Wednesday, 22 December 2004

Walking, Walking, Walking

Went out to real estate agents with a friend today to check out what sort of houses (rental properties) were out there, as we are going to go halfs in one to start off with. Walked all over town getting the papers that had the listings and it was interesting to find that Sam always parked a way away from the shops we went to.

Where as I would always find the closest park but she didn't think like that. I liked it but didn't as I didn't have the right shoes on but it was good to get the exercise and enjoyed it. We went all over town as well looking at books in the book shelves and saying which ones we like and it was really good because I could look and read and see so many books and didn't have the boys with me or Jeremy. When we go shopping with the family I always feel rushed. Had sushi for lunch and there was only 4 pieces but I was so full afterwards. I have really tried with my water today and feel like I am sloshing around he he he.

Not much over the limit today but still it went alright and I managed to do some exercise.


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