Friday, 30 November 2007



I have had just a great honour given to me from Lyn it is the following

Thank you Lyn you had me crying with your words and as I said on your comment my hubby was looking at me all concerned on why I was crying. I feel the same way and so wished you lived closer.

I'm passing this onto a couple of friends and if you have already received them well... shows ya that you are special then aye.

Lyn for the emails and for the listening when I have needed it and for the fact that when we do get together it is like we have known each other for years and we can just sit in a room and we don't have to say anything or talk but just know we are there... that is the great thing about our friendship... just being.

Janene... OMG girl you have kept me on track in the last couple of months and being my email buddy has been a life saver because without you I would have eaten us out of house and home. Our chats everyday are great and also the way that you can ALWAYS find the good in everything... You inspire me to keep going.

Leenie... Girl without reading your blog 3 years ago I wouldn't be here today... without your calm approach to life and weight loss I think I would have gone insane... you are sooo funny too and amazing.. words can't explain how you inspire me to keep going because if you can do it so can I. Your generosity is beyond what I have come across too... and we have the same taste in clothes... lucky for me but not so much for you he he he.. Thank you!!

Rachel... Feels like you have my life sometimes..... meaning I read your blog about your boys and I feel as if you know me... or you are me with our families. I enjoy reading your blog and I am really glad that I met you... but he he he still don't think I will let you drink when we go out anymore he he MWAHH girl...

Lee-Anne... You hun are amazingly caring, funny, sweet, and so so so many things I can't even start here or I will be here forever. Thank you... thank you for being there for my birthday... Thank you for being you!! Thank you for our dinners out... can't wait to see how beautiful you are at your wedding next year... you are just adorable.

There are many many many more of you who inspire me too and I am sorry if I didn't mention you but you all know that if I am reading you YOU mean the world to me.

Went to the gym this morning YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

I have been avoiding the gym... a little bored I think maybe or that I don't like going by myself on a Friday morning.... I do miss going with Kris... not that I miss her but it didn't seem like such a chore when I had someone to go with and someone that I didn't have to compete with exercise wise ya know... sigh... but I don't wanna go back there but it is a little lonely.

Was proud of myself getting back there and felt better for it that is for sure.

The rest of the morning was making some Xmas cards and then had a lovely pampering shower did the face mask etc etc and then dropped mum off in town to shop while Jero and I went to the bank... I always feel that I am some naughty school girl when we go to the bank he he he to borrow... but anyway.. it was fantastic.

Got money for the caravan and the concrete and extra to pay off the credit card and NEVER have a bigger limit again he he he..

Feeling great as it was approved on the spot he he he and then went over some insurance things because I keep telling Jero that we are paying too much for things... so we have a lot of quotes to look over tonight and I think we are going to save some money woohooooooo soooo pleased.

So went in at 12 and came out at 2.15 arghhhhh and had enough time to go to the sushi place (oops after I picked up my mum an hour later oops) and then ate my sushi in the car while waiting for school to finish...

Decided tonight we would drop off mum at bingo and do the groceries with the boys so that our whole weekend wasn't taken up by grocery shopping (as I hate it with a passion). It was great to get it finished.

Plan for this weekend is to go to the gym both Saturday and Sunday morning to get back in to the routine of exercise... I get soooo moody when I haven't had enough exercise and so I have to stop putting it off.

OMG OMG OMG I have to stop pissing around with this weight loss.... I have to get back in to the exercise as I am in the swing of tracking.... just need to get to it now...




libra said...

Hope you going to show offsome of your christmas cards!!! you are just so creative I love it :)
Have a fantastic weekend

Lyn said...

You are very welcome my friend! And thankyou in return!!

Rachel said...

Ha! I totally missed this post.
Thanks for the kind words, I feel the same. It is like we are doing very similar things in our life at the ah?

I'm getting better at drinking......REALLY ;)