Sunday, 3 September 2006

Jog one... Walk one....

Took the boys fishing and unfortunatly didn't catch anything but we had so much fun teaching them about hooks and bait and just watching the water flowing... it was sooo calming. I said to hubby that I would love to go out fishing (without the kids he he he) sometime just to sit watch and catch those fish.

Went out this morning and ordered the trophies for the soccer team since I am their manager... woooooowww what a hard choice because there is so many different choices and it took me forever to find out what I really wanted.

It was a pretty cruisey day because it was the first Saturday in like 4 months that we didn't have soccer on.... and it was enjoyable.

Fathers day he he he and we woke about 9am he he he with the kids bringing in breakfast... OMG my mum is a treasure she helped them make us breakfast in bed. It was sooooo filling that I was fighting to eat it as I hadn't totally woken up yet. It was nice that is for sure.... they were so cute bringing it up the stairs to our room and I even got a coffee. My boys are little treasures. I was spoilt and I am not even a father he he he. Hubby was chuffed and they made him a card and gave him his presents and he just loved everything about it.

When we got up I cut his hair (no 2) he he he and then went downstairs and go on our bikes and went for a 9km bike ride with the kids. We stopped at a couple of playgrounds on the way home. Quinn wasn't too happy by about 7km but we finally got there. On the way we went past Woolworths and go lunch. Yummy tuna on stick bread with tomato and salt and pepper...OHHHH I love having that for lunch in the weekend.

We all read our books for about an hour and then got ready for our black and white photos to be taken. Our creche organises every day for a day where you go in as a family at a booked time and take photos. The boys were in their jeans and white shirt and denim jackets and their hair all spiked up he he he they were sooo adorable. The photographer turned around and said that they could be models that they were great and listened and there was a glisten in their faces. OMG talk about a proud mum. We had a great family photo on the floor and I so enjoyed having photos taken for a change. I wore jeans and a black top with black high heels. Felt so good. I know I have heaps more to lose but I was pleased to have a fun family photo.

Delwyn a friend from MM8 came around tonight after being with her parents for the weekend with fresh fish that her Dad caught today.. wow it was all gutted and presented for us to freeze... what a great guy to give up his fish like that.

But on to the pieceda'resistance.... Hubby and I put the boys in bed and when they were asleep we went for a walk (while mum watched them) and we started walking around the block and jogged one light and walked one light. OMG I couldn't believe I was doing this... I was happy I was doing this but a little weary as well. I had to put up my left ankle friday and saturday a bit because it was swollen and was worried that the walk I went with Crusher on Friday was too much as I go faster with her then I normally do. It was still a little tender until this morning with my ankle so maybe I just twisted it some how hmmmm?

I jogged one Walked one... I did it!! Hubby was proud. We have decided that every night (other than my mother bingo nights) we would go out for a walk and jog he he and see if we can practice up to jog the whole block. It is going to take a while but I am wanting this challenge. I think doing this with hubby is going to make it easier. When I am with Crusher she walks so fast in between the jogs that I can't catch my breath and I don't want to hate this new found jogging I want to slowly get used to jogging. Does that make sense? But I felt F*&&n fantastic when I got home.. puffed but fantastic

Over Full.... Over Full... that is how I am feeling today.


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