Sunday, 30 December 2007

29 Dec Saturday and 30 Dec Sunday 2007


Ok so I weighed in today:


Weight last week: 118.9

Weight this week: 119.2 kgs

Loss/Gain: Gain 300 grams

Total loss from WW: 35.5 kgs

Total loss from start:
40.8 kgs


We were supposed to be going to go Rock Climbing today but it didn't happen because we went for a walk around the lake (what a beautiful day it was) and then the boys had a choice of going Rock Climbing after the walk or going on the water bikes and OMG Corbin has been bugging us about the Water bikes for at least a year that we finally got him on them.

They had so much fun. I didn't go because I was taking the photos chicken aren't I.... (I think it was because I was scared they wouldn't have a life jacket that would fit me.... still in the 160kilo mind frame still I think).

I did 9,860 steps today and felt great for it because my normal steps suck at like 5,000 to 7,000 steps a day.

I am tracking again and I am happy that I have only gained 300 grams over this week but that doesn't mean it isn't going to show up more of a gain next week as my body is a weird thing.

So anyway back to the walk around the lake... it was cool because the boys took their digital cameras and were having fun taking photos with me wohooooo... here are some photos for ya.

We had a great BBQ at home that night... what wonderful weather we have had in the last couple of days.


So we went to my MIL birthday thingy and we were expecting to out to lunch in town but the Brother in law's fiancee decided in all her glory that we wouldn't go out to lunch but we would go for a picnic which was fine if I didn't have the boys all dressed up. It was a great idea if they could make up their minds... they changed their minds like you wouldn't believe before deciding 15 minutes before we were to go.

Got to the gardens and it was nice weather and really nice where they picked out where to sit and we got MIL to open the presents and she was showing off the clock I made for her to BIL fiancee and she said "Oh" and that was it... fine I thought.

Then the whole time she was raarking up Quinn so he got in trouble because as a 6 year old he doesn't know when to quit and then Corbin got cake all down his new shirt and she laughed and then the subject of kids came up and I said "I can't wait to see what your kids are like because you hype up mine and then take off" OH dear am I getting brazen he he he and then MIL said "the twins don't you mean" then MIL said "when you babysit you can do the same thing to her kids" I wasn't thinking and said "I won't be babysitting" oops... but they have never babysitted for me... and the only time the BIL has taken the boys was when Jeremy and I were away for the weekend for about 2 hours so why the hell would I be babysitting for them??? tell me that.

OHHHH and then MIL went on about not contacting us in the last couple of days because she was scared that I would guess that they were engaged OMG... and said to me "so what do you think" with a grin on my face (screaming inside) I said "Oh yeah good aye!" my MIL was sooo excited. On the way home in the car I said to Jeremy "bloody hell I got so much crap when we got engaged and she wasn't that happy or excited as she was with your brothers engagement.."

I shouldn't be against them... I shouldn't feel like that but I have been with Jeremy for 18 years and in those 18 years the last 3 have been the only years that I haven't felt like she hated me... and all of a sudden this girl comes on the scene and she is the bees knees... it hurts.. it sooo hurts.. you wouldn't believe what my MIL has done to me over the years (yes I know some of you are going to say Get over it and you can't change it and bla bla bla but this blog is somewhere where I have to get the frustrations out)... anyway.... my MIL asked what Jeremy wanted for his birthday one year and I said that he wanted to go and see this stage show and I was going to go and get him and I tickets to go and see it... she said.. can I get them... I said yes well..... the bitch went and got a ticket for Jeremy and his brother and (KNOWING that they were allocated seats) didn't get me one... so I missed out on it and Jeremy couldn't work out why I was sooo unhappy at the time because I didn't make a scene as we were at someone elses house... but later on I went out to the front of the house and burst out in tears at what this woman had done. Why did she make my life such hell... am I such a nasty bitch?

I have fought the last 18 years to have what I have with my MIL and this bitch comes along and she is extatic... yet she has made her son quit his job to go on a holiday and use all his savings for it and has nothing to his name... yet I put Jeremy through school while I worked as she didn't have enough money to help him and he lived with me free and I am the one that has saved our butts off so we can have a great house and home and family and now am made to feel quilty like I shouldn't be working part time as her poor son is working hard.

I hate the fact that my BIL being the youngest is treated differently and better and worshiped and I don't even think he realises it. I bet he didn't even get her a birthday present stating that they couldn't afford it.... when they went and brought a fucken laptop only a day ago....

This afternoon was great I had 10 minutes out in the sun as I hate my fat sausage legs being so white so I am giving 10 minutes a day in the sun to make them not look so white and pale he he he and then spent the afternoon learning how to make some necklaces (will put a picture up when I finish it) and then doing some scrapbooking brag books while the boys were playing with the hose outside and Jeremy reading outside and mum as usual in bed because she doesn't sleep at night... instead bangs doors and kitchen things while we try to get to sleep.

I am on holiday and feel like I need a holiday away from my family today....

I do love my family but I have only had a week and getting to the stage where I am getting sick of screaming at them to stop fighting or screaming or just STOP!!!! and I am losing my patience...

And for a mother that is moody and slams things down because she can't say what she is thinking... or as she did this morning... blames Corbin because yesterday she gave him her rings to put in her room and today she can't find them but my mother isn't remembering things and so after a half an hour of trying to help her find her rings.

Everytime I went to go in her bag she said she has looked in there.... I went back in to her room and said "have you found the rings?" she said "Yes they were in my bag" and I said (turning Corbin to face her)... "haven't you got something to say to Corbin?" meaning aren't you going to say sorry?? and she said "I didn't blame him" both Corbin and I left the room and I said as I left "what a child" Man that pissed me off because she expects others to say sorry but she can't say it to her grandson.

Need to get out with some friends....

Friends away.....

Friends online are mostly away.....

NOT good!!!!

K... frustrations are out and now I am going to do my Life Journal maybe that will make me feel better.



My journey to completing the 1/2 marathon said...

Hey before I forget is the Hamilton lake 4 or 5 K's

The 29 points is because I carried 2 points over from yesterday. But my daily is 27 points.

This is how I worked out the points from the WW Book 1
Female = 7 points
Age 36 - 50 = 3 points
first two digets of your weight I did 130's instead of 140's = 13
How tall under 160cm = 1 point
Over 160cm = 2 points
How active are you Sitting down nearly all the time = 0 Points
Occasionally sitting but mainly standing = 2 points
Occasionally standing but mainly walking = 4 points
Physical hard work all the time = 6 points

You dont get the exercise points though added on like before.

Hope that helps

Chris H said...

Aww I miss walking around that lake.

Wanna_B_slimmer said... deserve a medal..There is no way i could live with my mother if she was like that!!!
And I sooooooo know what you mean about the kids constantly fighting... and I thought i was the only one that looses it ... I have been terrible.... I am soooo over them being so friggin naughty...