Tuesday, 19 September 2006


Been a bit of a frantic week and haven't had the time to update.

Been trying to be sooo good with food this week and I managed to loose 500 grams and I am happy with that.. it is my goal to loose 500 grams a week so I managed my goal.

Quinn's birthday party is on Saturday and I will be happy when it is over with and all the birthday parties are done.

Been really pushing myself with the exercise lately as I want to get better but having problems with my left foot and left knee and can't work out why especially when it is my right knee that has always given me the problem.

Only a week and a half and I will be on holiday and I CANNOT Wait that is for sure.

But guess what I won something yesterday: From Weight Watchers wohoooooo I have never ever won anything like this before... and they are going to courier it this week. It is called The Ultimate Pamper Pack and is valued at over $90 and includes a stylish cosmetic bag and case, luxurious satin robe, exfoliating glove, satin headband and a relaxing eyemask... woohoo for me!!!

In the past week I have been on 4 walks... getting myself ready for our triathlon. Last Wednesday Kris and I went on a 4km walk and then on Saturday we went another walk with Kris which was a 7.5 km walk and then on Sunday I went with hubby on a 7.5 km walk and today with lean went on a 4km walk and I feel great for doing the walks that is for sure.

My mum is getting better but a little depressed still and so I am hoping that she picks up soon as I don't like seeing her like that.

I had two compliments from different people today asking if I have lost some more weight and even though it has only been 400 grams I am feeling so good for it.

Anyway I need to get an early night... love ya all LOTS


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