Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Got off my lazy backside and went for a walk in my morning tea this morning.

I did the block in 20 minutes last week and this morning I did it in 15 minutes woohoooooo. Got my mp3 player on and I pounded the pavement... I swear people thought I was nuts as I started singing too.. he he he

Gotta get back on track or this depression of mine is going to go further and further under.

Back as work as you can tell and only 1 person (out of 38) asked where I was yesterday... I know I don't really work for the one creche that I am in and that I belong to Auckland but GEESH you would think they would notice when I am not here... I always ask people how they are or why were they away... ok... stop thinking like that CM but GEESH!!!!!

Anyway... also planned for to go to the gym tonight with hubby too....

Just got back from the gym... feeling great but OMG OMG OMG Buggered!!!!

15 minutes on the treadmill and I did (in the middle of it) 1 minute run 1 minute walk OMG I felt great... usually I find the at the 45 second mark I get soooo tired and gritt my teeth and want it to hurry up he he he but today I didn't feel like that at the minute mark... so next time I am going to try and do 1 minute and 30 seconds running and a 1 minute walk.. we shall see how it goes.

Did my triceps, biceps, pecs, quads and butt soooo feeling bugggerrrrreeedddd




Anne said...

Pleased to hear you are feeling a bit better. Great getting back into exercise - well done!

Chris H said...

RE Houses... the older one may have 3 bedrooms, but it has a huge rumpus too, and three rooms out by the pool too.... I like it more cos it has more character... but hey, it's a moot point at the moment eh? Can't buy anything till we sell. boooo hoooo.

Chris H said...

Good on you for getting back into walking, I must do the same... but sometimes other things just get in the way eh? Get used to people not really caring mate, it's how it is... expect in blogger land that is... we all care.

Chris H said...

Oh and back to the houses.. I could fit lots of you bloody bloggers in that rumpus room, and then chuck you all in the pool! ha ha ha!

Chris H said...

Sick of me yet????? huh? Love ya chickee. Have a neat day.

Rachel said...

SHUT UP CHRIS and let someone else get a word in - that bloody women;)

I'd be glad people didn't notice I was away, that would encourage me to take more time off...hahaha.

I can just imagine you powerwalking down the road singing away - gorgeous!

Helena said...

Like Rach, I wish people didnt notice when I was away LOL!

Kate said...

Well done on getting out there and doing it :-) Proud of you!

WeeeSplat said...

Woohoo you, back on track and onto it girl!! Yay you!

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Hey, great for you; getting back into some serious exercise. Apart from the obvious benefits it will have on your body shape and weight loss, I'm sure that it will help to ease the depression..

Have a lovely week!