Saturday, 20 October 2007

Labour Weekend Camping


Had to get up early because we had to take the kids to school.

I took them to school while Jeremy got the caravan stuff ready for our trip.

Mum was in such a funny mood and snappy with us until we left to go to Grandparents day at Brianna’s school. We got to Brianna and Adam school and there were a lot of grandparents there… felt quite young really. Brianna was soooo excited we were there and then took us down to Adam class where he showed us his writing and pictures and we asked him questions and then it was outside to a show that the school was putting on with folk dancing and the older kids hip hop dancing… and we were back to Brianna’s class and she got me to do some art work with her… well for her he he he and I said to her teacher that she was getting me to do all the work and he laughed tooo funny. It was fun art stuff because we were doing like Hindu squiggle things all over the border of her painting… in the end it looked fabulous (if I must say so myself).

Got back home and found out why mum was soooo mad with me… she was mad because she thought that we had taken the kids to a friends place to look after them while we went to Brianna and Adam’s school… and when we got back in she said “don’t you trust me to look after my grand children? I was going to phone your friends to find out who was looking after them?” and I said to her “they are at school mum it is a Friday and I wouldn’t take to other peoples houses unless they had to go somewhere where you couldn’t drive and you know that and if you had bothered to tell me why you were pissed off then this could have been solved 3 hours ago and you wouldn’t have spent the whole morning seething.” She didn’t say a word OMG how stubborn is that.

Anyway we picked up the boys from school and came home to finish all the little bits and bods before heading off to Waihi… and before we started off we got a phone call from Tania saying “have you put your awning up yet?” I said “no we haven’t left home yet” she seemed mad because I think she wanted us to put up her tent… nope nope nope wasn’t going to happen”.

It was a nice drive to Waihi and the weather was absolutely gorgeous and the boys were really good on the way down and didn’t fight or anything… we put on a dvd of Tom and Jerry cartoon and so that kept them occupied. On the way over we got a cell phone call from Tania telling us she was behind us.

We got to the camping ground around 5 o’clock and the camp owner showed us to the site and OMG I don’t know how Jeremy was going to get in to the spot and then another camp person came and helped us guide him because I wouldn’t have a clue the spring on the caravan at the front little wheel on the tow bar part broke grrrr so we have to be really careful taking the caravan back and Jeremy’s dad is going to get it replaced. The tent next to us were about 6 big blokes watching a rugby came on tv and they came over to help us push the caravan back a little more as the car couldn’t get there as there was another car in the way…. It was really nice of them to do that as I don’t know how we would have done it. I didn’t realise how big the caravan was until we tried to back it up.

Got the awning up and put everything in the caravan in it’s right place and got the boys bed’s set up and then we went in to Waihi Beach shops to get fish and chips for dinner and as we were there we heard the lady behind the counter say “order for Lyn” and Jeremy said I won’t if it is the blogger Lyn and then this girl (about 12) cam across the road and OMG does she look like her mum so I was cheeky and texted Lyn saying “so you are having fish and chips for dinner then huh he he he and in the next breath she was outside and we went over there with our fish and chips and spent the night talking and drinking it was a great relaxed night chatting away until Quinny was starting to get a little tired so we thought it has been a long day we should take him back to the tent… OH I forgot to mention that Tania phoned us when we had were just going to start our dinner saying that she was having problems with putting the kids stretchers up and I said “well we are having dinner at the moment but after dinner Jeremy will come out and help but we are at a friends place so can’t stay” so Jeremy took the boys out there and sorted it out and I stayed chatting to Lyn and Bill… what a nice guy he is and soooo easy to get on with… well done Lyn ya trained him well he he he us women have to train them aye he he he.

Got home about 10.00 and put the boys to bed and then Jeremy and I watched a DVD in bed but didn’t get to see the whole thing as it was too late for us and our little eyes were closing…

THEN>>>> OMG at 3am in the morning sirens started going off… but the kids didn’t wake up but my heart was beating so fast as I was scared it was like being in the 1940’s with air raids going off. Jeremy seemed to think it was the fire sirens but OMG do they not know that there are such things as pagers in this day and age… It took me about 45 minutes to get back to sleep because I was shaken up by it all..


