Saturday, 30 September 2006

Bloggers Lunch

Hey guys..

Soooo busy but had to upload some photos.

Had suchhhhhhhhhhhhhh a FABULOUS time with the blogging ladies... We laughed and we told the kids off he he he and we ate and we ate and we ate and I just love every single one of these ladies. It was great to meet Rachel, Sue and Anne for the first time... OMG it is sooo funny that people look different online than they do in person. Taller he he he but every single one of them I would have to stay at home. It was a strange feeling and I must admit that I was soooo nervous and had a little bit of a tummy bug before going there as I was so nervous. But once there it was like I had known them for a long time.

So here are some photos for everyone to see.

Thank you Karen for organising this wonderful event and I still can't believe that it has been a year and 5 months since we have seen each other.

Here is our smiley Helena... isn't she just adorable. You are still my inspiration girl!! You are so funny and have such a zest for life.
I love the way she has such an expressionist face.

We have Helena and in the middle Sue what an amazing woman and so elegant in the way she carry's herself I find her an inspiration.
Down the end Jo (with her daughter Rhinan?? sorry Jo if the spelling is wrong). Jo girl!! You have some fun with life hun and can't wait for the little thing we were talking about on Sunday to start up he he he.

Don't these young ladies look so much alike :-)
This is Janene and Jorja from Palmerston North. It was great meeting you both and can't wait till we are all together again... maybe next time we should do a day thing and then do some shopping and dinner and dancing woohooo.

Karen in the green was marvellous in organising this wonderful lunch... what a gem she is! I have so much time for you hun you are the sweetest. Beside Karen was Anne from Palmerston North.. it was so great that you drove all this way with Janene for our special event and it was fab to meet you.

Now look at these adorable ladies.. We have Rachel who is taking the photo. How funny is this woman... and how easy to talk to she is. I just think you are fab girl!!! Thanks for the ride in the cadbury car.. OMG it looks soooo yummy and I felt like I could eat it he he he. Jo that face girl!!! and you weren't even drinking!! You have a wonderful sense of humour and I just love the way you are so free and you have a zest for life.

Anyway better go and have lunch and get ready for going skating with Helena... woohooo Helena woohoooo.

Love ya all

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