Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Update and Pictures re Teachers and Italian Charm Bracelet

Ok so here we go with a entry of photos.

The first photo below is of my charm bracelet... it isn't expensive but it means a lot because each one of these is going to be a kilo lost. The first one I got for my first kilo (since this challenge remember I have lost 40 kilos before this he he) is the heart and it has little diamentes on it but the flash keeps going off grr so it doesn't come out that well.

The second one is "Go Girl" for my second kilo lost. I am soooo happy with this as it means something for me.

So I can't wait to get more charms... will take a photo and show you when I do get the extra charms.

Finally finished my altered clock for Corbin's teacher and I wasn't sure how people would react to it and if they would like it... or if the teacher would like it and she loved it and I had lots of parents stopping Corbin before we got there as they wanted to see what he had and then at the teachers desk the students and the parents were all getting a look at it.. they were even mentioning how cool the purse card was.... man was I chuffed he he he

So the pink purse is for Corbin's teacher with the pink clock and the orange purse is for Quinn's teacher and the flower pot. The purse is a card and opens up he he he

The flowers below were for Quinn's teacher... she was an ok teacher but really didn't like her as much as Corbin's teacher... Quinn's teacher wasn't easy to talk to and I always found her fake and that she was smiling but she didn't care and she just wanted to get rid of ya... bothered me a lot... and found out that other parents felt the same.

I even put Quinn's face on the bottom of it he he he

So there you have it... I was very proud of these and they took a long time to make... and now I don't even have them around to show he he he.... oh well I will have to get making some more aye.

Love Chubbymum


Rachel said...

How come your've got 2 charms? Did you lose another kilo? YAY.

Love the clock, you are so clever Mandz.

The other decorations and flower pot is just so original and clever.

How do you get time to do all this stuff?

Chris H said...

Where the heck do you find the time? Or inclination??? You are very very clever.

Leighanne said...

I love those presents - you are so great at all things crafty...I am going to have to make some more time for me to get back into my srapbooking...just not enough hours in the day...lol

I love that braclet - where can you buy it??

Tania said...

OMG girl is there no end to your amazing talents??? The gifts look great, well done!!!

As to the charm bracelet - it's a great idea isn't it? I first heard about it years ago and bought a bracelet for myself and never went through with it - you've inspired me to dig the bracelet out and return to my plan of adding a new charm for every 5 kilos lost - hey a girls gotta do whatever it takes to get more jewellery right? :-)

Name: Lynise said...

Hi Mandy,

I wish I had a smidgen of your craft ability. All through my childhood I remember watching my mother paint, knit, make pergamano (sp) cards and I think she gave every possible craft a try at one time or another. I sort of took it all for granted and never realised the skill that goes into things until I tried to undertake a few 'projects' of my own.

It appears I was born all thumbs and don't appear to have much creativity at all, let alone the ability to actually put something together that looks like it was made by an adult (instead of a 4 year old).

I guess we all can't be good at everything but when I see all the lovely things crafty people can do I still sometimes wish I could do it to. (not enough patience is my biggest problem). Just I will just have to stick with the things I'm good at, and unfortunately arty stuff isn't one of them.

Lyn said...

I absolutely love those flowers!! Very very cool!! And they won't wilt and die in a week!! Clever girl you are!!

Lyn said...

BTW I waved as we passed your house on Sunday. Went over for some Chrismas shopping at the base! Wow crazy mad place that was!!

celtic_girl said...

The teachers presents are really lovely, I wish I had the talent.

I love your bracelet, such a great idea having every charm represent an achievment and from someone special as special

Congratulations on you loss as well, 1.3 kg is fantastic.