Monday, 12 November 2007

12th year Anniversary Rotorua - Blue Lake Top 10 Holiday Park

and the prize goes to..... Helena.....

Well hubby organised for our 12 year wedding anniversary to be at the Blue Lake Top 10 Holiday park in Rotorua... OMG it is the most beautiful place and I had the bet time... didn't wanna come home. There was no cellphones there as it was out of range.. it was pure relaxation and spending time with each other. The photos below don't even do them justice.

Left on Friday at about 10am and stopped at Tirau on the way there and did some shopping and just basically crusing around Tirau looking at things. We brought some books at the second hand book shop. I got a credit card holder with a Pukeko on it for my mother in law for her birthday to go with some other things. I brought mum a lovely silver ring with a stone in it to go with her Xmas present.

We had lunch at one of the cafes and OMG it was devine. We had a roast beef sandwich and side salad and thought that it would be just a small sandwich with meat and a little salad.. it was like a 4 course meal OMG there was enough beef in it to feed an army and the salad was devine and the best of all it didn't have cucumber in it... woohooooooooo.

Coming down the hill to see the Blue Lake was soooo beautiful it took your breath away.. The weather was fantastic the whole weekend and couldn't fault it. I got nice and brown arms with all the time spent outside and a little bit of a colour on my legs hmmmm they haven't seen the light of day in years he he he.

Look at this picture below.. isn't it the most amazing scenery?

The water below is sooo clear you can see the bottom and Jeremy said it was bloody cold... and there were people swimming in it... but couldn't bring myself to put me tootsies in it he he he.

We saw the duck go out (below) amphibious boat thingy he he he and then the next picture of it coming out.. OMG if the boys had watched this they would have been ooing and ahhhing..

This little bird was only a foot away from me and everytime I took a picture it heard the click click of the next photo and was looking at me to see what the hell the noise was it was sooo cute.

This is where we parked our caravan at the park and it was sooo peaceful with the bush behind it and the shade in the afternoon was great too. This place is just amazing.
We had an Australian come up to our door and ask us about our caravan because apparently in Australia they don't have big windows in theirs and he was fascinated by it... and was there talking for quite some time he he he.
Hubby cooking me dinner on the Saturday night isn't he just wonderful. I just love caravaning... Love it love it love it and can't wait to do some more.

Relaxing reading his book while I read my magazines it was peacefull.. and if any of you are parents we hardly get time to read books with kids so this was bliss to us.

On Saturday I said to Jeremy that I wanted to walk around the lake.. and if you look at the picture above of the lake... we walked around the whole lake... and got right up to the top of the mountain (or hill)... They said it takes 1 hour 30 minutes and we did in 1 hour 40 minutes with stops taking pictures etc.

This picture below was sooooo pretty with the koru at the end of them... I had to take a picture of it.

The beautiful walkways are just never ending with lovely native trees and birds singing singing singing...

Jeremy was enjoying taking photos of me... we swapped the camera over every 5 minutes... OMG no makeup and my hair is a mess he he he

I took this photo below... can you imagine it.. I just loved the mystic feel of this part of the bush that I had to take a photo of it.. it could be a postcard don't ya think he he he.

The photo below was us almost 1/4 of the way through and the next bit was the climbing bit to get on top of the mountain and the last photo until we got to the top as we went inland a bit.

This photo was taken like 4 times as we were holding the camera in front of us he he he and Jeremy kept cutting his head off and then when we got a good one he didn't smile... so this is a nice one of us tired up the top he he he

We went to the government gardens and walked around for a while and Jeremy took this photo of me and not trying to sound like I am bragging but OMG this is the first photo that I don't feel like a blob in it.... It doesn't show my tummy and my legs don't feel so big he he he and you might think differently but I feel quite sexy in it he he he.

I clocked up 12,455 steps on the saturday... soooo proud.

I love taking photos of insects etc he he he so I saw this big huge bumblebee and I had to HAD to take a photo... didn't I do well... and look at the pollen on its bum he he he

My weekend was fabulous.. I had a great time with hubby and our 12 year anniversary was spent just how we like it. I did my back in before we went on the Friday but was determined not to let it ruin the weekend... the sleeping was a nightmare because of it but hey... sleep smeep...

Anyway might think of other things later... but tired and thinking about going to bed.


Helena said...

ok I'm a cheat, I havent been to Rotorua for YEARS, but I saw a picture in a magazine on Friday, just like yours and picked it straight away LOL! Guys it looks like you had a bloody fabulous time away. Mandz you are looking sooooooooo slim and gorgeous, wow quite lost for words! So happy you both had some lovely quality time away, a couple of you make it look so easy but we all know it takes damn hard work and lots of love to keep a relationship so close - well done and Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary! *smooch*

Chris H said...

AWESOME photos girl!!! How wonderful to get away , just the two of you! I would love to go caravaning, but Stew does not like em! Shame that. I went swimming in that lake as a kid and I can assure you it is FREEZING ... even in the middle of summer! No thanks, don't think I would do it again.

just janene said...

Looks like you had a great time Mandz, good on you both for taking the time out for yourselves. What a great way to celebrate 12 years of marriage :) And yes, you do look skinny in that last photo, not a bulge or tummy in sight!!

tracy said...

What a lovely break for the two of you. You are looking fantastic too!!

Lee-Anne said...

Gorgeous photos. That walk around the Blue Lake is magic aye. It's so important that you guys get to do something together like that. It doesn't always have to be a anniversary or a birthday either. Just make time for each other.

So glad you enjoyed yourselves here. I love camping. Absolutely love it. I can't wait until christmas.

Lee-Anne said...

Oh I forgot to say. I've tagged you. Details on my blog.

Karen said...

You look stunning my friend!! I love your photos - you are so talented! But I am so happy that you and your beloved had such a lovely weekend away to celebrate your anniversary!

Lyn said...

Cool!! photos!! I'll come back later and read over your blog but just wanted to get back to you on the sushi thing...

I found this website
giving the nutritional info on sushi. According to this, it works it out to only 1.5pts per 6 pieces!!!!! (timesing the calories by 4.2 to get kj amount) But I would be worried to point it that low so we can certainly by safe in pointing it at 0.5pt each.

Lyn said...

ok this comments thingy didn't like that website address. Let's try it this way ...

I've broken up the webaddress to fit it in. Just put it in one line.

Rachel said...

I agree with Helena, you are looking slim and gorgeous.

I also didn't realise how talented you are with taking photo's, the bird is great but the bubblebee is amazing.

What a memorable anniversary.....good ole Jeremy.