Monday, 20 December 2004

Sticking to a plan

This is my very first post...

I want to do this!!!! I want to loose weight but I am not sure about counting everyday it is a nightmare. That is the reason that all the other diets failed on me because I had to count all the time. Lets see if we can do this normally and not to really think about it. I know that it is my lifestyle I have to change. I have to go and do more exercise. If I loose 1.1 kilo's a week but the end of 2005 I can do it... if I keep to it I can do it. I can go and buy any dress and not feel uncomfortable.

I can do this I thought that I would put my exercise sheet in everyday and calories too so here goes: Activity Calories Burned Distance Walking on job (slow but very busy) 97 1 hour Ok before you look at the Calories you have to bear in mind that I have never counted Calories before and I was only supposed to have 1500 calories a day so I was soooo over OMG but I am going to do better tomorrow.

Even though it wasn't that wonderful Calorie wise I was really proud of myself to even start doing this. I will do this.

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