Sunday, 28 October 2007

Thank God it is a start of a new week tomorrow

Lots happened this weekend.

I am back to it as from today. I have been like on another planet for the last week and wanting a break from blogging, from weightloss and from all other things... just wanted to have my week off to do things and to be.. I hope all that makes sense.

So I have gained 1 kilo this week and that is a bitch but it has happened and now I am back to it and not letting this get to me anymore.

This week I have been concentrating on doing some digital scrapbook pages and making some elements and some papers for it and have been enjoying tutuing with it all. I have even made a calendar of some of my scrapbook pages for a calendar for work... and it looks really cool.... if I must say so myself. I haven't printed the pages off before in this manner I have printed them to show people but not to display.... he he he so cool.

Katiepie... message for ya... it will be right and you will do it (wink wink) have faith.

Finished the side of the playroom in the weekend but after all the river stone moving I have a sore back ho hum. But the side area looks really great and now we can sit in the morning sun in our little courtyard.

Took Quinn to keas on Thursday night and Corbin joined in too... apparently the are changing the system with it because they used to do it by their birthdays and if they turned 8 then they went up to cubs but now it goes by years at school... like Corbin being in year 3 and Quinn being in year 1 well Keas now go from Year 1 to Year 3 and then in Year 4 they go up to cubs... which makes more sense so that they go up with their friends or what happens is one goes up at the start of the year because that is when his birthday is and the other friend goes at the end of the year and it makes it awful for their friends... such a great idea.

So anyway... BLONDE's son was there (my older readers will know who Blonde is) and we didn't know that he was going... apparently he started the week before... too much of a quinky dink he he he.... the boys learnt how to tie ropes and played tug of war and had a book read to them and it was all soooo great and the boys enjoyed themselves so much.... Quinn is certainly a different child around BLONDE's son though.... now I remember why I didn't like them spending so much time together but hey can't stop them just need to try and teach him aye...

So that was such fun seeing my boys learning some new things and having fun with some new friends. We went with Pam and her son (Adam) and Brianna took the photo of me and Quinn just above.

I played some basketball with the boys today as we put together the basketball hoop and spent some time outside in this lovely weather... got a little bit pink he he he silly me forgot to pu ton suntan lotion I will think more carefully next time (smack hand). Got lots of photos and Quinn was having more fun with the bloody box than he did with the basketball hoop.... sooo funny what amuses them aye.

While we were playing outside with the basketball... Corbin was inside and he made us lunch OMG it was soooo cute... he did 4 plates with little cubes of cheese on the side (as he lovvvveees cheese) and a piece of toast each and on top of that was spaghetti... and he heated up the spaghetti in the microwave and cut the cheese and cooked the toast in the toaster.. I WAS SOOO PROUD OF HIM and gave him a huge hug and said thank you for lunch and he was tickled pink that he had achieved making lunch. It was yummy too.

At 2pm I went to my coffee friends place for an Esteem Jewellery party and it was ok but the lady doing it was bothering me and looking at me like fresh meat... it made me angry. She honed in on me and tried to get me to buy buy and then wanted me to have a party OMG no no no... I don't work well with people like that and said to her no and I brought one thing but that was it... I wanted to buy this really nice bracelet but because she was too pushy I didn't get it.

The other thing that annoyed me was that we didn't get a price list she just said tell me what you like and I will give you a price... and that pissed me off too... so listened to what others were asking and got the cheapest thing... I shouldn't have brought anything at all but I wanted some nice earings anyway and I have brought Esteem before and it is good quality not cheap ya know.

It annoys me when people sell like that... I would have had a party if she wasn't so pushy but won't inflict such a person on my friends.

What a weekend and glad it is over to tell the truth.

Got home and Jeremy, Mum and the boys were out so I went and did some cards and they got home and hubby had brought me some cute little drawers for my craft stuff... ohhhh how cool was that... that he thought of me when he was out yayyy..

Brother in law and girl friend turned up... I am soooo pissed off with him as Quinn still hasn't gotten a birthday present from him OMG he is only 6 and he got Corbin a present but didn't for Quinn and Quinn was sooo upset on the day that his uncle didn't come over for his birthday.

So we expected he would bring something for him but NO HE DIDN'T and then brought his bloody laptop over to see if Jeremy could fix it before this week because they are going away and Jeremy said No he couldn't fix it... (he probably could but Jeremy was also pissed at his brother). They conveniently turned up at 5.30 just before dinner too and as usual thought that we would ask them.. I told Quinn when he went out of the room not to mention dinner AT ALL as he usually has a big mouth... and I told mum not to cook the meat yet because I was NOT going to have them come at dinner and do that to us. NOT once have they asked us over for dinner EVER and we have had them heaps of times.

Jeremy said to me... that we are not giving them the movie tickets that we had for his birthday and that we are going to keep them for us (that was 4 tickets) because he doesn't deserve them if he can't think of his nephews (and they are going to be the only nephews that he will ever have). I was angry at Jeremy because he should have said something to his brother... and said to him that he expects us to fix his computer just like that after not seeing him for over a month and also for him to not get anything for his nephew (when Jeremy had reminded him the day after).... it hurts ya know... they can spend thousands of dollars to swan around the world but they couldn't get something little for Quinn (and it wouldn't have had to be much because he even loves $2 shop presents ya know).

Jeremy said (while I was in doing my cards) that they were hinting that they had no house etc as they got rid of their rental and he is finishing up his job because of going away for 7 weeks (well that isn't our problem is it really...) that they have a place to stay but was sort of hinting about dinners etc.... but he wasn't going to buy in to it as he was angry at him too....

I didn't care that I didn't get anything for my birthday when I am always the one that buys his birthday present and reminds Jeremy of his brothers birthday... but when you stuff my kids around WOW..... that is the last straw really.

What is it with my life this week... arseholes and psycho's at all sides.

Glad to get back to work tomorrow..

So my weight is 119.3 and I am back on track everyone!!! BACK ON TRACK....



Abba said...

Sounds like you had a busy week. Family can be the worst sometimes. I have relatives that are the same way. They like to hint around about one of two things: 1. needing money 2. needing a babysitter. I can't stand it sometimes.

Well, here's to a great week for you! Keep up the fantastic work. You look great!

Kate said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence!

Hope this week is better for you!!

Lyn said...

Yep I have family like that too. And they can't work out why everyone is always in a shit with them. They just don't think. I'm sure some people are born without an etiquette gene.

just janene said...

Yeap, back on track my girl! That makes two of us...

That's a shame about your brother-in-law, some people just expect everything and don't want to give anything back.

WeeeSplat said...

*bounces all over your blog*

You know. You do. Honest. (going all cryptic)

Whoever I want to be said...

Wow girl an emotional weekend for you. And a new week begins - have a great week :)

Rachel said...

What a week for you.....

Hope this week is better and there aren't any weirdo's around...LOL

Lee-Anne said...

Sounds like a pretty full on week you had.

Glad you're back on track and it's a new week. Gotta be good.

Helena said...

yay for new weeks mate! hope it is psycho free :)