetics now byyyyeee

Love Chubbymum


Karen said...

Wow that eye toy game sounds like so much fun... I think that must be the game that my neices and nephew in Aussie got for Christmas and they just rave about it! All to do with co-ordination if I recall correctly...
Hope your headache goes away soon...

weightylady said...

That Eye toy game sounds awesome!! I never heard of it before!

I hope the headaches go away soon. You are doing a great job staying off the V!

good job on the loss!
Have a great day!

Kate said...

Sounds like fun!!

Helena said...

you are so cool! *hugs*