Thursday, 14 September 2006

Full on again!!!

Had my MM8 gym course today with all the new people in the group and it has been refreshing. I am enjoying it. I am enjoying it because I have finally got someone that is at the same level as me and I am pushing myself even more. It feels good to push myself a bit more. I got a bit over the top and starting jogging today but I managed to hurt my other knee as I was not being that careful like I usually do. So I have to make sure I baby it for a while but I am NOT going to not keep trying because even though I did heaps in the class today I am so enjoying it.

I was a little weary about Sgt Major and I am not fully wanting him as my trainer but I really enjoyed him today... he actually smiled a little.. NOW that doesn't normally happen. It was nice to see the human side of him today. I hope he brings that along to the group more often. Anyway I thought of a great nick name for him today and it is Sargeant Major!!! he was certainly like that today.. so we have Crusher and Sargeant Major.

I have been reading the Phil Keoghans (N.O.W.... No Opportunity Wasted) book and I am enjoying it. It makes you think of all the things that you want to achieve and to basically get on with it and go for it. I have written a list of the things I want to do or change and I am going to go for it.

The first thing on my list is to learn to play the guitar and my friend from work has said she wants to learn to so we are both going to do it. The reason I want to do this is because I have had a guitar for like 5 years and I have never used it and Corbin said the other day why don't I know how to play and could he please learn how to. So I thought ok that would be great and so why don't I learn at the same time and stop procrastinating. So it is going to happen!!! I am going to do this.

I brought mum home from hospital yesterday and she is looking rather tired still and I think she is getting better but it is hard for her in the fact that she can't do much with her thumb wrapped up and in a sling.... it is sort of slowing her down (which is a hard thing to do) but it is making her soooo mad because she can't do anything.

We have Corbin's soccer team's prize giving tomorrow night so that is going to be a full on thing but I am looking forward to it. There is 31 people coming Wow!!! and I am organising it... quite worried that it won't turn out really as there are some reallyyyyyyy different people in the group and hmmm well we shall see.

Corbin has a birthday party on Saturday with a friend and I brought him some walky talkies... thought with summer coming up that he would enjoy that.

Then tomorrow night hubby and I are going to Debbie's birthday dinner it sounds like it is going to be a really good night. I also get to meet some of her friends so that will be good too. That reminds me I have to make sure I don't loose my head and forget to wish her happy birthday.

15 days and we are in Wellington WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I just can't wait. It is going to be such a full on week but it is going to be great to meet everyone and to also go sightseeing with the boys and roller skating with Helena and a baby shower and lunch with all of you guys.. soooo excited.

I still have to organise Quinn's birthday party for next weekend and then that will be both of the boys birthdays done for another year Wooohoooo as September is such a nightmare of a month for us that it will be done he he.

I have an hour with Crusher tomorrow and I can't wait SORT OF he he he just that a half an hour is good but what on earth can she do in a hour... LOTS I tell you!!! Pain is what I am going to feel he he he.

Must admit my week of food hasn't been that good... bit hard when I am going back and forth to the hospital but at least I got a lot of exercise as I parked like a mile away each time Woohooo for the exercise.

Food for the day:

Skim Milk

Morning Tea
Fruit Yoghurt


Cottage Cheese

Afternoon Tea

Beef Madras (homemade no sauces)

Love CM

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