Thursday, 26 January 2006

A non day today

A non day today...

Went to work told the boss I wasn't happy to sit around being bored anymore and told her that if I get put in that situation again I will be going into the children's area and helping out there instead of waiting and waiting for something to do. The reason I say this is because the computer that has the financial stuff on it is in another office and there are meetings in there and I cannot get to it... until our new computer is up and running again. She said she could tell I was upset about sitting there bored and not being able to get my work done. I said yes... she said I could do that if I wanted.

I also said that we have to have a chat about my work and what I am doing now....because I cannot sit around waiting for work. I want to know that I have duties and get on with it and not be a little girl in a school ground waiting for the teacher to tell her what to do. In my previous jobs I knew what my job was and I got on with it and I hate this not delegating business where she is too scared to let things go.

I am doing the budget for the whole centre and controlling that so... for now that is good.

Got home and sat outside watching the boys on their bikes and then had dinner and played with the eye toy with the boys again.....

Then hubby and I played Kinetics after the boys were in bed and wow it was a work out he he he I just couldn't stop laughing at hubby doing the kickboxing stuff because he was too lazy to get his legs up and kick and used his hands instead but it was fantastic..... He was a Amateur and I was a professional... now that would have been the first time that I was better than him in a sporty exercise thingy he he he so I will cherish that forever.

Anyway I still have a massive headache... I would say mainly to looking at the eye toy stuff but I had it at work too so maybe it is time to go to bed..

4 days without a V... wohoooo me!

Love Chubbymum


Sue said...

That headache has been going on for a long time now - are you sure it's V withrdrawal, or should you toddle off to the doctor?

fattyboombastic said...

Hey there CM, thats awesome that you and hubby could get together and play kinetic. I am thinking of getting us one but with so many kids coming in and out of the house, I might just have to hide it.. lol Good on ya with the V. I was thinking that V sugar free was ok to have now and then. I'm addicted to diet coke [I know I'm just as bad.. lol] and I do try to go without it sometimes but its hard. NOW with the new coke zero coming out.. ouch! lol... Keep up with the awesome work, you are doing great :)

Emily said...

Its great that you are giving up the V - were you having the Sugarfree or Regular one??

Sounds like your family is having heaps of fun with the Eye Toy, and great exercise too :-) Its very inspiring that you are finding all these "family" things to do (bike riding as well) that brings you all together.

Have a great weekend!