Sunday, 10 September 2006

Birthday Quad Bikes in Taupo

Wow What A Weekend it turned out to be!


Left home at 4.15 and got to Taupo at 6pm.. We went to the motel and it was lovely!!! Then hubby took me to a lovely Italian restaurant where there was a roaring fire and Italian music and the atmosphere was fantastic. I felt soooo relaxed and we had a great time that is for sure.



Kris and Tony met us at the restaurant and then we went to the wholesalers and got some alcohol and went back to the Motel to talk and have a couple of drinks.. it was sooo funny and we had a great time. It was relaxing to be able to talk with friends without telling kids to go to bed or stop shouting or don't do this and that. I really enjoyed the night. Thought I would put these too photos of what we looked like after our drinking he he he. Kris fell off the bed... she doesn't hold her drinks that well he he he he but we had a great time.



Didn't have a wonderful sleep at all because the bed was too soft but I was looking forward to sleeping in but my body just wouldn't let me do that.. it is accustomed to waking up early now with kids ho hum.

So it was soooo good to have my birthday... hubby ordered breakfast and I had breakfast in bed hmmmmmmm... After relaxing and had a lovely shower and sat in bed reading for a bit Kris and her hubby came down and into town we went. We did lots of shopping and hubby said I could buy a couple of things so I brought myself some cd's and I brought 3 new tops. It felt absolutly wonderful to get into some tops and not fear if I will or not... he he he poor Kris must of gotten sick of me saying Kris come and look at this top he he he.

We went to lunch at Breakers but I just couldn't eat it all. Had a chicken roll with salad but with hot chips and I had a couple then left the rest as it wasn't worth me feeling bloated all day for it.

Kris and Tony brought me the book I have been wanting for so long called Why French Women don't get fat... sooo cool.. just started reading it but I am enjoying it that is for sure.

Went back to the Motel to meet Delwyn and Heather and got spoilt once again. I didn't expect to get any presents because they were all coming down to go Quad biking with me. Delwyn brought me a white pasta bowl and plates that match my dinner set and they were beautiful. Heather brought me a book called "Eight Steps to Getting the most out of life Now (no opportunity wasted) by Phil Keoghan" and I can't wait to read that as well.

Crusher and her hubby Tony met us around 2pm and we all went together to the Quad bikes OMG OMG OMG OMG it was sooooo exciting apart from when we were getting talked to by the guide he kept on saying the practice track (which was looking rather scary behind us, but found out later it wasn't the practice track he was talking about)... it was the weirdest feeling getting on these bikes.. my heart raced and I felt like I wasn't in control when we were going down the practice track but I was happy because I was conquering my fears I was living a little on the edge and combating my fear of heights and situations where I have no control.



The tracks were muddy and most of them weren't any wider than the bike and there was water everywhere as it was pouring down with rain. I got stuck twice. Once was going up a hill and I didn't go fast enough so the guide had to get out and push me out of the mud he he he and then the next time I had to go around a corner and one wheel tipped and the bike stopped sideways OMG it was tooooo funny I was shitting myself he he he. We went on top of this huge mountain and it was really foggy but it was sooo high up my ears were popping. I didn't worry too much even though I have a HUGE fear of heights... I want to stop feeling scared like that.

We stopped at the top to have milo, coffee and biscuits and relax a little before going down again. Going down was scary as I kept slipping going down as the muddy was so squishy but it was exciting.





Got down to the bottom and found hubby stranded as his bike didn't want to start up so he jumped on the back and we rode about 10 minutes out of the bush... it was scary having someone on the back when you are going up a hill. I had to tell hubby to sit forward as it felt like the bike was going to go back... it was fantastic. During one part I went fast through some puddles and we bounced like trampolines he he he

Got back and I was pumping.... pumping... pumping.... it was the best birthday ever!!

Got back got showered and we all went out for dinner to a Korean/Japanese restaurant the food was amazing and realy fresh. It was a really great dinner we all laughed and ate and laughed and ate some more he he he.


After dinner we went to bed as we were all really tired and needed some sleep. Woke up this morning and had a spa bath and hubby painted my toe nails he he he.

Took a slow drive back today... we stopped at the Bee Hive shop and got some little treats for the kids and Delwyn, me and hubby wrote a postcard for each of the kids and stopped at Tirau to shop he he he and brought myself a new bag. OMG I am never usually allowed to buy this much ever as we really can't afford it but hey that is what a Visa is for he he he and had a lovely cuppa in a cafe and sat relaxed reading magazines. It was great to go have a coffee with a friend (hubby and Delwyn) and just be and read it was quite refreshing to just be and not talk talk talk. I think we were all just buggered.


Got home to a wonderful roast and Crusher came over to give me my food regime for the next week or so... it was simple and easy and not a day to day thing that was in too much detail which was fantastic.. I have three weeks to sort out my situation and get myself to this 30 kilos.

I had a fantastic weekend and don't wanna go to work tomorrow...

If I think of any more to tell I will update later.

Love ya all

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