Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Feeling great today


So I wore one of the beautiful tops that Rachel gave me today....

Here it is

I felt really dressed up for work today he he he.. I mean I usually wear my three quarter jeans and a nice shirt as we just don't get dressed up for work. I didn't go for my morning walk either because it would have been too hot he he he... but that is ok I felt like a lady for the day.

Went to take the boys to school and there is an autistic boy (the couple that got married on radio son's Max) and he looked at me and said WOW very pretty... I was taken aback. His mum said when he likes something someone is wearing he will not hesitate to tell them... it was the best compliment coming from Max because he doesn't say much usually... so I was walking with my head high today.

I have weeded out a lot of my permissions yesterday on this blog.... for some reason it has been bugging me that a lot of people were reading but not commenting and it was mainly people that I haven't had a comment from yet or only once and I was getting like 100 hits a day but no comments and it made me weary that maybe it could be someone reading I don't want to read.

I am paranoid after what Kris did to me last year and I don't write what I want to anymore like I used to because I don't know the people... but now I have people that I know or have met or I am reading their blogs now and it makes me feel comfortable again.

Talking about Kris... did I tell you that she is back at the gym again... she came up to me (in the middle of me running on the treadmill... what is up with people.... when I am running I CANNOT talk at the same time leave me alone until I am on weights GEESH) anyway apparently she has gained 20 kilos since the start of the year and also that they are thinking about moving to Dubai in March 2008 OMG... but that will be good.. I will be glad that she will be somewhere else. Not sure how long it will last but I don't feel comfortable around her anymore and the further away the better.

My oldest Corbin won't be happy when he hears though because Ashley (Kris Daughter) is in his class and they sort of like each other and he said that they told each other that they had a crush on each other the other week OMG..... I won't be telling him just yet that they MIGHT be moving as I will believe it when I see it because she says so many things that never come true.

Apparently there is more money to be made over there and there well may be more money to be made but how much money can ya spend before you are in debt again and have nothing to show for it.. not even a house huh... makes ya wonder.. well it certainly makes me wonder how her husband makes WAY more than mine and hubby's put together and they never have any money (they don't have a mortgage and their rent is less than our mortgage)... but anyway..... not saying that you should have a house or anything but there is no stablity... they have so many credit cards and he works like a dog and nothing to show for all the hard work... seems a waste... but I suppose each to its own aye.

Went to The Warehouse last week quickly to get some stuff for a present I am making my mother in law and I saw Kris (but pretended not to) only because I needed to get the stuff and back out as fast as I could as I had to go and do some stuff with mum...

But anyway I walked a really long way around and in and out of eisles so that I would get away from her and she managed to find me OMG... and made it out that she was looking at the same eisle... now unless you were following me you couldn't have gotten to the same place as me at the same time... so I just kept looking at the shelves and could see her in my side vision and turned and walked to another part of The Warehouse and in 10 seconds (I SWEAR) she was right there... bloody hell..... I didn't wanna get into one of her talks about Daniel... so went to the checkout and still pretended not to see her.. it was quite funny but spooky at the same time....

Normally I would have just said Hi but was feeling like I was being stalked and it didn't feel good at all so I wasn't going to accept that at all.

Anyway that was off my chest... been wanting to tell it in my blog but.... felt like it was being a bitch but ya know what... it is my blog he he he and I have to start getting things off my chest and so that is that.

Weight loss last week sucked even though I was good.. got the dreaded TOM grrrrrr but hopefully this week will be good. If not hey that is life...

Been sooo busy with the boys and Scouts (Keas), Milo cricket, sleepovers in the last couple of weeks and with Christmas and also it was my mums birthday yesterday and I have been doing a brag book for her... so as usual my life was full on.

Thanks for the text yesterday ChrisH....(mwah)

Might update later... going to the gym after work today.. not sure if I am in the mood for it as it is hot but hey gotta do what I gotta do he he

Love Chubbymum


tracy said...

I love the outfir those colours really suit you :-)

I have hilarious visions of Kris stalking you around the Warehouse whilst pretending not too - sad sad woman.

Anne said...

Can see why Max said 'very pretty'. You are looking great!!

Had to grin at K at the Warehouse:-)

Chris H said...

I have done that same thing in a big shop too, tried to avoid someone I didn't particularly like! Makes you feel kinda awful eh? Oh yeah, I love that top!!! You be looking very SWISH! Now I better be going and do some bloody exercise too!

Kate said...

Love the top.. you look fab :-) Reminds me of a scrapping page, the way the colours all go together!

just janene said...

Woohooo, look at you, you FOXY MUM!!! You look great! And how lovely of Rachel to send you a box of clothes.

As for Kris, what a stalker! Here's hoping she does buggar off to Dubai so she's not your problem anymore :)

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Ooo, I really do love your outfit. I love the colour scheme. Gorgeous!
You look sooooo lovely :-D


WeeeSplat said...

OOh er don't you look all fancy :P

Had a bit of a giggle bout Kris... gees it's so funny it's sad... or is it the other way round...

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Thank you soooo much for the link that you sent to me with regard to "Just 1Ib of fat". I sooo needed to read that right now :-D

Would you mind if I repost it on my blog? Obviously, I shall give the link back to you.



Rachel said...

Crikey girl, that top looks amazing on you and you have matched it perfectly with that skirt.

What a busy girl you have been with all your 'other peoples' stuff going on.

Let's hope Kris moves to Dubai.