Monday, 4 September 2006

Crushers Challenge for this week argghhh

My day at work wasn't anything to write on here about... Monday's are always terrible he he he he.

But... went to my PT with Crusher tonight. I got there at 5.30 to do my half an hour before I have her and was on the bike and Corbin's teacher came up and chatted with me... she is such a lovely lady. I am glad my boy has her as a teacher he just loves learning with her.

Anyway after 15 minutes on the bike I went on the cross trainer for 10 minutes and then Crusher said... "Come on let's go outside" GRRR she knows I hate going outside. I know I have to be more positive and get out there but I tense up soooo much when I am walking with other people. She does push me and that is great but my calves go all tense. Anyway I think she took me outside because she thought my reaction to my challenge this week would be a loud reaction he he he...

So anyway she said my challenge is for this week to jog to the end of my street and back and no walking I have to jog! OMG she is a torturer or what. I said to her "you read my blog didn't you" she said "No I haven't had a chance to yet why" so I told her about the jogging last night. After our workout she said that I have to do the first one of the challenge tonight so when I got home all the boys went for a jog with me... at least it was dark. Not sure if I would like to jog when it is light that is for sure lol not until I feel comfortable.

I must say though my ankle isn't happy with it today... I am not sure if it is the same thing as Friday/Saturday with my ankle but it isn't quite good tonight either after the gym workout... feeling good that I did the first of my challenge this week though yayyy.

2 Weetbix

Morning tea

Grainy bread

Fish (caught by a friends dad)
Macaroni & Cheese

I didn't have a V today. I have been getting addicted to it again and had to make sure I didn't have any today. I had heaps of water today too even though I don't usually like it.

Feeling a lot happier about my lifestyle change tonight. I wasn't this morning but feeling like I tried tonight.

Had a huge talk to Crusher about my motivation tonight and about my food etc and how I am feeling bloated and getting really tired of the same old same food and she said she would come over on Wednesday and have a huge talk about food and some solutions and see how she can help. I need it!! I really do I want to get to goal!! I want it soo much it is getting me angrier and angrier. Crusher is just the best...what would I do without her help... I just don't know.

Anyway tired and going to bed

Love CM

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