Tuesday, 12 September 2006


Ok so the weekend was fantastic...

Can't say the last 2 days has been after that.

My mum was admitted to hosptial Monday.

Before I went away on the Friday I begged my mum to go to the doctors for her thumb that was sore.. she is afraid of doctors AFRAID AFRAID of doctors and so to get her in to check out her thumb is a nightmare. She said no she wasn't going to go as it was getting better. No it wasn't getting better it was getting worse. When I rang home in the weekend I asked her if she was ok and she kept saying yes her and the boys are good. Got home on Sunday night and her thumb was twice (maybe three) times the size. She kept saying it was better than it was.

By Monday I was worried and said to her that she has an appointment at the doctors at 5.00... so we got her there and the doctor said "you have to go to the hospital" Well..... my mother freaked out and got all upset and I didn't know what to do.... (the reason my mum doesn't like doctors is that my dad went to hospital with bronchitis and died of pneumonia so I can understand hospitals aren't her best friend). Got up to the hospital at 5.30 and we didn't get seen by a doctor till 7.30pm and then she had to go into the surgery to get the top of her thumb lanced (they said she was lucky she came in because if not she could have lost her thumb) The put 3 local needles in her thumb OMG I felt the pain myself as she was holding my hand with her other hand while they did it.

Because of the infection she had to be admitted in to hospital so she was there last night and all day today and they want her over night again. It looks a lot better but I am not convinced the doctors think that tomorrow would be the day she comes home.

I haven't had much sleep worrying about her up there as she doesn't like being in unfamiliar places. I know she is in the best place but I hate leaving her like that.

Anyway I am tired and so I am going to do some of my work (that hubby picked up for me) so that tomorrow isn't a total nightmare at work.

Good night everyone
Love CM

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