Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Thank you and some George news

Thank you everyone for the comments re my wedding outfit... I was a little iffy about the photos as I felt it made me look bigger because of the light on the top... but I was feeling sexy in it all day though he he he.

Anyway last night we had arranged to have Pam and her son and daughter over for dinner (as they don't have much money for food but I wasn't going to say that I knew just thought would invite her) Anyway I was supposed to be picking up the Pam's daughter from dancing but Pam turned up with her a half an hour earlier with the daughter crying... I thought OMG what is happening here.

Apparently George text Pam to see if he could have some daughter daddy time WOHOOO GEORGE I knew he was a good man just that all the emotions were getting in the way... so he listened to Jeremy and made an attempt.

Pam said that it would be fine but it can't be on Wednesday because Brianna is organised for something already and Thursday she has a counsellor meeting so hopefully they will get it sorted.

Pam said that the daughter (we shall call her B ok) still keeps saying she hates her Dad and has been sooo upset and crying that she didn't want to stay at dancing and she wanted to come to our place... that was fine by me. Pam took the son to soccer practice and left B with me.

So B and I went to Woolworths to get some stuff to go with dinner (left my boys with mum) and I started off asking her little questions about her day and then we got on to holidays and then she mentioned her Dad on the holiday and I gradually got the conversation over to the fact that he texted her mum....

She said "I hate my Dad" I said B I don't think you hate your Dad you do love him but are feeling hurt. She just looked at me and I said "So why do you hate your Dad" she said because he promises stuff and never sticks to it" she gave me some examples and I had a chat and said that sometimes adults are off in their own world and don't realise that when they say something it means a lot to someone else and that her Dad loves her and is trying now to make up for what he has done.

I said to her that she needs to tell her daddy what she is thinking because if she doesn't he won't know how she is feeling and so he keeps doing what he has always done.

She thought about it for a while and then started talking and talking to me and I think she might be thinking it will be a good thing and that she will try but she doesn't want to have his fiancee there at all and wants it to be quality time with her... so I am hoping that she tells him and that he listens and trys...

BUT it is a start don't you think?

When we came back we made cards and I got all my Xmas stamps and glittery things and all sorts and the boys, me and B made cards and it was fun and she was sooo happy and smiling and she made me a Xmas card but she said that I am not allowed it yet so she will post it to me before Xmas... that was sweet.

The night went really well and hopefully things are going to come right.

When I told Jeremy he high fived me... it was great because George listened to Jeremy and I am proud of my husband and it must have been the right person at the right time that made George think about the situation... so hopefully in the future we can do some more subtle talking to George and see what happens.

Anyway will update later about the day he he he

Hopefully going to the gym tonight..

OH OH OH OH OH if you go here and see a skirt (as you can see in the photo at the bottom of the post)wellllllll I had this skirt taken in at the waste and sides because I liked the pattern so much so my friend took it in so it was sooo tight that when I lost weight I would be happier in it WELLLLLLL it is big again and I don't think I will be able to wear it in a couple of weeks because it will start to fall off.. I am soooooo chuffed about it but not because I like this skirt... but but but I am wearing it today but thinking about getting a pin to take it in in the waste he he he he sooooooooooo chuffed that I am losing the centimetres he he he.




Lyn said...

Mandy you are such a sweetie!! I so love the way you take people under your wing and just lovem!!! Beautiful!!!

Chris H said...

Time to retire that bloody skirt mate! It is pretty, but you need a NEW ONE!!!

Rachel said...

Great news about B's mood improving after you had a little talk with her.

I have to agree with Chris H, get a NEW skirt. That one is lovely but if its already been taken in and you are looking at taking it in again, it will lose its shape. Treat yourself to a new 'smaller size' one.

I really loved what you wore to the wedding, the top especially is stunning.

Helena said...

Hey hot stuff, you looked fantastic for the wedding, bet you outshone the bride! Sometimes youngers cant always talk to their parents eh? so its great the B feels its ok to talk to you, the dilema will be how much of her confidence you keep and when you need to tell her parents stuff - you are wonderful.

Name: Lynise said...

Hi Mandy

Hi ya, seems ages since I said hi. I'm not spending too much time on the computer at the moment as my neck is giving me a little grief again and its aggrivated when I type. (hence the reason I'm trying to avoid the computer)
Anyway, the wedding outfit looks great. You look so trim in it and it hangs really nicely.


Jules said...

I love your kind soul Mrs Mandy!!!