Boys got up about 7.30 and we just didn’t want to get out of bed so we stayed in bed and then they tried to get in with us… now if you can imagine… a husband that is only 14 kilos lighter than me and me and it is a BARELY double bed and two kid as well arghhhhh but it was also kinda cool as we opened the curtain at the head of the bed and watched up at the trees and the berries on the trees and how beautiful the weather was with the sun coming through… it was a nice time.

Got up to get breakfast ready and realised that we didn’t even have a spatula to turn the eggs or anything to light the gas hobs so we had to go to Waihi to the supermarket to get stuff and brought some extra things like a cheese slicer and tongs and a gas lighter stuff for dinner tonight as we are going to Lyn and Bills again woohoooo for dinner and came back and had our breakfast it was yummy… and I worked out how to get online at the caravan BLOODY exciting.. now I can understand how excited ChrisH was when she was doing it in the cafĂ© etc in Palmy… I was like a child in the candy store because my beloved laptop was working on the internet.

Did the dishes and read a book for a while and relaxed then when our tummies were less full we went to the hot pools here at the camping ground and the boys enjoyed themselves so much and to be honest I felt more relaxed in togs than I did last time we were here and I had new togs (smaller size he he he) and I didn’t like my thighs in them but what fat woman does aye he he he.

We came back and got dressed and then went to the beach where I got some really cool photos and hubby and I snuggled on the beach while the boys had so much fun digging and getting wet and just having fun. It is better now that they can look after themselves and entertain themselves. (oh and we had lunch before we did that... it felt great making the buns and talking and sitting watching all the families walking past.

We are now just relaxing and it is 4.20pm in the caravan. Corbin is playing on Jeremy’s laptop The Incredibles game and Quinn is watching a dvd and as you can tell I am on my laptop and Jeremy is reading his book… it is nice and relaxing and we have been on the go all day so going on computers etc doesn’t bother me because we should be doing things that make us happy on holiday aye.

I was saying to Jeremy that I want to be here the whole week… don’t wanna go home. It is like you just get used to being here in the 3 days and things are in a routine and then you have to pack up and go to normal life SHIT!!!!

Well we have a caravan trip planned for end of January/February for up in Whangarei area and then in Easter we are back in Bowentown… but not in a caravan but in a cabin so that should be fun. Even though Tania and her family will be there I am sure that this time we are going to do our own dinners etc because I am not giving my kids sausages every night for 5 nights like we had to last time because Tania was having everything her own way.

So we are off to Lyn’s place at 6pm and until then I am going to do some digital scrapbooking and relax relax relax.

Had a GREAT time at Lyn's place and the time went soooo fast. The boys were on their best behaviour and had fun in Lyn's room on their gym equipment but I must admit I was sitting there thinking... boys don't touch don't touch he he he like any mother would do aye.

It feels like we have known Lyn and Bill for like 10 years and the conversation was always going on . We had fun on Lyn's computer later on and did morphing on it too and laughed out heads off.

Got back to the caravan with the kids at 11pm OUCH... was sooo hoping that the boys weren't going to be snots the next day that is for sure.



celtic_girl said...

Sounds like your having a great time. I was envious just reading about it. Glad you are handling the Tania issue well and not letting it spoil your break.

Chris H said...

Oh you lucky thing, at the beach having fun, playing on ya laptop, it's all good! I can't wait to be able to just pop over to the beach for a weekend whenever I feel like it!~ Yaaa hooo, seems the weather is good there too.... not so nice down here.

Too Fat To Fly... said...

It's lovely to hear how much you are all enjoying your mini-break away.

It sounds like great fun!


just janene said...

Bet you would love to stay for a whole week not just 3 days hehe Sounds like you are having a fab time, I'm soooo jealous :) Chat to ya on Tuesday!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a great weekend....very full.

How cool to spend time with Lyn and Bill....nice.

It was really HARD getting back into things this morning after 3 days off eh?

Kate said...

Sounds lovely!

Tania said...

Sounds like you had a great relaxing weekend - we really NEED more long weekends!!!

Abba said...

I love how you write as you are doing things. Sounds like you had a divine time.

Anne said...

We just had three days away too and like you wanted it to be longer. Enjoy making plans for more breaks like this one:-)

Helena said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwsome long weekend, camping has to be the most fun and relaxing opportunity to be had ... so long as the kids, hubby and mates play the game eh? hehe its family times like these that bring about the best memories eh?