Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Absolutly Positively Buggered

OMG OMG I am so sore that I am not sure how I am writing in this tonight. I have just managed to sit down now at 6pm. ARGHHHHHHH

Got up this morning and by 8am I had biked to Kris's place up the hill and down and got her on her bike he he he he blaming me from the start he he he and we rode our bikes the long way to the gym (with the wind coming straight at us) OMG that wind was atrocious that is for sure. The trees were swaying and trying to bike was soooo hard my thighs were screaming he he he.

Got to the gym and did an hour of weights on arms and legs. Kris and I practiced our kick boxing punches ARGHHHHH and then headed our way back home up the walkway bridge and up the hills and finally back to my place OMG I was huffing and puffing like you wouldn't believe.

I got showered and the kids got a bath and then it was off to my friend Rebecca's mothers house as she is down from Auckland visiting her parents. She has 3 kids and when we got there we had some little muffins and then went on a bush walk along the river (that I haven't seen before and looks new). Went all the way to a little beachy part of the river and the kids played in the water with only their undies and then we walked back.... it started to pour down with rain so hard that we all got soaking wet.... I MEAN SOAKING WET he he he but it was fantastic but I was so tired that you wouldn't believe after the bike ride and the gym.

It was great catching up with Becks again as she is my youngest son's God parent her and her husband. I miss having her in Hamilton but hey we still keep in contact and that is the main thing that is for sure.

Came home and got mum and off we went again out shopping to get some food for our visitors tomorrow and I got to look around Whitcoulls.... (I am addicted to that shop lately that is for sure).

So today I am totally exercised out.... apart from the bike ride I have done 7000 steps OMG putting on top of that the bike ride and gym. I am so proud of myself today!

I finally joined WW magazine subscription a couple of days ago. Sick of waiting and waiting for it to come out and apparently the magazine goes to the subscribers first so for the next year I can get it at home wohoooo. It is a fab magazine and I keep them and re-read them.

I can't wait till Friday... hubby has the day off and the boys are at creche for the day so hubby and I are going to make a picnic and take our bikes down the river and have a picnic and bike back. I so so so so hope that it isn't windy as I don't know if I can take another day like that.

When hubby got home from work this evening we were trying to fight to have a talk to each other over the kids talking and talking and then when I walked away he said WAIT and I said what he said "I want a hug" it was nice... he said he hadn't seen me all day and he had missed me... OH that made me feel nice. I had missed him too sigh.

Anyway that is enough for me.
Another day tomorrow.
Love Chubbymum


Hippygal said...

OMG Girl you put me to shame I am so lazy!!!!!!

Cheers Jaxx

Karen said...

OMG that is an awesome day of execise woman! I am so proud of you!!! Friday sounds like it will be a lovely day for the two of you!

Helena said...

you are a machine! good on ya! :)

Kate said...

Look at you, out there LIVING your life!! I'm SO bloody proud of you!

Felicity said...

wow girl u r doing so great what a walk etc. I also got a glimpse as scrolling to yesterday post of your 2004/2005 xmas shots WOW is all I can say gobsmacked you look great.