Friday, 22 September 2006

Cough Cough Cough Coughing....

I can't stop coughing today... it is driving me insane

Went to my personal training today with Crusher and I totally enjoyed it! When I got there I wanted to get the weigh in over and done with so I could get on with the training. Since I have been told my weight each week I am feeling better because I can now judge how I am doing and in two weeks I have lost each week. I am sooo happy that I am losing and I am not losing a lot but I am being consistant and that is the main thing!

I lost 400grams this week and I am so happy with that. I would have liked to loose more but I lost and I am being consistant in what I am losing. I walked 4 three big walks this week. My measurements have gone down too and even though I have a cold I am feeling so much more energetic than a couple of months ago.

My mother in law gave me a huge compliment last night too and said I was looking like a skinny mini and I think that is only because she saw my photo of the difference from January 2005 to September 2006.

I have been trying harder with my exercise in the last week too and I think that is because my work mate Debbie is now in my MM8 (LEAN) group and I have finally got someone that I feel is at the same level as me and I can push myself a little more. Before I think I was too far behind all the others that I felt like I would never be able to catch up but now there is a little bit of competition but no competition if that makes sense as I don't usually go too well with competition but this is like a good competition as it is making me feel like I am pushing myself.

So after the gym I got showered and dressed and went to lunch with hubby and then Corbin and I went shopping to Whitcoulls and got him a haircut and we sat in a coffee shop and Corbin read his book and I read my book it was great to just relax and read with a coffee.

I have to organise Quinn's birthday party food tonight for tomorrow.. it is going to be fun... we are going to the YMCA and they have gym equipment that the kids can play on and there is 14 children OMG 14 children...

What a day I didn't get home till about a half an hour ago and I am buggered. I think I might go upstairs and have a soaking bath hmmmm

Love ya all


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