Wednesday, 6 September 2006


I have been thinking a lot about food lately and how to change things for me.. I am bored with my routine. I had a wonderful offer (as I said before from Crusher) and so she came over tonight and we talked about food and she is going to go and work some things out for me with a little bit of things in it that I haven't had in a while so that I can have something that I like (all in moderation). I am looking forward to trying it that is for sure. I do need as much help as I can because I DO want to do this. I want to achieve this weight loss.

I had another offer from a wonderful person today (you know who you are) and I appreciate your offer and we will have to talk more. Thank you!

Tonight at the gym I wanted to work out how long it would take me to do the 12km on the bike for the triathalon and so I went on the bike to work out how long. I took me 31.49 minutes to do 12km. I was really proud of that but OMG my backside was sooo sore like you wouldn't believe. After that I did 150 situps with Delwyn and my tummy is feeling da pain he he he.

It is amazing how many wonderful people out there are willing to give their time for me and to help me loose this weight. I sit back and think why would these people do this.. what have I ever done for them to give up their free time to help me loose weight and get me to goal. They are saints is all I can come up with.... it is not like these people don't have their own lives and committments and they are going the extra mile to help me get there. I thank you all because I honestly don't know what I would do without your help... I appreciate it so much!!! and believe me I am trying hard to loose this weight.

Tried on a skirt this morning that I haven't worn since November last year when I brought it in Melbourne and I really like the detail down the bottom and I put it on and zipped it up and it fell off me he he he... I asked hubby to come and have a look and he couldn't stop laughing his head off. I showed Crusher tonight by wearing the skirt over my clothes and she couldn't believe it either. (as you can see below)

skirt 1


I really liked this skirt and I am going to see if a friend of mine will take it in for me.

So many things to organise before our weekend away and I also have to organise Corbin for his Soccer Tournament this Saturday (even though we aren't going to be there). One of the mums is going to pick him up and bring him home.

Well anyway I am buggered after the gym and I have to go to MM8 class in the morning so I better get my backside into bed.

Love ya all

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