Sunday, 1 January 2006

New Years Eve

New Year's Eve this year was the best one we have had in such a long time!!! I enjoyed myself so much that we didn't leave till 3am.

I have a group of ladies that get together every Monday night to watch Desperate Housewifes... we met at the creche (where I work) they are mums of kids in my youngest son's group. So Leanne invited us over to her place for New Year's and at first I was a little nervous as I have never met any of her friends and family so we were a little aprehensive and not because of Leanne and her hubby because they are fantastic people but just a new situation and new people. BUT they were all so nice and I could see myself getting to know them more as everyone was so friendly and easy to talk to. We drank we ate and we sang Singstar and had competitions with each other and danced and drank and danced. At midnight the birthday boy and his long time friend took their clothes off he he he and streaked down the street and back he he he.... if Kris was awake at midnight she would have seen these two men naked running down their street. I was laughing so much my sides hurt so much. I haven't seen that sort of behaviour since I was a teenager but it was horrible it was funny and they were just enjoying the celebration.

I have not felt so relaxed in anyones company in such a long time. We were talking about our camping trips and thought that Leanne's family, my family and Kim and her daughter will get together on Waitangi weekend at Athenree camp and have some camping fun for the weekend. I cannot wait that is for sure. They have this holiday fund with family and friends that they put money into and at the end of the year they all go away somewhere. I thought that was such a fantastic idea and would love to do that.... ya never know we might do it with them next year.

Leanne said that they are home most of the time and we should come around more often and I think that will be my New Year's resolution to have more fun and visit perople like them more often and enjoy my life. I can stay at home anytime and I am tired of being stuck in the house and not going out because of my size... it is a new CM that is going to come out this year. Leanne and I are going to do the Special K triathalon January 2007 and I am going to loose another 20 to 25 kilos this year to make it 40 to 50 kilos lost all up by Christmas 2007. But.... yes there is a but I am not going to make it rule my life this year. I am going to go out and have fun an incorporate this lifestyle change into my life and have more fun. And explore things that are good for me and my family.

One of Leanne's neighbours came to the party last night and she was a lovely lady. She said to me when she first came in that she knows me from somewhere and after she had a LOT more to drink she said "TLC, I have seen you there haven't I?" I said yes I go there. She said that she remembers seeing me with my tall friend and we were on the rowers and having so much fun and she was sitting there thinking "wow she is having so much fun with her friend and how proud she was of me getting out there and doing it" Wow I just couldn't believe that I had made an impression on someone without even talking to them. Her hubby said that he is sure he saw me on the 30th riding my bike with my hubby and kids. I said yes that was us... he said he saw us and thought what a lovely family thing to do and it looked like everyone enjoyed themselves. Yes we do! We do enjoy it as a family so much that I have inspired Kris and her family it seems to get out and do some family exercise. Woohoooo!

So needless to say I have a sore throat this morning from the alcohol and all the singing but... I LIVED LAST NIGHT, I AM LIVING and I have the most fantastic family that wants to spend time with me and we are just a great family unit!! WOOHOOOOO

Have a great start to the New Year everyone and thank you for being on this wonderful journey with me.

Love Chubbymum

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Slim Suzy said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like you had a wonderful start to 2006!