Sunday, 8 January 2006

It started out to be a.....

It started out to be a lazy day where we weren't going to do anything but it ended up where we had another busy day.

Went back to where I brought my bike to say that the tire is leaking from the valve from the day we got it and we have to pump it up everyday and it stays up but over night it goes down.... so the place was excellant and has given us a place to get it fixed and they will pay for it... so woohooo when I have a tyre that doesn't have the air come out overnight.

We had lunch and then after lunch we rode our bikes over to a friend of Corbin's from his class and went in their pool and had a couple of drinks. We seemed to get on really well with them both and think we might do it again. It feels so nice to go out where the parents and kids get on really well. Thought we might do it again!

So I got another bike ride in today Wohooo. I have 2 days to go until my first weigh in for this year and I am REALLY nervous. Usually when I feel like I have lost weight the scales say different so I am hoping like anything that the scales tell me what I want this week coming?????? oh hope I hope.

I am started to feel the problem with all the exercise I have been doing lately. I am tired and just want to go blah and it hasn't happened in almost 2 weeks. I need some time off! But I have not wanted not do the exercise which is a miracle for me that is for sure.

It is really good to see so many of my blogging friends coming back to posting (I have missed you all). I am back to work this week and sort of looking forward to it.

Anyway I am going now.
Love ya all


Tina said...

Gotta be careful that you don't burn yourself out hun...make sure you do have a day or two rest between exercise.

Glad to hear you had a great day! And good to hear that you had no probs with the bike people...gotta love that!

CaramelKitKat said...

What a quandry! Maybe try a different exercise or do an extended session of stretching so that you have had a break, yet still done something.

Felicity said...

Don't over do it girl burnout is a common cause of weight gain and just the very reason why I gave up last time(and a few others but the thought of not having to get upo for gym at 5.30 REALLY appealled and took no convincing to give up) If it takes me six moths longer but I make it this time I am not going to over do 'It' But I love hearing all your family bike rides. Check your energy providing foods or maybe a mulitvitamin course till yuour body adjusts. You are doing SO WELL

Slim Suzy said...

Great that your bike will be fixed for nothing.

Good luck at work!

Queen said...

I miss riding my bike -- it's WINTER here. So, when I'm riding mine, well, it will be WINTER there!

I'm glad they were able to fix it for you. FREE is the best of all, isn't it?

Kudos for keeping with this over the year -- I know it's easy to fall away, look how many of our blogging friends have done so over the year, it makes me sad. But, don't fear the WI... look at the WHOLE picture of what you've accomplished for the YEAR, not just the past 2 weeks or month. Then set yourself a NEW goal.


Sue said...

Try and give yourself a rest day at least once a week - and consider having a recovery week once a month where you do much less exercise than normal. Good luck with your weigh-in tomorrow.

fattyboombastic said...

Hey chick, sounds like a bonus getting your bike tyre fixed for free huh? Good deal! Keep it up with the xercise but don't over yourself :) Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow, YOU GO GIRL!!

A Girl Running said...

I'm with Tina, it's so easy to burnout.

I have been feeling flat lately too, but I tend to have an energy slump for a week every month

good luck with your weigh in, I am in the same situation, I feel slimmer but I still get nervous before a weigh in.