Sunday, 1 January 2006

New Year's Resolutions

I got this from Tina's page... Thanks Tina

You Are a White Rose

You represent youthfulness and purity.

Your vibe: Sweet and heavenly

Falling in love with you: is like falling in love for the first time

Awwww I didn't think about myself like that but I like it he he

Hubby had a major hangover this morning but still we got up at 11am and had brunch and hubby and I went for a 20 minute bike ride to get a V he he he and on the way back we had a head wind. OMG I thought for a minute there we were going to be standing still while peddling out little fit away he he he he and when we got off the big road and went into the side road I was so looking forward to the wind not being in out face but it was still at an angle that it was straight in our face again GRRRRRRR but it felt exhilerating (there is that word again) because a year ago I would have jumped off and walked as it was too hard he he he.

Hubby and Corbin (our oldest) are on the computer in the play room on the internet researching... it is so great to see them having so much fun and Corbin learning about things that he wants to find out about.

Corbin heard the New Zealand anthem on the radio in the car and couldn't remember the words from school so hubby said "let's research it on the internet to see if they have the words for you" and they found it with the song and sang it.

Now they are just looking at other things. I know that sometimes (for young ones) the internet is a bad place but I reckon if you teach what is right from wrong that is all you can do. They will know what to do if you brought them up right! But...We are getting Net Nanny in the next couple of weeks so that we can keep an eye because at 6 he is still a little gulable but he is learning so much and is such a sponge. Did I tell everyone that he is only 6 and his report card said he is reading at an 8 year olds level??? I am so proud of him that is for sure. He has a thirst for knowledge Woohooo.

Ok so I know that people make Resolutions and they don't end up happening but...

I made a resolution last year to exercise and to lose weight and I did this year so I am going to put down some 2006 New Year's Resolutions for me personally and I am going to stick to them.

1. I want to lose another 20 kilos in 2006. I know that putting a number on it isn't good but I have to aim at something and by the end of 2006 I want to have lost altogether 42 kilos and I have to aim for that. To do at least 4 days of exercise and if it is not the gym but other things then so be it! Explore this weight loss arena and enjoy what I am doing.

2. To enjoy my family more. They are the most important people in my life and they are to come first before anyone else. To spend quality time with them OUTDOORS and enjoy them every single minute of the day.

3. To go out more with friends and meet new people. Stop being an at home person and not enjoying life. But to make sure that I am being true to me and not doing it for everyone else... to learn to say NO it isn't me if I don't like something as well.

4. To join a dancing club, or tap dancing class or Digital SLR photography class. To explore things outside exercise as such for weight loss but for enjoyment.

5. To explore me this year and to find out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I am in a wonderful job that I like and I really like the people I work with. But it isn't what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to get into something creative and I have to explore that and find out what I really want to achieve.

6. Digital Scrapbook more and not just think about it DO IT!! I have access to my computer and I have to do it!

7. Try and spend quality time with my Mum and take her places and get her doing more things than being at home.

8. Save some money! I don't need anymore material things in my life. I want for nothing and so I would like to save for holidays and for things that I want to do later on... study or travel or whatever but we just don't save enough.

9. Last but not least ENJOY MY LIFE!

Love Chubbymum

P.S this is rather long today he he he... but I took another thing from Tina's blog and thought I might incorporate it here.

Week 1:
* Drink that bloody water he he
* Track Track Track
* Update Chubbymum every day
* Go to the gym at least 3 times this week
* Go for a bike ride with hubby and with kids
* Take 10 minutes for me each day.


Glen Hendry said...

I am proud of you. Both to go for the big goals, and to actively track (and publish) your progress. I am so glad you are enjoying your exercising experience.

Keep going, the best of luck to you.

Glen (from Brisbane, currently living in Seattle).

CaramelKitKat said...

Hey Gorgeous!

I will check out the rest of your blog in the next few days, but for now let me say WOW! You have come such a long way in 2005 and by sticking to your resolutions you will have continued success both in weight loss and your life overall.

I feel similarly about putting a number on the amount of weight I want to lose as it's not completely up to me how much I shed. We've all had those weeks where we're done everything right, yet it (frustratingly) doesn't show on the scales, so then shift the focus to being healthy rather than loss. That said, I find that if I do not have a number to aim for then I get away with eating junk and allow myself to think v small losses are ok as a loss is a loss. As long as you make the number realistic, having one as a goal is fine. You have lost 20kg in a year in recent history, so at this stage aiming for the same again as a minimum makes perfect sense.

Here's to dancing your way through 2006!

Helena said...

Happy New Year! I hope 2006 bring you and your family everything you wish for :)

Karen said...

Happy New Year hun! 2006 is gonna be our year - we will all be smaller by this time next year! :)
Must do a proper catch up sometime soon.
Take care xx

Felicity said...

I weeped while reading your 2 posts. Oh I am so much in admiration of you getting out there and meeting new people I so do not do meeting people. And hell going to strange enviroment just isn't mee so I can relate to how it felt and you deserve a huge pat on the back for your efforts. Great to hear your new challenges and your family times sound so special All the best

Jodie said...

I am just loving the list/resolutions people are making this year. They are very achieveable (like yours) but very motivating and worthwhile. I'm sure that 20kg's will be a walk in the park for you this year. Remember slow and steady wins the race. Never expect too much and you are sure to succeed! 20kg's is a great goal to aim for and we will all be with you every step of the way to guide and inspire you. Come on!! You can do it!! XX

Brelle said...

Hey CM

Happy New Year :O)

You are the most supportive and inspirational person I know :O)

I admire all the goals you have made just a couple really stand out to me and they are not the ones you might think.

Spending time with your family & getting out there and socializing :O) I think they are EXCELLENT goals.

2006 is going to be Wonderful